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  1. I’ve been waiting for this update to your endless yet entertaining saga for years!
  2. Pre-order is in! T200 4 iron, 4-9 in T100S and a couple of new Vokeys to round out the set. All with Nippon 120X. August 26th hurry up and get here!
  3. I’ve seen the black model. It looks amazing. Black on black on black. The TM logo is grey. That ridiculous looking MG3 logo is blacked out. I’ll be buying.
  4. The JDM version of the MP series has always had different numbers for the various models in the same line-along with the Mizuno Pro script. These clubs were posted to the R&A conforming list which so happens to govern equipment regulations in..wait for it..Japan. Deep breaths guys.
  5. I’ve been checking the forum daily for news on new TM MG3’s but these wedges just stopped me in my tracks. I’ll take 4 please.
  6. I made this exact decision over the weekend, should be here before the weekend
  7. I’ll be happy to hang onto my MP 20 MMC’s but I’d love to see some photos of that new wedge in the wilderness…
  8. Hopefully we get some in hand looks at these this week. There’s bound to be a prop playing them in The Open if they put them on the conforming list…
  9. What is the order of the weights in the weight kit from lightest to heaviest?
  10. Head only preferred but not a deal breaker
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