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  1. The 3/4 shot and stuff that is similar are the only problem I have with the system. I got lucky and bought some of the grips with the integrated caps from Cobra when they had the huge sale last year. I have lost one of my integrated grips and my driver and putter are the only two clubs with the screw in caps. They are a bit of a PITA Link has work pretty well, the putting isn't great, as I do find myself adjusting lengths sometimes because I have not used the marking of where the hole is. I think I may try that with Link this weekend. As I thought, my dri
  2. I ordered a ZX4 4 iron and just ordered it stock since I had the shaft I needed here, and I got it in well under two weeks, same fore my zx5 5iron I ordered. Since I ordered stock they both moved quick. An entire set of irons may be a different story though.
  3. @Jack Pearsall approves of you speaking about MtlJeff in the third person
  4. I will say switching from a fade, to a draw or draw to a fade are some of the biggest changes in the five inches between your ears to make. You've spent years and years knowing to aim left and watch the ball come back to the right, and now he is working you towards aiming right and making the ball move left, that can be a giant cluster eff for a lot of people. Not everyone can easily make this change. My preferred teaching method is consistency, if what the teacher is teaching me isn't either getting me in a better impact position or making get into the better impact p
  5. I am pretty steep, and with the wet condition I play in the winter their sharper leading edge has never been great for me in general. The 921's were a lot better than other Mizuno irons from my memory, but not as good as the irons that made my short list.
  6. The issue here is it is gonna depend on the player and delivery. The ZX4 seems to have a little more weight lower in the head because of the wider sole. For me the ZX launched higher and spun a little more than the utility, carry distance was very similar. For someone with a high launch and high spin, the utility will carry farther, but for me as a medium to low launch high spin guy the ZX4 carried just a bit further. The utility ran more on a "normal" shot. The ZX4 though for me is versatile enough to hit the low/low shot and get it running off of the teebox. I d
  7. Every swing and person is different and different weight shafts and heads can make your swing do funky things. However, in my case most Driving irons have a lower peak height for me than a GI iron with the same loft, shaft, and total weight. I tried the Srixon UT irons, but because I wanted the ability to hit it into greens, I wanted a bit more peak height and spin. Also, the Srixon was the highest peak height Driving type iron I tried. In the end I went with the ZX4 4 iron, because I can put it back a tad in the stance and hit it low off of the tee if need
  8. Looks pretty good, a 4 degreed gap between the zx7 and zx5 may be your biggest gap(distance wise), but should be manageable.
  9. So far I love them. I am more of a low ball hitter, but tend to hit it close to the SS most of the time. The ZX4 4iron is great as is the ZX5 5iron. I have not had any trouble with the ZX 6 iron, and love the the ZX7's. All in all I went with the Srixon's over a few other options because of how well they blend as I move up and wanted some more forgiveness in the longer irons. ZX4, 21* ZX5, 25* ZX7 6 iron 29* 7 33* 8 38* 9 42* PW 46* Because I play 1/4" short iron gapping (7 iron is normal, go down 1/4" from there to PW and all wed
  10. I have the ZX4 in the 4 iron at the top of my irons and a ZX5 in 5 iron and then 6 - PW are all ZX7. I looked at the utility, but I went with the ZX4 for a couple of reasons. I little higher ball flight and a little more spin than I had with a similar utility. I tried both with the same shaft (my gamers) and the CPMS were within 1 of each, so it was as close as a like for like test as I could do since both are .355. The utility is good, probably the best of any I tried, but the 4 just performed better for me. I had the 3 Utility and I bent it to 21 to ma
  11. I tend to stick to a gamer set of irons(will order others to try, but they normally get sold) and I absolutely stick to a gamer three wood and one set of wedges in the growing season and one in the dormant season. All other clubs are up for debate. However this year I have decided. No new irons at all, 7 wood and hybrid stay interchangeable, Driver to stay. I played my best golf when I didn't change my irons very often. I am going to give it a run this year and see if I can get back to scratch or better.
  12. The Apex Pros have micro spheres and a cup face as well I believe. I am not sure how they are spin wise because I never tried them. The Cobra MiM's were great though, I REALLY liked those, just not as much as the Srixon's I am playing. The MiM's and the ZX7's were very similar, the difference though was that the ZX5 and ZX4 (I have the 4 as an almost driving iron) blend really good and the MiM's do not have a more forgiving long iron counterparts to blend in. The MiM's had a bit more spin that the ZX7's loft for loft.
  13. Kevin Kisner is still playing his GBB, I think those are 5 or 6 years old at this point, which I think is about the same as the M1.
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