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  1. I think we've been on the same side of this more than once.
  2. I have always been anti-Titleist. I won't even get into the reasons as it will make some people mad. I have become anti-PXG just because of the commercial and the owner and the people I have met who play their clubs, or at least 90% of them.
  3. I do not believe Foremost produces any part of the TP balls for TM, so buying Foremost and buying Nassau are not the same. Nassau builds the cores for TM balls and the SC plant does the cover. So in a shortage of surlyn TM balls could be given priority at Nassau plant. However all of this is moot if the contract between Snell and Nassau includes provisions for the Nassau being purchased and require percentage of plant time or materials dedicated to Snell no matter who owns the plant. Also Foremost may have started making parts of the TP balls for TM, or may make only lower end TM balls, I have no idea. Last I heard as of a year or more ago Nassau still made most of the innards for the TP balls, so unless that changed and Foremost started making them(which considering the change in the current TP balls maybe they did take over some of that part), who knows what could happen. What we do know is things will change, whether good or bad for us (consumers) is still up in the air. DTC is good for consumers, however if TP balls cannot keep the factory running all the time, then DTC will be allowed. The enemy of any factory is machines not running.
  4. Well I guess it all comes down to materials and availability. IF they have materials and the the demand doesn't continue to grow like a weed for TM, then those DTC may be alright. However if materials are a problem, and if demand continues as it is or increases, then there could possibly be an issue. I remember reading that Dean worked for TM for a few years, so as long as people he knows are still there and he left on good terms then his ability over other DTC may actually grow. If he didn't it could do the opposite.
  5. Just received an email from that other site stating that Taylor Made had purchased Nassau. I think everyone knows that the TP5 innards are made there and then covers in the South Carolina plant. Snell and Vice also made balls there from what I have been able to find. Is this the beginning of the end for some of those DTC with high quality? Will they be forced to smaller plants with lesser QC? I know Vice has already started using other plants for some new balls.
  6. 1. City, State? Atlanta, GA 2. Handicap? 3 3. What is your current putter? Odyssey V Line 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? No, but have read a lot about them 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? To see if Lie Angle balanced will help my putting, I have tried everything else. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Of course! Absolutely and in Atlanta, our season never truly ends.
  7. Look for Srixon 545 and 565 sets. They have the V sole, which helps for steeper angles of attack. Ask me how I know, LOL. I am sure between 2nd swing, ebay and other used club outlets you can find a set that is your length or even longer possibly and you can cut down. They were relatively popular.
  8. Total weight and length are the biggest culprits I see hurting new golfers. I have a friend who refused to get or let me help him work on his existing irons. He was a really strong guy playing a set of Pings with Super light shafts. He played them for a year and rarely practiced and had the same timing issue over and over. Stayed a 30 handicap. I had an old set of irons, I threw the heavier shaft I had in them around the house in a 7 iron and had it playing s proper length for him. He went from a dispersion of 50 yards (left-right and short-long) to a dispersion of about 20 on the range and every time he hit that iron. I made up the rest of the set to a 5 iron, and his handicap has dropped from a 35ish to now a 26. His problems now are his other clubs (wedges, hybrids and woods) are all still way too light and wedges have zero bounce, and and overall lack of knowledge). When I play with him I won't let him hit a shot with less than his Gap wedge, unless he is in a bunker) and he plays decently. When he plays without me he remembers shots I hit, and pulls out the lob wedge constantly and hits drivers and woods when he shouldn't. If he would go in deep with his lessons, and let me help fix the rest of his weight issues with his clubs he would be better off. == In your responses you are dead set on buying new irons, which I will agree with most is a waste. I know the used club market is high right now pricing wise, but you can find a set 10 years old or more with better lengths for you. You could lengthen and regrip your existing yourself, it is not difficult for peanuts as well. Then take a large roll of lead tape out to a range and experiment on what weight you need, tape on the shaft, tape on the head. Whether the irons you are hitting are the supersteels, brand new, or something in between will not make a difference at your level if they are all the correct weight and length.
  9. When I find one that helps my scores. I played a G400 Max until this summer.
  10. The new shafts balance point/fell/weight, etc., is causing you to change your delivery. All of these manufacturers list shafts as low/low/ or high/low or some such nonsense. People take these too literally, they may move launch a half or quarter of a degree with a robot. Humans don't work that way. Where the soft part of the shaft is affects the feel, whether it is in the tip, middle, or butt. This can change delivery. Total weight and balance point can throw off timing and affect delivery. Go online and order the exact shaft you had in your three wood before. Remember due to manufacturers tolerances, even the same shaft won't be exact, but it will be a lot closer than the Aldila you have now. Or you can go somewhere an get fitted for a new 3 wood, remember again, the shafts won't be exact from the one they order to the one you tried, but in most cases it will be pretty close.
  11. Having played college golf and some mini tour golf, many of those friends never made it on tour either. Many of them are Head Pros or DoG's at some pretty prestigious courses and have made connections to get me on some pretty nice courses. You would be surprised at the clubs that will let unaccompanied rounds go out. I know some have cracked down, but I played Medinah, Butler, Oakmont, Olympia Fields, Shinnecock, Winged Foot, Olympic and Riviera off the top of my head with a DoG or Head Pro from a nice course setting it up for me. I know I did not even ask about Shinnecock, Oakmont, or Winged Foot when I called friends, and one of them said "woah, hey you're in x, why don't you want to playX." Honestly it would have never occurred to ask because I thought they were too "private" to allow unaccompanied. At Winged and Shinnecock they put myself and my buddy with a member, but the others we went out by ourselves. Places I could not get onto this way Augusta, Cypress, Peachtree, National, Congressional, Seminole, Chicago GC, Baltusrol. I was told Augusta, Seminole, Cypress, Peachtree, and Chicago do not allow any non accompanied guests at all. You used to be able to finagle your way onto Pine Valley sometimes this way, but in the last ten or so years they have apparently really cracked down. I don't think I will ever get on Seminole, I have exhausted every single avenue I know of to get on there.
  12. The V Sole in general is very odd. I know steep guys that love, steep guys that hate, I also know sweepers in both categories. I think in the 45 series irons the V sole was the best, it went backwards in the 65 series. It became as good as the 45 in the 85 and Z forged. More players have converted to the ZX series of irons there than ever, more sweepers and more steep folks both. My former club has the PGA Tour Srixon Tour Rep as a member, so we always got Srixon stuff before it was out in stores, and we have heard a lot about how much better received the ZX7 has been than the 85 and just a bit better received than the 45's were from tour players, all spoke of the feel being better and the sole being more to their liking. If you did not care for the V sole in any of the previous generations I would not rule out the ZX lineup based on what I have seen, just because it has changed. Sure for me the V sole has worked well as a sweeper in the longer irons and a slight digger in the mid to short, so the fact that I love them is no surprise.
  13. Pre worn more blunt leading edge on the P790's. Mizuno in general tends to have sharper leading edge than many other companies. Turf interaction is grossly overlooked since most of these fitters use mats which unless they are really good and you are really able to tell tiny little minutia differences you will not know, and even then those small differences don't always translate one for one from a mat to the turf.
  14. I tried the every PXG, but in the end I went with the Srixon's. Srixon does have a ZX7 AW(or gap wedge) or at least they did. I have not tried it as I don't even play the PW, I have not played a set PW in 10+ years. I like the way the looks blend the best with the Srixon irons between the ZX5 and ZX7. In the end turf interaction is where your determining factor will be. THe PXG's tend to dig a bit more from what I have seen, where as the Srixon with the V Sole are similar to what a lot of tour pros look for with a pre worn leading edge, or where Titleist strategically did this to the T100 lineup at the request of their tour players. Unfortunately you cannot say steep like v sole and weepers like PXG, because I know each that like the other. If you cannot hit them out on grass then it is blind. As far as where to split, it's a personal decision. I split at the 5 iron. I went ZX5 there because it launched a tad higher and spun about the same, and I have had no trouble hitting the ZX7 in the 6 iron well. I know some people that have the ZX5 irons down to the 6 and even 7 irons. IF you can hit the 6 iron figure out if you are borderline on height or descent and then check against both models. That can tell you if the ZX5 should end at 5,6,or 7 iron. I have played with V Sole in the baked Scottish links with no problem and in the soggy wet Georgia Winters equally with no problem.
  15. Depends upon what you are looking for. I personally like a little larger footprint and as little offset as possible. For me the Cobra King TEC is my favorite. I am playing a 17* that I absolutely love. This is the most confident I have ever felt with a hybrid. The Callaway UW is another in that same mold, but with little to no adjustability, so obviously I went for the Cobra over it regardless.
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