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  1. Feel may be why I didn't do any better with arm lock. I am the opposite of Bryson in many ways. I am also a lot like him in many ways. I learned as a kid I hit wedges closer than 7 irons. So I started banging driver everywhere I could, I knew as long as I kept in within the tree line I was gonna score better. That analysis was Bryson like. My irons are 1/4" increments. That is Bryson like. I am a super feel putter, I do not use ANY kind of line on the ball for putting. The opposite of him. I like to cut the ball, and have a severely open stance with every club, including the putter
  2. Everyone has their opinion. I agree arm lock isn't going to make Kisner, Reed, Pulter, Na, or Fitx better putters. Hideki is an awful putter, Luke List is an awful putter, Dufner is an awful putter, Keegan is an awful putter(even with arm lock), Glover. There are others. Some people putt better left hand low, Jim Furyk said that if every kid learning the game learned it left hand low they would all be better putters, also an opinion. Is it left hand low that helps Speith make all those 20+ footers and miss too many short ones? Or would that be the same no matter what?
  3. Now I will say it has gotten tougher and tougher for the short guys (a la Funk or Toms) to even compete anymore. Sure in the early 2000's they still got some wins, had some good scoring averages, but the tide had already shifted and the top 10 in scoring at least 7 of them were top 50 in distance. To say this is a new issue is absurd. The USGA and R&A both should've seen this coming, since it started in the 90's. No longer was shot making the thing it was. The longer players picked up a huge advantage with Giant Drivers/Fitting/the ball. It made the need to play a game lik
  4. So I since 2000 it has been the name of the game, I think everyone agrees longer players win more and score better. Sure you had a Funk or Toms sneak in a win here or there or maybe do well in the scoring average, but by in large since the late 90's the top ten in scoring, 7+ of them were top 50 distance off the tee. It started in the 90's, just like I said. I mentioned Couples and Love for the Era of time, I should have been more clear and said the 90's instead of naming two guys. Looking at the list of major winners since 1991 - 2000. The short straightish hitter
  5. If it is truly better if it is fit properly, then why haven't more tour players switched? Obviously they can be properly fitted. I owned a putter company and know how to fit them, and could have anything I wanted made. I tried armlock and belly both. I had multiple heads with different lofts and weights and every other variable and could never get anything better than normal. I get that for some people it is better, just like some people hit different shafts, different irons or drivers, better than others. I do not think it is better for everyone, I guess is a better way to pu
  6. Fairways being hit has NEVER been a stat that helped my scoring. I am 44, and it has never helped my score. My fairways being hit type of stat is hitting within the tree line. I am steep with the irons and rough has never really changed my score other than maybe a few par 5's where I go to hit a longer type iron into a green with no ability to run a ball up to the green. Saying fairways and greens is anything needed since the Davis Love and Fred Couples era(where they were the bombers) has not been a thing other than maybe the US Open. Then Tiger came in with the abi
  7. If the armlock was so much better (same could be said for belly and chest anchored long putters) then everyone would use them. Why they were banned or why people want to ban armlock is beyond me.
  8. Based on your backswing it appears that you are pulling the club inside pretty consistently. From there you are trying or have slightly ingrained your stroke to close your hands and your face angle to path is closed, meaning you using a hook motion to hit putts. However, also a big issue will be how you initially align the putter. So an anser shape with a plumber's neck you aim pretty well and consistently. This is the first thing you have to verify and make sure you can aim it properly, going to a different headstyle or hosel can effect how you aim the putter to start.
  9. Most important thing that has been overlooked my most is you need the numbers. Since you were hitting a 7 iron, we need to see spin and descent angles. If you do not have enough spin having a 50* descent angle wont's help. Spin is often overlooked and we all hear about people complaining about hot spots in their irons. They are more than likely not hot spots (that happened to a few sets of irons when flexible face started, but no major manufacturer is gonna have that problem anymore) they are shots where before the player had enough spin that a loss of 500 or 750 from a litt
  10. I had similar issues on some raw wedges I got my hands on back in the day. I ended up using a dremel and a stencil. I would ask @joey3108 He custom makes wedges and would assume he has stamped the sole. I would imagine he has some kind of super jig to position the head properly.
  11. @FlyingLaw1 I get it. I used to have a 18* driving iron (TM UDI) and as I hurt my wrist and could not practice or play as much I started hitting it horribly. I moved on to the 17* hybrid as it is much more forgiving. With the G400 I don't have the horrible misses left as I did with most hybrids. I can hit a cut, draw or hook or a mostly straight ball. I have a 699 Pro U 4 iron that I will be putting directly up against the 939x 21* hybrid, those two may be subbed in and out depending upon the course, or I may just go and stick with one all the time. The 18* drivi
  12. I go driver (9.5 410 LST) 3 Wood (TM M5 15*) Hybrid 1 (Ping G400 17*) Hybrid 2 (Sub 70 21*) 5 Iron 25* I get 30+ yards between Driver and 3 wood. I get about 20 yards between 3 wood and hybrid 1 and 20 yards between Hybrid 1 and Hybrid 2. I get 23 yards between Hybrid 2 and 5 iron.
  13. I went with 699 Pro in the 5-8 and the 638CB in the 9 and W. I also ordered a 699 Pro U 4 iron and a 939x 4 hybrid as well. Once I get them and have some time with them I will post up a big review. Not sure which will suit me more often, but I wanted the chance to have both depending upon the course.
  14. Player's distance means something different to everyone. Stronger lofts? Piles of irons out there meet the criteria. Stronger loft reduces spin (based on the number on the bottom) so therefore it goes longer. If you want the spin reducing even more, then spring like face is involved. Two that either meet your requirements or are close are the JPX21 Forged and the Titleist T100. I have no clue about how the Titleist is made, but strike me as one that thinks the JPX21 forged doesn't feel very good. The tour feels much better, but does not have the "jacke
  15. I like these two. The forged the descent angle with the spin are too low. As far as how to get those two numbers higher, I am not an expert, but I do not see a shaft helping your spin enough that the forged head will work for you. Unfortunately this is the case many fitters would push you towards the Forged, and they might be able to tweak to get you to 47 and maybe 5800 RPM, but I would say that even that is too low of a combo of numbers for most people. Especially when you get into the rough or first cut or play early with dew on the grass. You will get some rockets over the
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