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  1. My handicap has dropped, but mainly because of swing work and my wrist fully healing from surgery. That being said, my distance control is much better with my current irons than any others I have played before and make more solid strikes. Sure, no iron fixes bad path or face angle, but my spin and landing angles are much better. My average approach proximity is lower than it was pre injury, but because my putting has gotten worse my handicap is about the same as it was.
  2. I expected to pull this thread and see pictures of normal marks from the bending bar or some scuff marks and someone being completely unreasonable thinking there would be no marls on a club when bending them. What I found was what is expected EVERYWHERE, except the "dents" on the sole and some on the back of the head. Those are completely unacceptable. I went to a Golf Smith club building school in the early 2000's and spent some time with a great club fitter and learned from him. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. However in the last 10+ years since I bought my Mitchell machi
  3. No matter what head or shaft type, I found that the adapter in puts a bit of pressure on that rubber adapter, which makes the fit very tight. Once I put my epoxy on it was much easier to slip onto the adapter with the rubber ferrule on it. I am using it on a Titleist 4 wood and 7 wood and a callaway driver. I have used it on a Ping 410 LST and Ping G400 Max as well. It has made my life so much easier.
  4. I didn't lose yardage, but I did not gain yardage. This is a loft for loft with the exact same shafts. My sample size is small and it is a ZX7 5 iron versus and ZX5 5 iron. You changed heads/shafts/and possibly lofts.
  5. They don't care and complaining about it won't change it. It is supply and demand. They can..... 1. Continue the way they are. 2. Cut the amount of tee times and increase rates. (TBH, almost every course that has done this during the pandemic has seen their players rate the course higher because the round doesn't take so long). The course has just as much revenue this way. 2. Or for you they should allow twosomes and threesomes and cut the number of rounds they are getting paid for while the pace of play stays horrible booking piles of rounds a day. When w
  6. That's the problem though..... USGA has done a ton of studying on pace of play. Go and read up on it sometime. For a public course, semi-private, or bottom tier private course without a waiting list if everyone is bashing your course for 5+ hour and some even 6 hour rounds, people will play somewhere else. The problem is right now many public especially courses DO NOT care. They know there are more people than there are rounds available and will get their tee sheets full. The managers and owners are dictating that they fill all groups and tee times. I get
  7. Never swing a club that your good shot will put you into trouble. ie, there is crap over the green, pin is back and I am 150 to the flag. I hit my 8 iron 145 and my 7 iron 155. DO NOT hit your 7. That is a fools errand. Same can be said for a dogleg. If your three wood straight goes to the end of the fairway, and a cut or draw driver would be closer but hitting them straight puts you in the trees DO NOT hit the driver.
  8. Golf has once again become popular. It is something with a lot of social distancing built in during the height of the pandemic. People remembered, wow, I really like this game it is great I am gonna play some more. So you have an increase in the number of rounds that want to be played, and in almost all markets across the US the availability of rounds(more courses opening up) has not happened. If I own a golf course and it is public why would I not book all of my available tee times. Whether in 8,9,10 minute increments? I know why, I wouldn't. Golf courses have plenty of prob
  9. I have a pretty regular foursome. 5 HNDCP, 16 HNDCP, 28 HNDCP our personalities all mesh pretty well. 5 - Pro - great driver of the ball, decent iron player. I've watched him hit 13 or 14 fairways and 12+ greens and shoot 85 Con - his putting is atrocious, gives all five footers to everyone. 16 - Pro - Great mentality, has horrible equipment for his game. The items I have gotten him to purchase he hits great. Listens to advice. Con - shows up to the course with 5 minutes to spare every time. 28 - Pro - fun, likes beer
  10. Well considering Tom Wishon knew more about club making 20 years ago and how it benefits strikes and swings than I will ever know in my entire life, my time doing this test makes even more sense now. I was really hoping the first reply would've been, play the blades those bad shots and higher scores will make you work harder at getting better and make you a better player in the long run.
  11. Loft needed with or without forward press will be based on starting ball location. If you are towards lead foot, less loft is needed, if towards the middle more can be needed depending upon actual location. I forward press with a standard putter and play the ball in the middle part of my stance. I hate putters being bent for loft, so I have someone mill the loft. This is a visual trigger problem for me and affects my aiming. Remember starting direction and ball placement are first. Do not move ball position to accommodate a forward press. For most folks it will thr
  12. I did something similar with the 765 and Z Forged blades a few years back. I played MP-14 blades part of my time in college and when my handicap really got low again I was wondering if I could get back into blades. Now I say this saying that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, and just because it was this way for me, doesn't mean it will be for you. I went looking for the data I collected in 4 rounds and then 4 different practice sessions, but could not find it, so this is from memory. I had a PW, 8 Iron, and 6 iron in each, with very close head weights, same loft, and same shafts. Granted
  13. A shaft is not going to lower ball flight in and of itself. Your reaction to a heavier, different flex point could change your ball flight, but more than likely it will still go very high. There are a few reasons. 1. Your 16.5 may actually be 17.5 or more. 2. I found the entire SIM lineup to launch very high when I tried them, standard was even higher than the max. Loft is ALWAYS the best way to lower ball flight, no exceptions. Shafts are for dispersion and small/fine tuning your strike location and moving launch or spin a smidge. I hit th
  14. As others have said, get the set Gap Wedge. Then get a sand wedge. I would not recommend a golfer with a handicap over 10 getting a lob wedge, with some exceptions. Never, never, never get a low bounce wedge, your repeatability of swing being a high handicapper is low and a low or even some mid bounce wedges will cost you shots. Sure every once in awhile you'll hit a good shot with it, but maybe 1 out of 6 or so shots, the other 5 with cost you at least one shot, sometimes two. Now, I have a friend that was a 29 handicapper, he wanted to get better. He played college soccer a
  15. You are going to get different opinions. They will range from..... 1. Get a blade and learn to swing, get good, it will make you a better player, blah, blah, blah. 2. Get a Super Game Improvement iron for this spot. Long story short, you have to do what is best for you, not what is best for someone else. For myself, I played high school and college golf, tried the mini tours for almost two years. I am a pretty good stick. Yet I play a SGI 4 iron. My Arccos says that I am a +.5 in strokes gained against a scratch golfer in approach shots to the green. My 4 iron show
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