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  1. feel free to contact me about getting in our league, it is year round and the 2nd half just started so you have plenty of time to still win. We play all over during the summer and then Palm aire and Pelican Pointe in the winter Is this game still going Would like to join Sorry haven't been on here in a while, i play friday in a skins game and Some sundays in a quota/skins/greenies game at forrest lakes. There is also a skins game on Monday and a quota/skins/greenies game on Wednesday. Games start at 2:30 during the week and 9:00 on Sunday.
  2. Just reshafted back to the 130 stiff hard stepped from the 105x. My scores have sucked over the last couple months and started to realize it was when I went to the 105’s. They are great shafts but I wonder if the weight had something to do with it. Reshafted the 4 iron with the 130 and have been flushing it so figured I would go back. For me the 130 flight is lower and less spin than the 105. I feel the 105’s balloon a little into the wind vs the 130’s so I am excited. Hopefully I’m right as there is a tourney tomorrow.
  3. Still loving the 14 b330s, tried the b330 but to me the ball felt heavy and was 4-5 yards shorter on every club. It felt a little uncontrollable to me as they seemed to spin more on the 50-80 partial lob wedge shots, but less on chip shots compared to the 330s. I am probably the only one that saw that as most say it spins less, but the 330s is just right. Time to re-up down to 12 dozen or so, I was getting 6 dozen for under 100 on the bay but doubt I can find that deal anymore.
  4. Try the Project x lz, I bought a couple hand crafted off the bay for 39 bucks new and absolutely love it. It is 15-20 yards longer for me than the px hzrdus black, obviously not the right fit but this thing has been great and for that money it is a no brainer.
  5. I have been playing the 130's for awhile but put a 105x in my 3 iron lately and feel like I can't miss. Since they accidentally sent me a 105x wedge shaft I threw it in the pitching wedge and playing today and tomorrow, I can't wait to see the results. Every shot with the 105x has been a baby draw, the 130's would start left and turn left. Guessing the weight might be causing it but have always liked heavier shafts, guess we will see. Since I seem to like this profile picked up a project x lz hand crafted driver shaft since the hzrdus snapped and we will see how that goes today as well.
  6. I say hold out especially if you don't like the look of the 765. You could just find a nice used set of 745 and reshaft, that would be the cheapest option. I will be playing my 65s till they are beat to hell, I'm absolutely infatuated with them and love every chance I have to hit them. I'm so glad I ran into srixon equipment by chance. I had no idea it was so good. Hidden gem in my opinion. How are you liking that 745 driver? I don't want to jinx it. So I'll try not to speak too highly of it. Screw it. I've gone through a real bad slump in driving over the past year. I used to hit a nice
  7. 1 item up for sale tonight. This is the coveted Tensei Orange V2 Prototype. It measures 42 3/4" has been tipped 1/2" and has a tm adapter. Played 43 1/2" in a tm 3HL, it has a new MCC +4 midsize grip. Will do 240 shipped including usps priority and paypal fees. Any questions fire away.
  8. The 965 is solid as well. Just a little more rounded but they definitely did not try to re-invent the wheel. If your miss is towards the toe the 965 would be the way to go if the look fits your eye.
  9. I'm thinking about giving these a try. I've had my AP2s for two seasons and they've done well. How do they compare in size? How about distance? Blade length is about the same and the toe on the 745s is a little sharper than the AP2. Top line looks a little thicker on the 745s which is a reason I stepped away from them for a moment. I really like the top line of the AP2 in all honesty, looks more "player-ish" and the roundness of the heads is just enough for me. I probably prefer the look of the AP2 overall, from address, cavity isn't even a contest going to the 745s.... Distance is clos
  10. I wouldn't worry about it, I have mine hard stepped and I don't notice a difference in the 9 or wedge. You will be fine.
  11. The 125's are the closest to the px lz. I felt like the 125's spun a tad bit less so that might be exactly what you are looking for. The px Lz had a tendency to spin too much and balloon a touch on me.
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