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  1. I've noticed an improvement on my short putts and short swings. When I start to get 8+ feet I feel like its actually causing me to block a lot of putts and not get back to square once I have opened up a little. Obviously could be all me as well but that's my initial feedback having it on this year so far.
  2. Can anyone compare the original one off model they originally released (supersport) to any of the newer 3d printed ones? Similar type of feel or is something drastically different between the versions. Guessing the grandsport vs the supersport would be one of the more "direct" comparisons. Thanks!
  3. Yeah its interesting. Part of me just wanted to hold onto them being one of the last sets Nike made, another part of me doesn't need to hoard a set of irons for years and years.
  4. Cobra head gone as well. Just the Rogue left. Make offers!
  5. Anyone still playing these as a set (I know the BK driving iron is all the rage)? I've had a set sitting in basement for a few years now kind of just on a hunch that they would go up in value. After seeing some WTB ads I checked some recent sold listings on ebay to see going rates and wow, they are approaching the same price when these sets were new. Now part of me wants to sell, but another part of me wants to throw them back in the bag. Always enjoyed them, but the wrx'er in me moved on and moved on many times since then. Interested to hear
  6. Love the return of adjustable lofts and weights, sad no rails
  7. Couple Cobra goodies up for sale today. First, Cobra Speedzone Pars and Stripes head only. 9 degrees. Standard 14g and 2g weights. Not a ton of use, maybe 10 to 15 rounds including indoor sim play. Pictures should tell the picture. Headcover included. $250 $old HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue, 6.0 60g shaft. Lamkin crossline cord grip with arccos. Used 5 rounds. This came directly from Cobra in a RadSpeed XB playing at tour length, so 44.5. Shaft measures about 43 1/4 with arccos sensor. Cobra tip installed. $125 OBO SOLD Aldila Rogue 125 MSI 60 3.3 Tour S shaft. Mea
  8. Have someone interested in the 4 iron only if anyone wants to go 5 thru GW
  9. Selling a virtually new set of JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro's, 4 thru GW. Project X LZ 5.5 shafts. Stock everything (grips, loft, lie, etc) as far as I'm aware (that's how I bought them). I've only personally hit the 9 and 7 irons off of mats and I can't see where any other club has been hit.Looking for $old obo. Shipping included
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