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  1. KBB private party value on my 08 Vibe is $4400 which surprised me. My bag = $600.....what I paid for every club in my bag.
  2. Ouch....did the same #13 on my approach, 2nd snuck just into the longer stuff on the left, and I had 95 in and hit the mound back down into the left green side bunker. Why did I go at that pin, lol. A bird on #4 is an accomplishment! That is the toughest hole out there IMO! Be visiting family this weekend....so I'll get out to Glen Erin on Saturday, one of my favorite courses. Enjoy the golf this weekend!
  3. Maybe....I use a push cart/bright yellow/green. Had a good look for eagle on 5 just off the back, coming right back at it. That's a tough pin on 7, I did about as good as I could to the middle of the green just last pin high and left it short on my putt. A bit crunchy out there and I could tell the course saw a lot of play last year with all the ball marks on the greens. Dry as a bone out there ... Most GIR, I could not find my ball mark. It was so much fun!
  4. ode

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Iss anyone able to compare blade size/sole width of the 699 and 699 Pro? TIA
  5. Must have just missed you. I got there at ~ 3 and was smooth sailing. Was feeling frisky and played the back 9 again for 27. All is right with the world again. Have you ever played the pin where it was on #8?.....I cannot ever remember it being back right! Going down the fwy on #2 the head pro pulled up in one of their new toys to say hi and we chatted for a few minutes. That's one of the reasons why I love that place.
  6. Yes.....I don't screw people on shipping, they would get a credit for what was already factored into the shipping cost for CONUS. Buyer pays shipping cost in full. I'm happy to donate my time for getting the package into the hands of the post office
  7. Driver shafts. Why does a driver shaft cost 2-3x's more than it's hybrid counterpart in the same line. 5" longer shaft, ok.....what's that 10% longer....ok I'll pay 10% more.
  8. Buying back some heads this weekend. Not embarrassed....although it is funny! Hohoho!
  9. Shipping will be expensive for a full set. I shipped a set of heads recently and it was $54 (via PayPal, so there is a small price break vs. paying at the PO). There should be no expectation that you have to pay any of the shipping cost, that is on the buyer.
  10. ode

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Thx....that's helpful as I don't want to end up with a light weight shaft like the Tour 90, 105 or v90.....it will be a useless demo. I'll call/email and see what they have and the 120 is an option.
  11. Whatever the last version was ... The cover was prone to wear along the seem and looked awful.....whether it negatively impacted performance,.I do not know.....but I lost all confidence in them and stopped using them. Hopefully they correct it!
  12. Page down to the Golfsmith P2 irons (link below), circa 2007-2008, if anyone has the 07 & 08 catalog they are in there. Yes, it can be done...if you can find a set, they were a really nice players CB. https://www.jeffsheetsgolf.com/golfsmith---past-projects
  13. ode

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Those who have demo'd the irons...can you remind me....are the shafts the KBS tour 120? I'm looking at demoing the 699 pro and/or the 639cb!
  14. ode

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Actual pic looks much better then what's on the site. Hopefully they'll post a pic at address/crown as well. Also wondering if the weights will be usable, allowing for adjusting weight up and down!
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