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  1. +1 and the 919 would also work!
  2. Did they drop a barleywine this year.....place I went to only had the regular and the tea version.
  3. I snagged two of the regulars and one with tea.....gonna bust it out on Xmas Eve!
  4. Hopefully DSG/GG throws us a bone for Cyber Monday given golf gear was excluded at DSG and GG didn't really have much going on.
  5. That is likely the culprit as my home course appear to be cut hap hazardly, different heights, at an angle, etc. Some were even duct taped on the outside.l, if I remember correctly.
  6. I've had ~ 20 that were clear and another 20 that were maybe's. The ones that dip down and pop back up while still going straight after. The lipouts that dip down and come up are the maybe's. It's hard to say for sure on those. The pool noodles suck. The best I've seen to prevent this is something that attaches to the flag, below the cup with three knobs that are angled at ~ 45* down so the when the ball goes in the cup it sort of wedges between the knob and outside of the cup. The other ones that have worked are the hard plastic one that is at the same level as the pool noodle but cover
  7. Lawsonia back 9 is 3-5-3-5-3-4-4-4-5....front is traditional 36. The par 3,s out there are amazing!.....but most par 3,s are underwhelming and if an extra per side then it better be a good par 3.
  8. That's how all their "sales" are.....or I should say when they offer a % off.
  9. Will the Blackwolf courses be shut down for play during Ryder Cup? If not, then I'd add the River to your list!
  10. DTG->HurricaneGolf->Sub70 The one length noted by OP are for sale on the Hurricane site.
  11. I was gonna suggest the satin PTM in my first response but figured I'd best see if they were still available....to my dismay they are not in the middle irons. You might try a WTB to see what turns up. I was gonna build a set this winter but that ain't happening anymore.
  12. The STi2 are cast so if "firm/clicky" is a concern, then they might not work. You could always build or have a test club built to your specs. I really like the STi2, but then I'm not concerned about feel, I like performance
  13. This is not an apples to apples as it was in my Tour Edge CBX 5w, but the Mitsu KK Silver dual core tini 70 in S flex launched high and trajectory has high. I swapped shafts to an NVS 85 which brought the ball flight down quite a bit. The KK was not loose feeling but I was not comfortable with the flight. I should have stuck with it as I hit some amazing shots with it, but it was so different than what I was used to, as I am a low ball hitter.
  14. More of a low ball hitter and like to hit punch shots, runners, flighted shots, etc. I like to play in wind, cold, rain (hopefully not all once), so I tend to score well relative to the conditions. I look at it as a challenge. As for the gear, it helps to have good stuff that isn't restricting (other than having more on). Played yesterday at the original Blackwolf course it was ~33-37*, felt colder with 10-15 winds. Good clean fun!
  15. I remember all those trees being removed.....forget which holes it impacted but two holes parallel to one another 16-17? Where is it going on now?
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