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  1. I had a cup of coffee with the 12 and while I had high hopes, let's just say it was not for me! Cheap expiramnet and better for it, as I got it out of my system.
  2. 13-14* is a lot of loft for a driver, especially if you are in a normal loft range with your daily driver. If it were me I'd get on a sim/lm and start with a loft 1-2* more then what I typically use, choke down some, and see what happens.....or if there is a way to add a little weight to the demo and use a slightly heavier and shorter shaft, that would be ideal. A nice dedicated thriver is the Acer XV Thriver at 12*. It's 460cc but looks good at address, not stretched /pancaked out, has an adjustable weight and offers a nice solid feel.
  3. I've ordered aftermarket Ping g400 adapter and it came equipped with the adapter and rubber collared ferrule but no plug of any kind. Are you saying OEM Ping adapters come with a plug? To go in the tip (assuming)?
  4. The "TP" models were real deal painted with TMag graphics to go along with the head. I have a Burner TP painted Matrix HD6 that I've got laying around waiting for a project. Don't tell the WRX OCDers, but it's not going in a Burner, nor is it going in a TMag head Edit- $1000 for a shaft "hell nah"
  5. Has WRX not had it's coffee yet, OG RBZ yooooooooooooo Edit to say it's not titanium but don't get hung up that, maraging steel works fine too. For a little talked about brand, you could go- Alpha V5 Hi-COR Fairway Wood15-3-3-3 Titanium 18*, 200cc, 58* lie, 40mm face height, 222g,
  6. ...lots of potential for you....iron covers, just sayin. When I play golf I feel good. When I play good I feel even better! Feel as it relates to performance is vastly overrated. Tootles
  7. Rule of thumb is to never cover up logos or lettering of top OEM's.....and no matter the brand, one must never hide that a club is forged
  8. I don't get why people are saying the Stealth is "Nike" esque? Other than having the same colors as the covert, vr pro, etc. and Sunday TW, I don't see any similarity. The Stealth appears to be the next design of the SIM, SIM2, m6. I don't get it....did anyone say the m6, SIM, SIM 2 were Nike like?
  9. They will open weather permitting....I played opening day last season and I wanna say it was last day of March or first day of April, but ?? They don't have a late opening like some upscale resort courses/clubs. Last year was a mild winter and spring was kind without any big snows. First round of the year was the first Friday of March Madness.
  10. Depends on model re profile. Parallel are typically descending weight vs. taper which are typically constant weight. Nippon would be the exception as they have taper and parallel in constant weight. I think you can still get Project X parallel in constant weight, but ?? It's easier to work with CW for those going with a progressive SW/MOI.
  11. I'd like to think I would play/wear what I want, but I suspect I'd be a walking billboard
  12. I appreciate the honesty. As a fellow walker (95%) I would also have a difficult time being forced to ride a course that was clearly walkable. Nothing against riding, but I love the walk. Prior to this thread I had little interest in snow birding (long ways off ~ 10+ years) it to Florida, now I have even less interest. Finding a good course to walk that is reasonably priced ought not be a chore! And reading your posts here and other threads in the Wisco and Chicago threads, you seem to be a resourceful guy who plays a wide array of courses. I shake my head at the riding only culture!
  13. I have a hodge podge of sticks where the gapping goes old school, new school and a bit in-between. No 4i/h/u in the bag but the lofts are covered. 2h @ 18* 3h @ 21* 5di @ 26* 7i @ 31* WHen I really get the 3h it can go for 210 and the 5di is a 190 club, so there is a tiny gap there but realistically the 3h is a 205 club. If I have 195-200 I assess the miss and take the appropriate club! I really like the versatility of the 2 and 3h; and the 5di (driving iron/utility iron) is solid gold!
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