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  1. I've seen data showing that the X100 tip is actually softer than the S300 tip (though the rest of the shaft is stiffer). Can anyone confirm this with 100 percent certainty?
  2. OP might find this thread informative-
  3. Interesting... I have two M6s and didn't need heat to remove the weight in either of them.
  4. The biggest difference would be in the tip. The X has a *much* stiffer tip section, and the ss/hs scenario you mention would not come close to equalizing the two. The 130 is very stout - I play the S with a 110 mph driver swing, and am thinking of moving to the R flex.
  5. 1) Spider tour red, T-alignment. 34". Used but in mint shape, as new. Includes original grip and cover. Sold 2) Ping Sigma 2 Fetch putter, asjustable length. Also mint, like new. Includes tool and cover. Sold
  6. 1. TM Spider Tour Black with T alignment. 35" with stock grip. In excellent, virtually new shape. Includes headcover. SOLD 2. SeeMore Si2, 34.5", 71* lie, SuperStroke pistol GT grip. Includes four leaf cover headcover. Used for 18 holes only, in prefect condition. 125 shipped obo. SOLD
  7. 1) graphite design tour ad di 6x shat, black version, with OEM TaylorMade adapter. 44" from end of grip to end of adapter. This came from the taylormade factory. In excellent shape. Tour velvet 360 grip. Asking $150 shipped. SOLD 2) SuperSpeed training system, standard edition. In prefect shape. Asking $125 shipped. SOLD
  8. Driver: TaylorMade M6, 10.5*, GD Tour AD MJ 6x, 44.25". 4 wood: Ping Anser, 16*, GD Tour AD GT 7x, 42.5". (refinished by Continental Golf) 19*, 22* hybrids: Srixon H45, Aldila NVS Hybrid 85x. Irons 5-PW: Yonex TC Forged, Nippon Modus 125 S. Wedges: 50, 56, 60. Titleist Vokey SM7, Nippon Modus 125 S. Putter: TaylorMade TP Black Copper Soto, 35". Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet. Ball: TaylorMade TP5.
  9. I'm the original owner who sold them to puresurfr. I purchased both sets new, one from Carl's Golfland, the other from Miles of Golf, both located in SE Michigan. These stores are highly reputable and would never sell counterfeits. The OP can relax, they are 100% real, whatever the serial number records show.
  10. Manku stole my thunder - yes, the whole season is like an auto racing time trial for starting position. DJ has won the pole position and starts with the advantage. They key is to not think of this as a normal tournament. As someone else mentioned, it should be thought of as the the 4th quarter of football game. (As such, I would not count it as an official victory.) viewed in this light, the format makes prefect sense and is far superior to the old system where you needed an excel spreadsheet to figure out who was leading.
  11. I had a sim max 10.5 with ad di 6x. Combo was great - long, high, accurate - but not much different from my M6 w/ ad mj 6x, so I stuck with my old combo because I preferred the feel. I still have the ad di if you are interested.
  12. What putter is dj using?
  13. You can't take a conforming putter and use it like a pool cue. I would say it likewise should not be legal to turn the head 90* and putt off the toe - it's not what the club was designed for. I realize it hasn't been ruled illegal. This is just my opinion.
  14. Really, it shouldn't be legal, because using the putter this way makes it nonconforming in two ways - the lie angle becomes 90* (above the legal limit of 80*) and the front to back length exceeds the heel to toe length. Could someone design a putter with a nice toe for striking this way, and then just use the putter like that all the time?
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