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  1. Black copper Soto putter, 35", in excellent shape. Was a backup putter for me, so not much use at all. No paint peeling on the face. Includes original TM superstroke grip and headcover. Sold.
  2. Selling a couple of Sim2 3 woods I was experimenting with that are great clubs but failed to replace my trusty old ping anser 4 wood. 1) Sim2 Ti 15* w/ Tensei blue AV 65FW Stiff. In excellent shape with headcover. I reduced the length 1" and replaced the 2g weight with a 10g. (I will include the original 2g weight.) Much more controllable at this length with little or no distance loss. GP tour velvet grip. Sold 2) Sim2 Max 15* with tensei blue AV 65FW x-stiff. Very good shape with headcover. Ordered this -0.75" directly from Taylormade. Original Lamkin crossline grip. Sold
  3. I took the advice above and wrote to the usga. Here is their response - There is no non-conformance for a hole into the head (other than the face), only a hole through the head which requires at least two openings. So since the weight is in the sole, and as long as you remove only one weight, this is permitted. And yes, it would need to be done prior to play.
  4. I've searched this forum for a definitive answer to this but no one seems completely sure in previous posts. I have an Odyssey Ten and prefer the weight and feel of it when I remove one of the 15g weights from the rear sole. This exposes an empty, threaded hole. Is it legal to play in competition with this putter? I don't see any advantage, but the rules can be pretty arbitrary. Does anyone know for sure?
  5. 1) Yonex TC forged irons, 3-PW. Stock Nippon Modus 125 S shafts. Original Yonex tour velvet grips - still in good shape. The irons are clean with no browning, very good condition. You won't be disappointed. Standard length and loft. Lie is 1* up. Sold 2) Two sets of Nippon modus 130S shafts. One is 3-PW, the other 4-PW. Both have tour velvet grips in good condition installed. Length is Mizuno standard as of a couple of years ago (has the standard increased recently? Seems like it). .335 taper. Both sets sold. 3). Cleveland huntington beach premiere #3, 35". Great shape, I used it for 2 rounds. Original grip and headcover. Asking $95 shipped.
  6. You can still order the original. https://www.mortongolfsales.com/ping-classic-stainless-steel-anser-4-putter/
  7. Mizuno MP-63 irons. An 80s-vintage Ping Pal 2 makes it into the bag regularly also.
  8. Just find some old Top Flite Magnas to play, should work fine!
  9. 1) New, in plastic, TM Spider Tour Black putter, 35", with headcover. T-alignment. Sold 2) TT DGS300 tapered pulls from standard length mizuno set. 3-pw. Sold
  10. I know this is really dumb but I hope they go back to black paint for the numbers. Hate the white numbers.
  11. Mocking up a custom order P770 3 iron, and TM is giving me a ship date of August, ugh. Could get a stock shaft and reshaft myself I guess...
  12. Has anyone ever had to hit out of the old fairway bunker on 10?
  13. OP here. Thanks for all the suggestions. Maybe what I'm really looking for is some high launching but compact long irons. I definitely prefer heads as small as possible. My main issue is with the 3-5 irons. I have the speed to hit them, but I naturally hit them fairly low, giving sub optimal distance. Of the irons mentioned, which launch particularly high?
  14. Hitting 50 this year, and thinking about moving to some players' distance irons. I'm pretty much the last holdout among my group when it comes to traditional lofts, alternating between MP-63s and some Yonex blades. Any suggestions as to which irons I should look at if my top 2 priorities (besides distance) are short heel-to-toe length and low offset? Thanks in advance!
  15. 1) TM black copper Soto in mint shape, like new, 35", original superstroke grip. With headcover. NLFS 2) TM Spider Tour Red, T-square alignment. Great shape overall, just a tiny bit of paint wear on the bottom of the face like all red spiders get (see photo). 34", original grip. Includes headcover. Sold 3) Odyssey Versa BWB #1. New old stock, I used it for one round. Not easy to find a new condition Versa these days. 35", original grip and headcover. The headcover is perfectly functional but looks worn. SOLD
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