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  1. Let me know what you have, thanks
  2. Would be especially interested in set with project x pxi shafts
  3. I know this is really dumb but I hope they go back to black paint for the numbers. Hate the white numbers.
  4. Mocking up a custom order P770 3 iron, and TM is giving me a ship date of August, ugh. Could get a stock shaft and reshaft myself I guess...
  5. Has anyone ever had to hit out of the old fairway bunker on 10?
  6. OP here. Thanks for all the suggestions. Maybe what I'm really looking for is some high launching but compact long irons. I definitely prefer heads as small as possible. My main issue is with the 3-5 irons. I have the speed to hit them, but I naturally hit them fairly low, giving sub optimal distance. Of the irons mentioned, which launch particularly high?
  7. Hitting 50 this year, and thinking about moving to some players' distance irons. I'm pretty much the last holdout among my group when it comes to traditional lofts, alternating between MP-63s and some Yonex blades. Any suggestions as to which irons I should look at if my top 2 priorities (besides distance) are short heel-to-toe length and low offset? Thanks in advance!
  8. 1) TM black copper Soto in mint shape, like new, 35", original superstroke grip. With headcover. NLFS 2) TM Spider Tour Red, T-square alignment. Great shape overall, just a tiny bit of paint wear on the bottom of the face like all red spiders get (see photo). 34", original grip. Includes headcover. Sold 3) Odyssey Versa BWB #1. New old stock, I used it for one round. Not easy to find a new condition Versa these days. 35", original grip and headcover. The headcover is perfectly functional but looks worn. SOLD
  9. No, I agree. I'll stick with my ancient stainless Pal 2. Besides looking cheap, there is something weird looking about recent Ping neck designs at address. They never seem to be square to the target, no matter how much I try to adjust.
  10. I've seen data showing that the X100 tip is actually softer than the S300 tip (though the rest of the shaft is stiffer). Can anyone confirm this with 100 percent certainty?
  11. OP might find this thread informative-
  12. Interesting... I have two M6s and didn't need heat to remove the weight in either of them.
  13. The biggest difference would be in the tip. The X has a *much* stiffer tip section, and the ss/hs scenario you mention would not come close to equalizing the two. The 130 is very stout - I play the S with a 110 mph driver swing, and am thinking of moving to the R flex.
  14. 1) Spider tour red, T-alignment. 34". Used but in mint shape, as new. Includes original grip and cover. Sold 2) Ping Sigma 2 Fetch putter, asjustable length. Also mint, like new. Includes tool and cover. Sold
  15. 1. TM Spider Tour Black with T alignment. 35" with stock grip. In excellent, virtually new shape. Includes headcover. SOLD 2. SeeMore Si2, 34.5", 71* lie, SuperStroke pistol GT grip. Includes four leaf cover headcover. Used for 18 holes only, in prefect condition. 125 shipped obo. SOLD
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