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  1. I am not a fan of extensions and would not recommend doing it more than 1/2" with clubs if you must. Extensions can change the flex profile of shafts.
  2. It is 42 5/8” long raw. Shaft was tipped 1”. 65 dollars shipped conus.
  3. I grabbed mine at club champion this week and could not be more pleased. I love the feel of the new Queen B #6. I also like the look of the 19, but the copper finish is just too good to pass on.
  4. I am thrilled that the lefty LST heads are shipping. I picked mine up from my club today! It looks amazing!
  5. The one day I don’t check this I miss the putter I have been stalking. That giant is a great flatstick.
  6. I agree. That would be outstanding.
  7. Just tossed a couple layers of scotch guard on my bag. Ready for winter.
  8. This photo is why I pulled the trigger. Had to have this bag. Talked myself out of it, but then grabbed the thing. For those of you using the bag on a cart without the strap, how is it holding up?
  9. Don’t forget about cobra. They are making some unreal products. I am loving the forged tec irons.
  10. I have a set and I am a huge fan of the feel and flight. I didn't need additional distance, but I love that I can get my similar distances with a smoother swing. It has allowed for more precision on my game. They did feel a bit heavy when I first got them, but I have since adjusted. I liked the feel more than the Taylormade, Mizuno and PXG clubs. However, that is all subjective.
  11. I switched back to standard grips and am selling my remaining midsize grips. There are 6 grips in this lot that I am selling for 50 dollars shipped.
  12. I used to be a UTX fan, but just moved back to the crossline cords. they feel great and give me the nonslip feeling I need in Missouri humidity.
  13. I can't express how pumped I am about these being available. The full cord is an amazing combination of cord with the advantage of the softer tour velvet compound. The zcord gives amazing traction, but will tear your hands up as a cost; also, the zcord is a bit thinner. The MCC is great, but I want cord in my bottom hand for traction as well, which is why I stay away from that grip.
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