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  1. Only piece I’ll add on the $10 charge. If you are staying at the lodge you can ride the shuttle from there to Top of Rock for free. It runs every 30 minutes I think it was. Since I had my son with me we decided to drive our own vehicle from the lodge up to top of the rock and had to pay...in the grand scheme of things $10 is nothing when you consider the room, restaurants, etc...
  2. I’m about 30 minutes from the property so don’t normally stay there although we did do a small get away a few weeks ago just to get out of the house. Like others have mentioned be prepared to spend some money as most restaurants are pretty expensive. Paynes is closed for the winter but hoping pace of play is better when it reopens in the spring. They had back to back tee times every day since it opened and everyone was playing the “tiger tees” so it was always backed up. Top of the Rock is worth playing once but because of the cost I would only recommend playing it on
  3. Oh I know I’m lying to myself and will buy more clubs soon....It is a balancing act though. As long as my wife sees roughly the same amount of boxes leave the house as they show up she is happy.
  4. One of these days I’ll learn that what I have is just fine but what fun would it be to hit the same clubs every week you go out. All these were recent purchases that I used for a few rounds and on the range. All prices include paypal fees and FedEx shipping charges. Callaway Apex Combo set - Recently purchased these here primarily so I could try a slight lighter version of the shaft in my Mizuno clubs. For those not familiar the 8-P are the “pro” version and the 4-7 are the regular CF19. Smoke heads with black $ taper 120S shafts and GPP align grips. $725 $700
  5. 2 bags up for sale today. Both used sparingly throughout the year with neither of them seeing the course for more than a handful of rounds. The 5.5 does have light wear marks on the legs from its time riding on a cart but nothing that impacts usage. C130 is sold, only 5.5 left. $old - PM with questions, offers, etc... Please keep in mind if making an offer that shipping bags isn’t cheap.
  6. 3 wood and balls sold. Let's get this putter sold so I only have to make one trip to drop off packages.
  7. The purge of spare clubs and unneeded items continue. All prices include paypal fees and shipping to the lower 48. I ship everything with FedEx and most people generally receive it within 2-3 days. If you feel prices are off PM with an offer... Cobra SpeedZone 3 wood - Add this to the list of 3 woods I can't hit...at some point I will come to the conclusion that is me and not the club but for the time being I'll continue to buy and sell them here. Been hit 10-15 times...comes with HZRDUS 6.5 shaft and GPP +4 grip. $old Odyssey Strokelab Rossie Flow Neck - Purchased
  8. I should add I’m no longer getting emails when someone PMs me but will do my best to monitor my messages throughout the day. If you send me something I will respond it just may not be right away.
  9. Purchased this earlier in the season, played a handful of rounds with it, and now sitting in the “spares” bag. One of these days I will learn to quit buy putters as I always end up back with my White Hot #7. Phantom X 6 STR, 34”, with red matador medium grip on it. $300 $275 shipped anywhere in the lower 48.
  10. I’ve got several items that I need to get posted but figure I will start with what I already have pictures of. Taylormad 3W with Diamanna 75X. Has a scratch at the top of the face where I caught a ball kind of high on the face. I tried to capture it as best as I could in the pictures. $old shipped anywhere in the lower 48.
  11. Only 1 item up for sale today. Mizuno MP20 HMB 3 iron with $Taper 130X shaft and GPP +4 grip. Standard length, loft, and lie. Club has been hit 20-25 times but just prefer my hybrid right now. $135 shipped to your door. PM with any questions...
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