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  1. The par 3 courses seem to always have availability and should be easy to add in whenever is needed. I’m pretty sure it’s in this thread and is on their website but mountain top is walking only. if you are staying on property you won’t have any issues filling in non-golfing time
  2. 4some tee time for Ozark or Payne’s is going to be tough to get. You pretty much have to stay on property. Unless something drastically changes I wouldn’t expect to see a big die down in price anytime soon. Buffalo is roughly the same price it has always been even with them continuing to add new courses. I would like to see it happen since I'm close enough to play them often.
  3. Admittedly don’t keep up with these things much but kind of surprised to see them split.
  4. I’ve never purchased a membership but since it sold out so quick it makes you wonder if they are limiting numbers vs. what they did in the past. That is what makes people go crazy over swag. They like being able to say there are only ## of these and I have one of them. Scotty could do something similar by only making a few thousand memberships available or whatever number they chose.
  5. I’m really trying to only use 1 set up this year. None of the guys I play with regularly think I can do it but here goes: Driver - Ping G425 Max 3 Wood - Ping G425 Max 3 Hyb - Ping G410 (The one club I can guarantee won’t leave the bag) Irons - PXG Gen3 P 4-PW Weges - Vokey SM8 50/54/60 (Carry over from last year and safest spot after the hybrid) Putter - Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 Ball - ProV1 Edited to include ball.
  6. Previously I had only hit the gen1 PXG irons and honestly wasn’t a fan. When I saw the price point for the Gen3 I decided to take a leap blind. Like most on here I’m a club ho and usually play a few different sets each year as I always find something on the BST I can’t live without. Due to the weather I’ve only had them on the course a few times but have been on the simulator quite a bit. I know “feel” is different for everyone but for me they are just as good if not better than the JPX 921 forged that I was previously playing. I’ve got a bet with a buddy that whatever was in my bag on Jan 1 I will be playing for the entire 2022 season so lets hope I continue to like these as I get them out on the course more.
  7. I’ve decided to go with American Dunes. Looks like I should be able to book as a single in mid January.
  8. Top of the Rock is worth playing once but would rank it last of all the courses on the property.
  9. I was just coming to this thread to see if there was any feedback on the fairway woods as I’m in the market for one and intrigued by these
  10. Surprisingly everything but the irons have shipped. Last price drop before going to ebay....please please someone make an offer so I don't have to deal with that site!
  11. Sold a few things already. Let’s get the rest of it moved this weekend so I can make 1 trip on Monday to ship
  12. Would love to say I'm cleaning out because the bag is set but the reality is I've bought a new set of irons, a new driver, and putter all within the last couple weeks. Time to move on from things that I know I'm not going back to. Generally I'm able to ship same day or day after purchase unless it comes through on a weekend and then it will go out on Monday. Prices include paypal fees and FedEx shipping and are OBO. Mavrik 9* head with the following shafts: Aldila Rogue 130MSI 60X that measures 44 1/4 from end of tip to butt of grip HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 6.5 that measures 44 1/4 from end of tip to butt of grip Graphite Design TourAD M9003 7x that measures 42 3/4 from end of tip to butt of grip Selling as a package for $old. You keep the shaft you want then deal with selling the others.... Mizuno JPX 921 forged irons. 4-PW and have Nippon Modus 120X shafts and GPP +4 grips. When I purchased I was told they are 2* flat from Mizuno standard but have no way to verify. $850 $800 $750 $700 Last but not least time to clear out some of Odyssey putter collection - All $old Whitehot RX VLine CS - 34.5" with a jumbo max 1.3 grip - Sold OWorks 1WS - 34" with a jumbo max 1.2 grip - Sold Strokelab Marxman S 34" with SS Claw grip - sold
  13. Pretty much only wear their pants/shorts on the golf course. To me their sizing is same as other brands.
  14. Based on the agenda you already have it is clear that you are willing to pay for good golf. If I was in your shoes I would play Pasa. I’ve tried to fit it in on my few trips out there and just couldn’t make it work. Every time I see pictures of it online I kick myself for not figuring out a way to play. It is “on my list” and will for sure play it next time I’m out there. I have played Pacific Grove which is another mentioned here. I really enjoyed it but set the right expectations. Front 9 is quirky golf through houses. You are pretty much paying $60 to play 11-17 out by the ocean.
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