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  1. They greyson clothes are way nicer looking and far more options than polo. Agree some of the stuff is over priced for what it is but I think it does fill a bit of a gap and has a niche. I own a few of the polos and they are my favorites. Most annoying thing honestly is their website is always sold out of everything good in my size (s/medium)
  2. Ping g410 for me as well, pre ordered the 425s to replace them looks like the dropped the turbulators which I did not love anyway.
  3. Try uniqlo tapered chinos skinny or ultra skinny depending on your size. They are cheap; they are mostly cotton as well is the only downside but they do have stretch in them. Id say best $40 pants you can buy.
  4. He was wearing the spikeless version on Sunday it looked like. They look similar to last year minus the spikes...not sure this year I have bought every version but might pass this year I need spikes.
  5. 4s and new adg sounds promising. I thought I heard pat perez say the fours were not being released because the sole design made it hard to manufacture, and the pair he wears was a one off they made just for him. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
  6. Anyone have any idea what is releasing next year? I was not at all a fan of the 5 (as a golf shoe...sole was way too hard and flat for my liking) so I am wondering if they might move on to a different model? Maybe they upped production but I can still find a lot of the 5 models available in different colors so maybe they move on...at least I hope they do
  7. I recieved my set of SEL last week and they are awesome. Played twice with them and I like the feel over the 2018ap2. I do notice a different feel between the forged and tour at the 5 and 4 irons but they don't feel worse just a bit different. Overall I really like them so far; am noticing a bit more distance over the ap2 but nothing significant. Any other lefties recieve their set? They look awesome in person
  8. My club said a few weeks and Mizuno said the same but haven't had an update recently; not sure the Mizuno rep paid attention to the fact that I was asking about the SEL so we will see. If a lefty receives theirs, please post up here so we know the clubs actually exist lol.
  9. This is correct, they have their own gap wedge so no need to get all fired up over nothing. You think they are going to pair the tour with the same gap wedge as the HM?
  10. This is what they have been doing since mp20. For me it is working out because I prefer the tours but they will never make everyone happy unless they make them all. My assumption is they will go back to just making the forged after this release since people complain no matter what they do. If they make all the forged heads and then no 4,5 in the tour you don't have two complete sets and need different badging. They only want to make one set you just have to live with it unfortunately and I have complained a lot in the past it just isn't a priority for them. Apparently not enough demand in left
  11. I was told 6-7 weeks and I got the order in on the 14 or 15th of August so yeah 6 weeks from today apparently. I'll believe it when I receive the clubs, but generally mizuno has been good with lefty sets in terms of timing. Mizuno has always been a disappointment with Lefty sets but if they are resigned to only making one set, to me they have at least tried to improve their offerings.
  12. Yeah I ordered a set I got a confirmation from my club and an estimated delivery date, so my experience was you can pre-order.
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