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  1. I have used Galvin and kjus and much preferred the kjus 3L. They have a short sleeve as well in the 2l. The gear is not too hot and material has much more stretch/give to it.
  2. Are these ever being released? Wtf is ping doing I know there are supply shortages etc. But at least day something they dropped into bags 3 months ago
  3. Um it didn't seem like everyone was writing him off you have to admit his action is super weird and violent. Anyway hopefully he has it sorted out and yes there are peaks and valleys but you have to admit multiple wds after shooting 80s and literally hitting it everywhere did have a smiley Kaufman feel to it. Anyway he's obviously playing better although after making 9 birdies in round one I'm sure he wanted to be more the -1. it will be interesting to see how he finishes the week. If he keeps it up and wins will be a huge boost of confidence could get him on a roll. I had hovland in fantasy and saw he wd due to "sand in eye" I had never heard of that before...
  4. He has had a great run. I watched him win on the euro tour and was really impressed, especially with his short game. I love the "let's see him do it with the big boys on tour" (he wins) "ah well not the strongest field" (DJ, Koepka, several other multiple winners abound). He won on American soil his second chance and yeah Hadley fell apart (I felt for him) but Higgo was clutch down the stretch. I am partial to leftys being one myself, but Higgo has a nice game and seems like a good dude. Not sure he's going to rack up 100 wins but glad he's proven once again that the European tour isn't some sub tour joke that a lot of American golf fans seem to think it is. And I agree th announcers are so much better on the Euro tour.
  5. I bought some kjus iver shorts and they are great and fit tts but I believe they are 10inch; the ike are similar but longer inseam so another option potentially.
  6. Yeah small is too small now medium is too big I am just not buying gfore golf shirts any more due to this.
  7. I agree I'm sure he's a nice guy and he's young so I give him the benefit of the doubt but he needs to just speak slowly I think. I'm not sure Oklahoma state is known for its academics either...
  8. Anyone know what shoes Phil was wearing today? He usually wears gfore I thought but they looked different today. Snapped a pic
  9. Until you know what is entailed with the commitments it's hard to say, but let's be honest here, 99% of the players would love to have appearances to make 1/10 of $30m and not have most/all dollars tied to performance. I'm not sure if I'm just uneducated on this but why would the individual sponsorship money go away in pgl? Is the model that all sponsors must be league/tour and individuals can't have sponsorships? $30m crushes earnings on pga tour it's not even close the guys would for sure be tempted. there are ten guys maybe making something close to that every year and no one even close in just tour earnings.
  10. Anyone see Jordan's golf shirt from Sunday at Byron nelson? It was a blue golf shirt actually looked really nice but couldn't find it on the website etc obviously.
  11. Only ones I have are the greyson as mentioned above they are definitely slimmer than most and still 10-11 inch
  12. Yeah I found them really comfortable the no spike eccos just can not grip at all and I find all the eccos with spikes always have a weird design. I'm glad to hear the grip is good I definitely agree that they fit a bit big.
  13. I bought a couple pairs of shorts I only have one pair of golf pants I buy a year because if I need to wear pants it's too cold for me to golf. I live in the wrong country. Excited to get the kjus shorts though they look great but I will see how they stack up to the greysons. On the polos I didn't see a huge problem with too much fabric by the waste, I did have that issue with a couple gfore but I buy a small in greyson and because of my relatively flat shoulders I need a medium in gfore and chalked it up to that.
  14. Yeah I mean my favorite polo for a long time was an rlx polo but I have always had issues: 1) the sleeves always seemed too short to me and too tight on many shirts; 2) the collars were weak, as you said, which is my major pet peeve and a sign of poor quality/design/cost cutting in all collared shirts (admittedly more of an issue with dress shirts). To me rlx was trying hard to be unique but the giant logo and design just didn't seem to suit jt (and it doesn't suit my taste).
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