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  1. Right on the heels on Stewart Cink's domination - looks like they're trying to make sure the Cinks of the world have the incentive to keep coming out!
  2. Done with that guy after shorting his caddie, el Toucan.
  3. He should make a set out of a carry bag's straps, lol.
  4. What if the player's name was Ditka?
  5. He won the Future Masters in Dothan, Alabama - this one would round out the trophy collection quite nice, you heard it here first - Stewart Cink
  6. Try windswept dunes in Freeport is a good track.
  7. He's a legend, once made 8 pars in a row.
  8. Club Pro Guy - he's solid but I'd have to say overrated
  9. What is this "srixon" you speak of?
  10. Harmen vs Streelman would have been a dandy, lol
  11. Bluegrass Fairway - had it for years and is still top notch.
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