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  1. stock series comes out today at 3 PM PST and I might try to snag if their is a naked one
  2. No none of us here are high enough rollers to enter
  3. Few end of season items up for sale! Make room for the new ones! First up is a set of Mizuno T20 Raw wedges, 52,56,61. 52 & 56 have Project X 6.5 shafts (.75" & .5" over std mizuno length) 61 shafted with S400 Tour Issue and only .25" long. They have been used this season and as you can see they are rusty but no bag chatter on them as they are always in their spot well protected! All have pretty much brand new Tour Velvet Plus4 Midsize installed. Did not know my new wedges we coming as fast as they did! But I love the look and already received new T22 raw wedges so these need to move! One of the best feeling wedges out there I have tried! Asking $old shipped CONUS 52* 56* 60* Next up is a basically new Logan Olson Manufacturing Legacy Putter (Newport 2/Timeless Style), sight dot alignment aid, machined bumpers, custom two tone/torched welded neck. Looks unreal in person, just look at photos! Buy here and save $100s off a custom one from Olson direct and save the 10+ month wait time if they will even let you order one! Genuine black leather with plush green interior also included! Putter Specs Weight: approx 355-360g Length: 36" (note has extension) Loft: 2.5* Lie: 68* Grip: Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Black (hard to find, also on backorder currently) Headcover: Olson Black/Green Leather Asking $1175 shipped CONUS Lastly is a few Swag Headcovers that I need to make way for some new additions! Both are brand new out of bag Swag Masters Caddie 3.0 #76- $555 shipped CONUS Swag DGAP Paying Respects Masters Matsuyama- $old shipped CONUS
  4. Cobra 3D printed agera, feels decent for greens that aren't crazy fast
  5. I also won't order a putter from him, do you know why? Maybe because he stopped taking orders and is a dick on IG. Oh and all the issues in this thread
  6. Yes they did, extremely rare but yes
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