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  1. I used to think that until I tried smooth face and was shocked. Smooth stainless face is perfection to me anymore!
  2. Yes! Honestly I've had both but never ordered from Byron though. Lajosi is a class act and I think builds a great custom putter at a great price and love mine! Don't think you can go wrong either way though!
  3. Only one item up for sale today, the result of a putter ho lol Odyssey OG White Hot 2 Ball 36" stock lie and loft. Used indoors for practice, basically brand new, not a mark on it! Still has factory stickers on shaft etc Asking $199 shipped
  4. Yeah not sure, maybe his scale said 350? Who knows I'm just glad it isn't 10+ grams off lol
  5. Well got the scale in today, have the head off a Goodwood I just bought still. Head is stamped 350g and scale says 353g! Not bad imo I assume all scales are close, +/- a gram or two so pretty good! I can live with that! Next time I have the head off anything I'll have to measure it too!!
  6. As title says looking for ts3 or tsi3 3 wood and/or hybrid head. can be used as long as no sky marks and in good shape thanks!
  7. Smooth face is the best, most feedback and softest feel imo
  8. I will, got one of the highest reviewed food scales from amazon! LOL be here tomorrow and have the head off a Goodwood right now so I am very curious what it is!
  9. I mean you can sand it by hand but it will take forever to get any amount of weight change. I would recommend somebody like Ken flanagan and have him get it exactly to the weight you want while still retaining cog etc. Not sure how much of a difference a few more grams taken off in the toe will matter then in heel etc etc
  10. This or all. Sand sole down, deeper cavity and even remill the face or go smooth face. One of those or all of those can probably get you at least 10-15g I would imagine depending on how aggressive you want to get What putter is it?
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