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  1. I am sure I won't win a lottery pick today, no way they let somebody that has bashed them everywhere get one!!! LOL
  2. Anybody get in the lottery today?
  3. Next week I think I saw them post on facebook today
  4. Yessss I love them!! I have a brand new one still! Still can't find a new black phantom to go with it!
  5. still counting....... now him and his wife don't like me on IG
  6. I am confused here, what is the OP problem? Swingweight? I had a great experience with them, knew my specs, called them and had set of irons in a few days!! Insane shipping speed and the irons feel great!
  7. Sorry to hear that man! I struggle with L5S1 pain a good amount myself. Some people don't understand, I am sure I will get to your point eventually unfortunately!
  8. Dang that's big money too!!
  9. where can i get one!?!?
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