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  1. I may have just puked, thing is terrible looking
  2. yes, same difference yes but still a difference. I always thought this was Rickie's problem when he switched to TP5 ball. Lot bigger dimples therefore more missed short putts? Possibly who knows but very interesting stuff
  3. Same here, just trying on a few putters now as well
  4. Ceramic coat that puppy
  5. Yeah I told myself if they were $5k range I would buy, knew they wouldn't make it to a 5 min price drop at that price. Was honestly expected $7500 plus! Insane amount of money to drop but they are straight fire!
  6. SWAG RYDER CUP COVERS Lincoln Fairway $old Hamilton Fairway $old Driver $old Mallet $old Blade $1500 Want to keep blade or Hamilton Fairway depending on how things fall! CONUS Only, PayPal G&S figured in! pin 10/7
  7. Combination of a few, trial and error with plumbers neck because I liked the looks and then fitting told me nothing they would change except a little loft tweak!
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