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  1. Man this place can be pretty unforgiving.
  2. My current favorite is always subject to change but right now I'm rooting for Abraham Ancer the most. Watching him down the stretch last year and then again at the Presidents Cup cemented it for me. I found myself rooting against an American for the first time at a Presidents/Ryder cup when he faced off with Tiger in the Singles match that Sunday. I'm still very proud of his performance that week.
  3. sphna12d

    Danny Lee

    Lee quit. https://golf.com/news/danny-lee-us-open-6-putt-video-winged-foot/
  4. The dent is less of a problem than the irons facing the wrong way. ?
  5. Snake Eyes 600 xc’s with Harrison Professional shafts and Mizuno MP 53 with dynalite XP’s.
  6. I’ve seen multiple reports from sites and on here that the Wilson Staff’s spin a bit less than some other models which could lead to some extra distance. YMMV.
  7. Tiger’s still playing irons with similar specs. The MP-14 is still very relevant although finding a set in good condition is becoming a challenge. Like NRJyzr, this was the set that introduced me to the Mizuno feel.
  8. The question wasn’t raised about the tech advances that have been made. The question that was raised was if 3-4 years of advancements could be tangibly seen from hitting a head from last season and a head from 4 seasons ago using the same shaft and if the improvement is tangible enough to be worth spending an extra $500 or so on the newest heads. Now that question can’t be definitely answered for everyone because one person’s results won’t equal anyone else’s. Ultimately, we all get to decide what we want to put in the bag and how much or little we spend to do that. Yes all of us might see som
  9. Introducing Callaway’s new plutonium chrome soft balls for explosive distance.
  10. 45 inches was the stock length for the 975d. I played my 9.5 with the crappy stock stiff shaft for 8 years and just loved it. I still have it in the garage. One of these days, I’ll get it reshafted at 44 inches and try it again just for fun.
  11. I’m living proof unfortunately that it’s very possible to put a sky mark on a Callaway driver. Doesn’t change my opinion about the quality of Callaway. I’m working on not being steep with the driver so hopefully I don’t sky any more tee shots.
  12. I always remember the Dunlop Loco driver when thinking about silly names for golf clubs.
  13. How Montgomerie won so many Euro tour order of merits and not a single PGA tour win is the most baffling donut in sports for me.
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