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  1. Not sure if this will be helpful or not but I ordered a sim 2 rescue on April 7. 3i with ventus velocore 9X. It just showed up on my doorstep on Monday! Didn't get a shipping notification but I ordered through golfio.com custom not TM directly. Finally got out to hit it yesterday and this thing blew me away. The shaft is definitely stout and it has a super penetrating launch and just wants to go straight. Sound and feel are rock solid - feels way more like an iron than a wood. Overall performing WAY better than the U500 (with fuji atmos TS black 9X) that I sold to make room for it.
  2. Thanks all for the input - given us a great starting point for planning. Sounds like we have a couple different options to decide how we want to do this thing. May end up taking it down the gulf coast instead as it sounds like we might have some better options there
  3. All true, like I said I'm unfamiliar with the area and honestly just trying to see if the idea is feasible or not at this point. The only reason we're going to Naples is because we have a place to stay for free. Hadn't considered Streamsong but heard good things although I think they're similar to Pinehurst i.e. stay and play packages?
  4. The play down the coast thing is just a shell of an idea that we thought might be fun, haven't thought too hard about logistics yet. If we could do better just driving straight to Naples and playing 4-5 different courses within an hour or so of that area I'd be all for that too. I'm just looking for some general advice on how to structure the trip. It's like a 9 hour drive ATL > Naples so we're already planning on doing a lot of driving.
  5. So me and a buddy are planning on doing a long weekend golf/road trip to FL in August (we're from GA so we're prepared for the heat, lol). Current idea is to make our way down the Atlantic coast and eventually to Naples where my buddy's in laws have a place we can stay. We haven't discussed details much but current tentative plan is: Leave ATL early AM Thursday > drive to Jacksonville area and play a round > stay night > wake up early AM Friday > drive to Orlando (?) > play round > drive to west palm beach (?) > stay night > wake up early AM Satu
  6. Nasty!!! Looks so clean in this color scheme. Making me wish I ordered a custom one as well lol.
  7. Got a status update on my order for those interested. I ordered a SIM 2 driver on March 22 (9* w/ Diamana ZF 60X & GP tour wrap) and a SIM 2 rescue on April 7 (3i/19* w/ Ventus velocore Blue 90X & TM z grip). Both ordered through Golfio Was told today the hybrid is going through final checks and about to ship, but the driver shaft is on backorder until late May and likely won't ship until June. Bummed but not surprised.
  8. Theoretically, if you turned the loft down wouldn't that open the face? I believe this is why a lot of pros are playing the 10.5 model. Worth a try.
  9. Currently game a TS3 and while it does hit bombs when you catch the middle it is very unforgiving if not. Driving being a weakness in my game currently I'm looking elsewhere. Also never was that crazy about the sound. Much bigger fan of the carbon "smack", so got a SIM 2 on the way. Heard really good things about the TSi series though. I'm just moving away from Titleist drivers.
  10. Good stuff. Was surprised to see Ben Clymer (of Hodinkee) doing this WITB. A little bummed they didn't talk watches at the end!! Was hoping Ben would chime in about the beautiful snowflake GMT Adam has on.
  11. Callaway HX Tour 56 and Tour i. They remind me of playing with my buddies as a junior/in high school and those were some awesome times. Also some of the softest balls I ever played, but durability was an issue especially with the massive pre-ban box grooves circa 2008. Anyone who played the original Callaway X tour wedges with the first generation MD grooves knows what I'm talking about.
  12. I put in my order on Monday, 9* Sim 2 w/ Diamana ZF 60X and GP tour wrap. Any ideas what kind of lead time I'll be looking at? Judging by the last few posts I'll be lucky to have this thing by mid may
  13. Don't buy the hype. I got fit for cb and hit the mb and t100 as well. There's really not much difference between t100 and cb other than loft. Personally I can't stand the looks of the t100 and I like the more traditional lofts of the cb so this was a no brainer for me.
  14. I'm working on the same thing. Getting the club shallow in transition is the key to consistent ball striking. Try some drills which focus on shallowing and film your swing to track your progress. Clay Ballard/Top Speed golf has some great drills and stuff for free on youtube that's been helping me. Just keep at it, it takes a while to really get the feeling of dropping the shaft in the slot on the way down.
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