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  1. I play the Tom Wishon Black graphite shaft in a wedge and it works really well with my Wishon White graphite shafts in my irons and Driver. The Wishon Black shaft is 85 grams and I play the regular flex along with the regular flex in my irons. I have to confess though that I'm back to using the stock dynamic gold 115 g stiff shaft in a Taylormade Milled Grind 56* sand wedge right now with great success.
  2. Take a good look at the Ben Hogan Equalizer wedges. A little less pricy than Vokey, Cleveland or Callaway but very good and highly recommended.
  3. The Callaway Forged wedges have a softer feel.
  4. Try some Wilson Staff Fifty Elite golf balls. Best $15 dozen golf ball on the market. Get them in white or yellow and play with them until you get good enough to know what kind of ball you want. They are very good and they won't cost much to lose them.
  5. Play the driver choked down an inch and see what the result is. This should give you a baseline. Then put in a stiff shafted driver ar 44.5 if your results are what you want and expect. Adjust the swing weight to taste.
  6. Best of the best would be Dan Sacks in Novato, CA. Repaired my Scotty perfectly, knew the specs in his head. He used to work in Cleveland's Tour Van.
  7. I have a set of Wishon 771 irons in my bag with in my case the White graphite shafts in regular. If I was younger (82) I would play their 565 heads which I have hit and they are fantastic. I just need the help of the 771's hotter face. Wishon has a plethora of steel and graphite shafts plus there are plenty more shafts out there. https://wishongolf.com/designs/iron-sets/new-565mc-forged-irons/ I also play a Wishon driver. My local club fitter/builder in Novato, Ca, Stan Moravia is great and I'm sure you can find a fitter near you wherever you live.
  8. Golf Galaxy has Maxfli Tpur 2019 for 2 for $60.
  9. There is always the chance that the club is a knockoff. If it seems too cheap to be true it probably isn't kosher. If the place is reputable it is probably okay.
  10. Little older. I carry:13* Wishon driver, 4 wood, 7 wood, 22* and 25* hybrid (all Callaway), 6-GW Wishon 771, Vokey SM7 56* S, Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter.
  11. I am a senior golfer (82). I'm interested in lightly used Titleist TS2 Driver 11.5* with a senior shaft. There are a number of shafts to choose from. I cannot get fitted at this time. Which of the available shafts would be the 'best' for my senior swing, hcp around 12? Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue? MRC Kuro Kage Black 50? Fujikura Air Speeder 40? Play a 44.5" driver Wishon 991 13* regular shaft right now to about 200 yds average.
  12. There is the Dogleg off Ocean Avenue in San Francisco. Floyd is a very nice guy, does quality work and reasonable. Stan Moravia, usually at Mcinnis Golf Course on Sunday Mornings. Does excellent work building and adjusting clubs. Built my driver and irons from Wishon Golf. Dan Sacks in Nicasio, at Golf Smarter. Does great work. Repaired my Scotty Cameron Newport, knew the specs right off the top of his head. Worked in the tour Van for Cleveland.
  13. Taylormade Milled Grind 56* has relief on the heel so that you can open it up. Very versatile wedge.
  14. wgpinc


    I play the 771 irons and the 919 driver both with the 'White' (70 gram) graphite shaft. If I was younger I would definitely play the 565 irons with the 'Black' (80 gram) graphite shafts. I have the black shaft in my 56* Micro wedge. Great clubs. I hit them really well but I need the little extra distance of the 771s. I have the black shaft in my 56* micro wedge. I happened to hit the Ping G410 irons into the net at the Golf Mart today, last day of their Memorial Day sale. I thought I might like them but not even close. They went all right but I didn't care for their 'feel'. I happen to have a Wishon Fitter nearby so it really helps. I can drop by and chat with him about this or that. Nice clubs.
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