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  1. How can u complain about this..when so many fell and bought into pxgs
  2. Crazy..steal golf clubs from garage
  3. I wasn't aware there was an app to have the items shipped to an office instead. I love ups..but I haven't driver a manual to return to prospective employer..6 weeks later manual.never returned..lol. 50 50 chance the employer was disorganized etc..but who knows anymore.
  4. Like this.isnt done ev3ry day by others.
  5. I heard this as well...ups getting followed by scammers.
  6. Romaro jdm 52 56 degree wedges isole with limited edition Monacco true temper shafts. Selling these for 185 shipped or 100 each.
  7. Standard length. Pretty sure these were pulled from jdm heads. I purchased them as is..never shafted these.
  8. Fourteen has a couple of irons that are endo..i agree wedges are not.
  9. For sale is top end graphite shafts 4 thru pw one time pulls. 100 gram stiff flex. These shafts for irons are considered top end great for the price. 260 shipped.
  10. Pgass has plenty of these in stock as of Thursday am
  11. You can contact the USA distributor for epon...William Cho novagolf. I'd buy epon from legit and honest dealers...top 100 comes to mind.
  12. I'm in south Carolina and a plus 3 who plays pro v 1..played project a to check diffetence. After getting used to ball flight and spin chsrecteristics he played 2 under instead of 4 under. That's a plus 3..not typical wrx who is maybe a 10
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