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  1. Bryson DeChambeau is bad for the game because he is so slow. When he is playing its all about him. He studies way too long about what he doing. Especially when he putts. You never hear a word about it by the announcers. Just imagine people start copying Bryson. If you think golf plays slow now. You just wait. I have to say i watched the golf on and off and when it looked like he was going to win by the 13th. I shut off for good
  2. I never said He changed the loft when putting the shaft in. I just wondered if an official checked to make sure it was back where he had it.
  3. Isn't it illegal to change the setting on your driver during a round?
  4. While i'm fine he was allowed to replace the shaft. Did a tour offical check to see he put the shaft back at the loft adjustment he started with? After the shaft change he seemed to drive it further. Just wondering
  5. Don't bother trying getting a teetime at Bethpage. Its near impossible. When you try the times disapear off the screen and no times are left within 3 seconds. I played almost every weekend for the last 10 years at Bethpage and now can't get a time.
  6. You could say that but then you could say they do. I found this about the M-grooveshttps://www.gamolagolf.co.uk/acatalog/Maltby_M-Series_Ion_Black_Wedge_Head.html
  7. Here are the emails i got asking if the M 45 with M grooves are legal This is customer service responce Thank you for your reply. Yes, unless noted in our catalog or online, our clubs will be USGA conforming; this includes the M-Grooves. This is someone personally responding The M45 Forged Irons were developed in 2005. The M grooves were our proprietary “box” groove design and were legal at the time of their inception. The USGA changed the groove dimension rule in 2010 so the M45 grooves would not be conforming for play in current USGA events. I told him about the other email i got and he resp
  8. I wish their was an easy way of testing them without sending them to the USGA
  9. I'm surprised the PGA tour didn't make a revised 2020 schedule around what courses Tiger had a better chance of winning. Its why i kinda stop watching golf. Its Tiger Tiger Tiger and then Tiger
  10. Golf is very expensive But once you get the fever. your hooked for life and would almost pay anything to hit it like the guys on TV. Its something you never perfect.
  11. The guy i hate to play with is a slow player. One that knows he is slow and don't care. The second one is someone who thinks he is good but is really bad. He play's off the wrong tee thinking he's a big hitter. Always comes up short with his approach shot. Very annoying. Just cause your good don't mean you play in a timely fashion.
  12. I have a set of Maltby M45 irons i been playing around with them since the golf courses have been closed. I back weighted them to see how they feel and i have to say they really feel great. I was even thinking of playing with them. Since i'm going to play in two MGA events in May i want to make sure they conform to USGA rules. I emailed Golfworks and i got two email replies. One said they were conforming and the other said they weren't. The grooves are M grooves. They are a hybrid of box grooves ( u ) and v grooves combined. I looked it up on the USGA website and have no listing for these club
  13. Just bought a Bat Caddy. I decided to go back to walking cause the cart price is out of control. I usually ride alone so the money i save not riding will pay for the Bat Caddy half way thru the season.
  14. 5 birdies 6 bogies and the rest pars. shot 1 over
  15. You think they would put water on the greens. They look burnt out. Some rolling faster than others. Next week are the players going to see the same conditions on the greens at the Players? Funny how no one talks about how they are/or lost the golf course. Bunch of K.A.
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