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  1. Hawk, you just made my rainy, crappy, Wisconsin weekend so much better!
  2. Isn't part of his putting in the past due to the fact that he was hitting it closer than a fair number of the guys in the field? Sure, he made some longer putts, but if I remember right, he was generally putting from closer than most of the field.
  3. I would guess Tiger has a lawyer on staff somewhere, but I agree that the guy who is filing this should be forced to pay for the time of that lawyer. This strikes me as a cash grab given the information provided in the video as well as from the security officer that was there. Rona has people going real crazy, or, as they call it in Florida, "just another weekday".
  4. As a local, I am always excited when we get big events coming our way. I hope that travel logistics by then won't be too much of a problem. We at least will get a nice little trial run with the DNC getting moved, as well. Going to be a very interesting one with our current state of things here in Wisconsin, even come late fall. Can't wait to have the fun so close again!
  5. 1980-85: Watson 1985-90: Faldo 1990-95: Price 1995-00: Tiger 2000-05: Tiger 2005-10: Tiger 2010-15: Rory 2015-20: All the young guys
  6. I agree. I think Duval is another in the long line of "what could have been". Phil was and always has been, an amazingly talented golfer, but just based on how in control of things DD always seemed to be at his best, it would have been really, really fun to watch those 3 all go at each other for a bunch of years.
  7. To be fair Hawk, I was in the same boat with that line of thinking that somehow next year was still the 150th. Once I saw the announcement, it all kind of clicked and became a "duh" moment for me. I'm with you, being able to go in 2022 is more likely for me, as well, than it is in 2021, especially as we move out of the current situation.
  8. I'm not sure when they would be able to reschedule this one, though. Between other things getting scheduled, trying to pick a week that they know travel bans won't be there as well as having weather that would produce good enough conditions that they would be happy with it.
  9. @grm24 I think that fee structure is similar to the way a lot of the coaches get paid, at least from those who I have had conversations with (very limited). I know a few of the swing guys that I know who are teaching mini tour guys for the most part take a percentage of winnings, as well. They just bank on the fact that they are going to be able to give you the tools to be able win some cash, hopefully win some events, and even more hopefully, make it out there to the big show.
  10. 2011, same time as Rolex signed him. I saw too many commercials with Rory and Omega, had to sell them all because of it. AK probably wears a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, just seems like is style.
  11. I don't think they have been turned down, has a lot more to do with what you said about a lot of moving parts. It's not like it's easy to set this up in a constantly changing environment where states are opening and closing courses based on the way the wind blows. Hard to get everything in place only to have to scramble to get it all done in a different city/state/whatever. Without the assurances like that, there's going to be some time before we get much in the way of solid details.
  12. It comes with a "XX Golf Association Member Benefit" right on the address section and that's the only reason I have ever gotten one. I will generally leave them out on the table in my office if somebody wants to flip through them, great, if not, it will get tossed when the next one comes.
  13. Thanks to Abe Lincoln, I know everything on the internet is true. That guy couldn't tell a lie!
  14. Exactly, and to expand on those things, I offer the following: Even if they can get an event ready to go without the spectator aspect, the issue comes in to what happens when somebody can't get into a country because of where they are coming from based on travel bans? What happens if a player is discovered to have it while at the event? How do you deal with the fact that you need the dining places for the players, caddies, volunteers, etc.? What about travel bans from an event back to a given country? Professional golf is going to be back, but when you're talking about golf in a different country from wherever a lot of these players are coming from isn't.
  15. To expand on that, the USGA released something that made it even more clear that this was acceptable and was something that could be used for a posted score. That also included the fact that cups could be raised out of the cup under these specific circumstances, as well. If it's good enough for the USGA, I'm pretty sure it's good enough for the nice folks at the Outlaw Tour.
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