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  1. Feel good for a bit. Bogey the next hole. Buy drinks. Nothing out of the ordinary, to be honest.
  2. Tin Cup stencil, Incognito. I pre-mark, seems that if I let the ball sit overnight, the mark lasts longer. Or, if I play a Truvis ball, I use sharpie to mark around the chevron or number, usually a line, sometimes a dot or a circle around the number
  3. Cure Rx2. Best putter I have ever used. Ugly as sin, but puts a great roll on the ball. Scotty Cameron Squareback Select (2014 I think) SeeMore M5 & Kronos Mandala - I cannot decide which one I like better.
  4. As long as it takes. If I cannot find it, I walk the hole, in shame.
  5. In no particular order - Sand Hills GC Prairie Dunes CC Desert Forest GC California Golf Club of SF Applebrook GC
  6. Torrey Pines sticks out as the worst "name" course I have played. It is a nice muni on a great piece of land. Any course can become tough by growing out rough, narrowing fairways, and playing it long. Nothing inspiring about that course, save the 3rd(?) hole, par 3 overlooking the ocean. I loved Irish, much more than the other courses at Kohler. I thought the Straits was a test of "how well does your caddie know the course". It was fun, but I prefer all the other courses on that property to Straits. Never golfed at Bandon or in the UK, so I have that to look forward to. Eventually.
  7. Check out Sterling Grove - it is a new club, should be opening at the end of the year. Membership is reasonable, it isn't terribly far from you.
  8. I bounce between 7.5 and 10.5 GHIN. Ping i210, Srixon 945, PxG 0211, with a set of Ping i25's floating around somewhere. I find the irons make very little difference - I can score if I hit the clubs well, but it is driver that gets me in the most trouble.
  9. Current Shoe - Adidas Tour 360 BOA Handicap - 9.3 Location - Scottsdale AZ Favorite Color - Gray & Blue Most exciting feature - Square toe box, and sole stability Agree to participate in Review - Yes
  10. Two putters - Seemore Tour Limited Z3 and Z3c. Wasn't using them, so got rid of them. For half of what I paid for each. I am now searching for either one - with the adjustable weights, they don't seem to come around often.
  11. Funny you say that - I just pulled out a doz of the Nike tour platinum and a sleeve of Tour Black, in the last three weeks. Lost 10 of the 12 platinums, the Black get played after I lose the last two rzn. I think the Srixon QStar Tour balls are underrated. Soft, urethane cover, launch high and fly for miles.
  12. I pulled the Kronos out of storage, played it for a few weeks, and loved it. Smooth feel, great roll, and every putt seemed to track very well. I am not a great putter, but I received a bunch of nice comments from my playing partners about my putting. So, being the idiot that I am, I took it out of the bag. Proceeded to three putt at least 3 holes for each of my last 4 rounds. It is a great putter, if you can find one. I still have not seen another player with one in their hands.
  13. I play whatever wedges happen to be a good value, when I am looking for a wedge. I play wedges exclusively out of the crap (desert where I play primarily), and I usually burn thru one wedge every 6 months or so. I certainly agree that some wedges feel better than others, with shafts all over the place. As a player who bounces between 8-12 hcp, I am sure that there is some variance based on shaft and club, but not enough to make it too important to me.
  14. If your wife will be in Glendale, I would check out Blackstone CC as well as a new Nicklaus course which will be opening this year, Sterling Grove I think it is called. I play a lot of golf at Blackstone, it is a fun course, a decent practice area, but it may fit your budget. I certainly wouldn't put it against the top courses in the area, but there are a bunch of fun guys there, and the course is walkable.
  15. I play a lot of golf in the desert, both literally and figuratively. I use my sand wedge exclusively out of the desert, and replace it when it needs to be, usually once a season. Saves my Ping I210's from getting too beat up.
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