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  1. UPDATE: Cobra agreed that the finish on my copper irons was Unsat. They gave me a "one time good deal" I could send them back and get recoated... or get the chrome heads. But absolutely no returns/refund. I took the chrome heads. However they now tell me that they cannot get the swing weight below 6.5. You cant make this up.. But hey I am getting the chrome heads . Hope this helps anyone having the same issues
  2. I am not a +.0.1 such as yourself but a 7 HC. not the best ball striker but pretty solid and yes take a nice divot most of the time.. I understand it is going to wear, no problem, just not after 15 shots. The biggest b**** I have is that cobra does not acknowledge that fact, they send a canned statement and pretty much that's it. Plus I specifically asked about the wear before purchasing them....NO problem's says the rep. Anyway was just throwing the info out there in case it was of value to someone who maybe looking at buying these.
  3. Same thing here. I had 1 range session probably 15 balls or so with the 8 iron. I wrote cobra and they gave me the exact same canned statement. I originally ordered the standard "gray" heads but was told they would not be delivered until July. but I could order copper right now . My one question was" has there been any issues with the wear of the copper" the rep told me "none" Pretty bad customer service in my opinion. Instead of dealing with their issue they send a canned statement and ignore you... Just my 2Cents
  4. 2020 P770 1 up/1 strong 38.5 5 iron. 4-PW 4 rounds ,some range time (cancer sucks) pics tell the story . . will add a BNIP 770 A wedge head for a even. SOLD MP25 3 iron with X100 SS1x =$70 Shafts: HZRDUS Black smoke60/6.0 43.5 - $65 HZRDUS Black 6.0/62g 42 7/8 $65 HZRDUS Black 6.0/85 HY 39 5/8 $ 65 HZRDUS Smoke Green 6.0/70g 44 3/4 w TM adapter $75 Thanks for looking Everything is OBRO Z945 MP25 Shafts
  5. I tried the ER2 in place of a odyssey 1W. It looked great set up well but just did not work for me . I felt like I did not know where the ball was going once I hit it. I am not sure why but that's probably why you need a fitting or at least test a few different configurations. My 2 cents
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