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  1. I have played a TaylorMade Superfast driver since 2011 and I still love it. I have bought a couple of back ups over the years whenever I see one for sale and have made two exact clones of my original. I tried nearly every new driver out there over the years and could never hit any of them as straight or as far as my old SF until I tried G400 a few weeks ago. One thing I noticed about both drivers was a similar shape. Both drivers have a somewhat triangular shape that must allow the weight to be far back from the face. Could it be the Superfast was a fluke design that just happened to ha
  2. Wow! That is awesome information thank you so much!
  3. To get to 9.5 degrees of loft on a driver does it make any difference performance wise if you get there by adjusting a 8.5 degree driver up or a 10.5 degree driver down?
  4. I putted for years with a Bulls Eye putter and I made tons of putts with that thing. So just for grins I just weighed it and it's a C9 so I guess D2 is not that crazy especially for tour speed greens.
  5. Did anyone see the golf channel piece on Tiger's putter with Scotty Cameron? He stated in that interview that Tiger liked the SW of his putter to be D2. My stock 35" Versa 7 is H+. Does a D2 SW sound crazy lite for a putter or am I missing something?
  6. I recently tried an experiment with an old Taylormade Rescue 22 degree I had laying around. Years ago I replaced the stock stock shaft in this club with a 90g V2 xstiff hybrid shaft to try to keep it from going left but to no avail so I eventually shelved it. Recently, I've been reading some articles about installing steel shafts in hybrids to match the iron shaft type and length. I had a 4-iron laying around with a DG X100 shaft in it so I decided to try it in my old Rescue 22. I cut it to a standard 4-iron length and I added a little weight to the head to get it up to a D4 which is what
  7. I have been playing Adams irons for a long time, first the CB1's and then a set of CB2's. I love these irons but have about worn them out and I can't find another "new" set. So, it's time to move on. Any suggestions for a similar forged iron to replace them with? Black finish if possible?
  8. Never mind! I figured out what I was doing wrong and cannot not figure out how to delete this post
  9. I have a Golf Smith Balance Beam swing weight scale (their cheapest model) that Ive used for about 5 years. Just today I read about the online swing weight calculator at leaderboard.com, so out of curiosity I entered the required specs for three different drivers into their calculator and they all calculated 3 SW's lighter than the readings I'm getting on my scale. From what I have read on this forum it sounds like everyone else is getting similar readings. FYI, I measured all the clubs on my scale with the grips installed, is this the correct way to do it? I'm either doing something wrong
  10. Great! Thank you! I have another question. I prefer a D5 swing weight driver at 44.5"- 45" max. However, to achieve that swing weight in my last driver (Jetspeed) it had to be 46.50" long with a 70g shaft and a little lead tape. That set-up was a total disaster as I could not begin to find a fairway. I would like to make a shorter driver (44.5") that is at least D4. However, the newer heads all seem to be so lite. I did pick up a Slider head to try that weighs 209g and I have the same 70g X Shaft which I like OK to try in it. However, even with this heavier head in order to achiev
  11. Does anyone know what the head weight is for the the new M1 460 drivers? Specify with or without adapter. Thank you.
  12. Ping customer service confirmed that there is no difference in head weights of their mens and ladies iron heads. The difference is in the shaft only.
  13. Thats what I thought, but I will call Ping... Thank you!
  14. My son is ready to transition away from his junior clubs into a regular size club. I was considering a ladies ping iron first before jumping straight into a mens club. He is 12 years old, 5' 1" and 90 lbs. My question is in a Ping iron are the heads a different weight men vs. ladies or is the only difference in the shaft?
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