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  1. First time with the Pro XE. I give it a huge thumbs up. Fast and accurate. Love the red on it, got the jolt when locked on the flag. Optics are fantastic, nothing better out there. Case was easy to get in and out of, however wish it was like the one I had on my Tour x. Still I give it an A+, looking forward to the next round.
  2. Just used the Z80 for the first time yesterday. I have to say that I loved it, maybe 30 seconds to a minute to turn it on and have it download the course. I had no issues at all using it, all functions were very easy and took no time at all. In fact I would use it to range and put it back in the case, when ready to use it again it was ready no delay at all. I loved it and am very glad I bought this, well worth the money spent. A+ for me. When started round battery was at 85%, upon finishing round it was at 68%. Awesome
  3. Thanks. Anybody else have any opinions or data? Thanks
  4. 2019 TP5x vs. 2019 PROV1x... Anybody who has tried the two in a comparison, please give any details from driver to putter??? Or just any information would be great. Thanks
  5. 2019 TP5x vs. 2019 PROV1x... Can someone who has tried to 2 in a comparison give me any details from driver to putter??? Thanks
  6. Could you please and thanks help me out, I have hit neither and right now play the 2015 PROV1X, I have like one box of them left. I am wondering how similar or different these two subjects are, with higher swing speeds which one performs better. Thanks for your help, trying to get a good head start on selecting my new ball
  7. Has anyone put C-Tapers in their wedges? What was the results? Good, Bad, and any other info would be great. I play the C-Tapers x flex in my irons and was just wondering if I should throw them in my wedges. Thanks
  8. So the C-Taper X would be higher launch and lower spin? Is that not a better option? I have not hit the c-tapers before, I have the DG X100 tour issue shafts now. Just wondering what the C-tapers will bring. Thanks for all of the responses
  9. Is it more accurate? Quicker? Anything else that you find better or worse than the 4i2? Thanks
  10. If you get get any golfball for free which one would be the one you play?
  11. What is a ideal spin rate for a 6 iron? Thanks
  12. What is a 6 iron ball speed: below average? average? above average? thanks
  13. [quote name='LONG&STR8 ' timestamp='1371926233' post='7303480'] Depends on how sensitive you are to swing weight. 2 points isn't much but it could be the difference between a comfortable feel for you and something that you notice and don't like. On one hand it could slow your SS down but on the other hand it could bring your tempo down to a better (for you) swing overall. [/quote] Good point, thanks
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