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  1. We were supposed to leave for Pinehurst tonight. Made the tough call yesterday to cancel/postpone. Just got to the point where who knows what is going to happen. All bars and restaurants in NC just closed. all but 1 of us were set to drive, but with so much unknown it wasn't worth it to get there and have to turn around and come home.
  2. sounds like everyone going to Pinehurst is all systems go, which is positive. Hopefully we don't get there and everything closes after! Where are you guys playing?
  3. Pine needles, mid pines and T-road. Hoping to play a pinehurst course On Thursday or Friday
  4. Where are you guys playing? We are scheduled to be there next weekend.
  5. We have a trip scheduled to Pinehurst for next weekend and with everything going on the last few days, wondering if anyone is canceling their trips? Our group talked about it and aren’t sure what to do haven't seen anything about courses being closed or restrictions
  6. Yeah, sorry for not clarifying. Meant Pinehurst Resort courses
  7. Outside of #2 and #4, what Pinehurst course is a must play?
  8. I booked Talamore to replace Long Leaf.. hopefully a good idea.
  9. I will be there the week before. We have those courses booked as well along with some others. Hoping to get a round in at Pinehurst, we will see.
  10. Thanks for the info. Only reason we have Long Leaf booked is they were the only course with a morning tee time on Friday (Seem to know why now)
  11. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Seems that Dormie is private now, and we didn't go with a travel group and booked all our tee times individually. It's also incredibly hard to get decent times in the morning. Playing most of the courses in the afternoons, which is fine, but places like Southern Pines didn't have available times in the morning and we had already booked the "must plays" (Pine Needles, Mid Pines, Tobacco Rd., etc. ) Long Leaf had Saturday AM times available, so it played the deciding factor. We just couldn't justify the outrageous price of staying on property at Pinehurst.
  12. Good Luck! you'll have to report back and let me know what luck you had
  13. We added Long Leaf too. Anyone play here?
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