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  1. If I had a dime for every time one of my buddies referred to themselves as "Sally" after leaving a putt short, I would be able to start my own clothing brand for JT. That said, I really hope Titleist does not drop JT, I'm holding onto hope. All we can do is try and be better the next time and learn to forgive instead of creating a space where the goal is to add more gasoline. If that is truly who JT is then he will expose himself again. We see only parts of these guys lives on TV, it does not mean it's who they are at the core even if we want to try and make it so.
  2. If you happen to have any sort of equipment or apparel deal, I feel you now may be in danger of losing it.
  3. 1. City and State? Long Beach, CA 2. Handicap? 3.8 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? YES 4. Current Iron setup? Srixon Z785 4-P 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? EVERYTHING!!! I find Srixon irons hard to beat since the Z745s. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes 100%
  4. There will be a drastic change in sound and feel going to the Max from the LST as well as the look, the Max will look much bigger. It will be more forgiving and launch should be close in the 9* Max and 10* LST, but spin rates could be different but a few hundred RPM depending on a lot of things. Both are great heads, and if you can dial the Max in and get past some of the differences it is a real weapon.
  5. I love Srixon. Just wish they'd stop building their 3w with closed faces... LOL Top notch gear though, I like to see them making moves to get some more tour presence.
  6. Took my TSi2 out last night for a quick 9. I installed a VS Proto 60x that I had laying around and I have to say, I don't know what happened but it completely woke this driver up for me. I hit some absolute bombs with this combo, to places I have never hit it on this course before. I know people say that all the time but it's all I could think of when I got up to my ball. My buddy was commenting on how long this driver is, and it's not even close to others I have been gaming. I was hitting fairways as well, which was really nice because with the distance I was getting it was much easier t
  7. I think it's the Elliot Modern.... but I am not up on all the Seamus names to be honest! EDIT* It is the Angus Muted
  8. It is the Cordura. I dont think it waxed canvas but it does have that canvas texture...
  9. Dont think they come in yellow but the Snell is the best ball out there IMO.
  10. Couple odds and ends here Seamus driver cover $50 shipped Seamus fw cover $45 shipped Stitch skull hybrid cover $30 shipped SOLD Take both Seamus for $75 shipped Srixon h85 22*, Tensei CK blue 80x, nice shape, plays to 39.5" asking $80 shipped Adams red 20*, Fujikura Speeder 904hb stiff, also plays around 39.5", nice shape, $60 shipped
  11. If you are hitting the G400 well, OP, I would not change. I got to hit the 425 LST yesterday and I played the 410 LST for a bit. Same shaft, Tour 65.... I found the 425 spin to be a little lower than the 410 LST, they sounded almost identical, and I got more ball speed from the 410 AND the 400. I think the 425 looks the best overall, mostly because of the sole, but performance wise, I dont think you will gain much. Ping makes a solid product, steady... you know what you're gonna get.
  12. I get this in theory, but there are a lot things about clubs that people are put off by and can't get past. A lot of times it's looks.... why should sound be any different? Ping lost a lot of people with the turbulators, some prefer a clean crown and I can understand that for those who feel that way. $500, why settle if there's something off-putting about it? There are so many good options out there, if Ping could dial in the sound it would be to their own benefit big time.
  13. Hit the 425 LST 9* with the Tour 65 stiff today. It reminded me exactly of the 410 LST, in almost every way. I was expecting big things from this one, but I expect to see 410s start flying off the shelves even more now, or whatever is left. Its a nice looking club, no doubt but I dont think there was anything there to make me want to switch if I had a 410 LST.
  14. That I would have to see to believe. I am in no way saying the head can't be a top contender for 2021, but for who exactly? The player who swings 114 and never misses the center of the face? Or the once a week player who is lucky to get a range session in between rounds? I DO think these are Titleist's best effort in a LONG time, no doubt. The faces are fast, I can see it in the distance I am getting in my TSi2, even without the shaft and settings I was fit for. That said, I can only give my input on the OP subject based on my personal experience and from what I have read peo
  15. Never know, you may end up hitting the TSi3 better than the Max. There are subtle differences to every club that can make it or break it for us. I was fit into the TSi2 while gaming the Max and on the course, the Titleist is longer, but even though it's the "2", I still find it to be less forgiving than the Max causing me to miss more fairways. I hope it works out, I got faster ball speed with the TSi3 but couldn't control it as well as the TSi2. I will say, I think you'll be VERY happy with the good ones!
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