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    Sim 2 Guys

    I play mine with the RDX blue also, 6.0. I added a 20g weight instead of the 16 it came with as the RDX Blue is a CB shaft. This driver is a monster when I am swinging well. It was so good a buddy of mine tried it out, then went out and got the same setup, minus the 20g weight. Still hits it fine but the extra few grams did give it a little more feel down by the head for me.
  2. I can understand you OP. Speaking from a right handed perspective, I can see why you lefties would feel the way you do. You want to give your money to a company you have had great experience with and trust and they make it difficult. While I can sort of understand why they do it, I can also totally support why lefties want to be heard, I do not think it's too much to ask honestly and anyone who is right handed and has something to say.. check yourself. LOL We are quite fortunate!!! Though, your used lefty stuff does come at much better prices!
  3. I have never been fit for a putter before so I can't speak as an expert but I do not see anywhere on the data where it states anything about weight. I would think that this is a huge piece of the puzzle. IDK, if this particular putter could be a game changer, I might spring for it. It's one of those clubs that will/could last a lifetime and unless he steps in sh*t buying something else, it's likely to be a failed experiment. I am a believer in total weight and swing weight being pretty crucial, especially with putters. I would have him check with the fitter on any of that info before going another route at the very least. Unless I am missing something.
  4. Wow, HUGE loss. So very sorry to hear this. RIP.
  5. Not adjustable, but don't overlook the Srixon F85 or ZX line. They do sit a touch closed but are about as easy as a Ping FW off the deck and do have a draw bias to them. Reshafted my F85 with a heavier 70g Riptide and it is really making a push to get back in the bag. I have to lay it open a touch though as I do not want the draw. Looks and feels great though, very under the radar FWW.
  6. I'm in the minority here... 714 were my least favorite. They are the best looking, but I just couldn't play them... sure it's me, but every time I put the 710 in my hands I could play them. Had success with the 716 as well. Moral is, if you hit them well, and think they are GOAT status, DO NOT change! LOL
  7. Thanks my dude! I'm not a Callaway player really but after demoing the Mavrik in store a while back, I saw faster ball speeds compared to anything else I had been playing before it. Bit the bullet in hopes it would transfer to the course and did it ever. I also find it to be forgiving having hit 14 fairways in one round, which for me is completely unheard of. Long story short, I moved it to a buddy after finding some magic with the SIM2, but that honeymoon period is waning, so I recently picked up another Mavrik head... here goes round 2 with it. I may just take your advice, we'll see how it is tomorrow outside but there may be no sense in swapping it out again only to find I am chasing ghosts. I enjoy the feel and sound of the Mavrik immensely and it's 95% pleasing to my eye. Hit em straight, bud!
  8. Dave, does the Max LS sound like the Mavrik? I just went back to the 10.5 standard Mavrik head lofted down as I found it to be one of the best fairway finders I have ever played. Bonus is the sound/feel of it... I have an 0211 on the way as I am searching for forgiveness with superior sound and feel, maybe I need to add the Max LS to the list, I just heard the newer line didn't sound as nice as the Mavrik.
  9. I still see a lot of Pro SL out there... I love my Premieres but the I would guess the SL if I had to.
  10. Yes, I have been thinking about this all day actually..LOL
  11. Hit the 0311T Gen 3 today and wow, they felt incredibly good. But I think the P may be the way to go, just a little more help would be nice. Great looking and feeling clubs though!!
  12. I had the 714 AP1 as well, I thought they were really nice clubs... Almost like a little bit chunkier i210. I remember the short irons looking pretty nice for a GI set with the longer irons showing a little more offset. Ultimately, I didn't hit them any better than the AP2s I had before them and went back but the AP1 were really good sticks.
  13. Better than Z cords!! Great seller here, sweet set of irons, too!
  14. Man that Spider is mint!! GLWS brother!
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