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  1. Durability. I LOVE the BS balls, but man, I had a scuff on mine today after hitting 6i off the first tee then 9i into the green. Thats all it took for it to leave a mark. The latest PV1x are surprisingly durable, I have gotten 2 rounds out of one with barely a mark... The BXS feels a little softer to me and driver distance is about the same from what I have seen. Both are great... I love the BXS feel but hate the durability.
  2. Really wanted to make this one work but it's not for me. Ventus Velocore 6s, G410 tip, plays 45.25" in the G410. If you want the adapter pulled I can do it safely, low heat, as I have a puller. SOLD!!
  3. I play the Icons, and have demoed the Wilsons. Admittedly, I really liked the Wilsons and almost bought them, but the price difference swayed me towards the Hogans. Before them I played the Z745s. A forgiving players CB so I was a little worried about the size reduction of the Hogans. It has been a non issue in any club, besides maybe the 4i, that one can be a little more demanding... not gonna lie. The rest of the set has been so much better than I had ever thought they could be and way more forgiving than I had expected. One advantage I think the Hogans have is the black finish, anothe
  4. Looking for an M2, 9.5* with cover ideally.... would prefer a clean crown, but sole doesnt have to be perfect... will consider '16 or '17. TIA.
  5. Pretty sure I am about to go from a 3 wedge set up (below PW) to a 2 wedge set up again, so I will be carrying 13... hoping this might help with tangle. Minuses to both bags but I think I would rather have tangle than have the bag break down. The 3.5 cost almost as much as the Hoofer so considerably less than the HL... I can deal with minor imperfections...
  6. Looking for a stiff Tour 65 driver shaft that plays stock length or no shorter than 44.75" with a G410 tip. Will consider with the 400 tip as well... LMK!
  7. Thats a real bummer if the seam is coming apart... it's the one thing that keeps me away from the SM bags. I carried my Z85 tonight for 9 and it was really good, but I think shedding a little weight with the HL might be just right. Looking forward to getting it out, I have zero worries about the quality whereas I would definitely with the SM.
  8. So, I pulled the trigger, on the Hoofer Lite. I really like the Hoofer, but I'm thinking it is more bag than I need. I don't carry much so the Hoofer Lite might be more suited to my life and game and I did prefer the colorways of the Lite. My ONLY concern is the club tangle, will report back for sure.
  9. It fell over with the legs out? Honestly, I wouldn't expect it to stay upright without the legs out, it's just not one of those bags IMO. I just looked at the Hoofer Lite again and it seems to have been redesigned from the previous model I had so I am now considering taking the leap since I like some of the colorways better than the Hoofer, but if there is tangle, I think that will really bother me. It was one of the reasons I moved my last one....
  10. I just looked at the Hoofer (no Lites in the store) and the 3.5. I have to say, the 3.5 is obviously much lighter but it feels REALLY flimsy. I realize that may be better for walking but I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the regular Hoofer. Overall construction of the Hoofer is FAR superior, the storage is better, the straps are better and it's only a half pound heavier than the Hoofer Lite. I don't see the Hoofer having tangle issues like the Hoofer Lite did having the bigger top either.... I'm not sure why I'm going to even buy another bag as my Z85 has been really g
  11. Interested in this too.... I have been looking for a lighter weight bag than my Z85 (which I love) to carry instead of put on a push cart. I had a previous generation Hoofer Lite and it was GREAT to carry, very balanced and comfortable, but the pockets were tight and the club tangle really bothered me. I know, I know, "just stand the bag upright and there's no tangle"... that is true but I would have preferred it to just work. Minor complaints but I think the SM may be able to hold the clubs with less tangle. I like Ping's leg mechanism better on the inside of the bag instead of the protru
  12. Seems like it all comes down to luck... I never had issues when emailing with him, but I know people that waited longer times and never got responses... putters are great but doesn't do much good if you can't communicate. Sorry OP!
  13. I would recommend demoing the PTx Pros also... I didn't think they were much more forgiving than the Icons, maybe a little bit and they definitely look chunkier, not so much bigger, but chunkier, with more offset. Really nice looking but I much prefer the look of the Icon. There have been a few of the previous generation PTx Pros popping up on ebay, might also be worth a look.
  14. I dont even think Sneds is playing the J15s anymore, but the 785s. Their irons have always been fantastic players CBs it is a real shame they are backing off. That said, I LOVE the BXS, great ball. EDIT* posted above.. Sneds and Srixon seems like a good fit... wonder if they could get him in the woods...
  15. I really thought this could be a bounceback week for him... I agree, if he can't make the cut here, something HAS to change... I realize this is the PGA tour, but to not make the cut in this field has to burn bad. He looks like he really does not want to be out there.
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