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  1. Just a heads up for a great light weight stand bag, the Vessel Lite is really good. Still feels light all loaded up, plenty of space, VERY minimal club tangle if any at all and looks great. Not to be overlooked!!! I am constantly surprised at the love for the Hoofer Lite here, I have tried it on multiple occasions and every time I am reminded of why I got rid of the last one. And at 5 lbs, I wouldn't say it's in the light weight category. Quality builds for sure though.
  2. It's fine, you can't really be a true WRX'er until you play blades. It's in the fine print.
  3. I currently have a bag full of Titleist, but that will for sure change. I go from wanting to play all one OEM to mixing it up. Either way, I score about the same so it really doesn't make a difference. I have a full Ping bag as well, and it kind of just worked out this way as for all the hoing I have done, it's just kind of where I wound up. I do have a Ping Hoofer and a Moonlite, but I am always sure to have a bag or two that doesnt have OEM branding on it so I have a Jones and a Vessel for those non Ping days...LOL It's a game, have fun, play what you want and F anyone for
  4. Yes, second strap snaps on and off, very cool design honestly. For a simple bag, it seems like a lot of thought went into it. I gave the Titleist a thought but I wound up getting the Moonlite in a trade here so I wasn't picky. The 4 way top on the Moonlite is surprisingly accommodating, though I only carry 13. The only gripe I would have about this bag is the lack of the spine up top but overall, it can do everything I need. Really cool little carry.
  5. I think so, but I will go take a look at it to be sure....
  6. Does the right arm strap on yours stick up for easy pick up off the ground? I think it's supposed to, but mine kind of sits flat. No matter, it wasn't that big of a deal really, I can use the occasional stretch out there! It's funny, I had a Hoofer Lite, too. But the tangle was awful. The regular Hoofer is only a half pound heavier and has a ton more room. The Moonlite is a much better option than the HL to me.
  7. Typically, I love having the grab handle, this is the only bag I have not really felt the need. IDK if its the way the lower handle is positioned (which is in a versatile spot IMO) or the strap ring, but I have been able to use that even. I mostly put this on my Clicgear or in a cart when I ride, but I have carried it and it feels light for a 5lb bag. Lots of padding in the straps, too. I think this is their best bag ever, honestly.
  8. Oh man!!! I LOVE this bag!! Have one at the moment but I would love to pick up another.... if I didn't just buy a Vessel... So glad they brought this one back!!
  9. Last month in back to back weeks I had 6 birdies followed by 5 the next week. Shot 74/78. Just can't help myself.
  10. FWIW, I just got a Moonlite. I have always liked the idea of carrying but my back isn't as keen. I carried mine yesterday with 13 clubs and I have to say, this was the best carry experience I have had yet. The dual straps make a huge difference coming from single strap carry bags like the Jones. Club tangle is minimal, and everything was easy to get to. It even holds my 36 oz Hydroflask in the drink pocket. It holds just what I need and was a real pleasure.
  11. From that list, its the Titleist or TM easy. The 905r really should be there, though. Such a great stick to this day.
  12. Haha.... I carry 13 clubs... not even as many as tour pros. There was a little tangle and I didn't love that nor did the single strap suit my needs. I was hoping to pick up the double straps from Vessel but they are not available till October. I like the idea of a smaller bag for full time use so I thought I'd give this Sunday bag a try, just personal preference. On top of that, I carry a 36 oz Hydroflask, and it does not fit in the water bottle pocket. It does in the Vessel Lite. The bag is really nice, but I was hoping for the clubs to get a little less tangled.
  13. Thats a great idea as the heads won't sit right without those. Just reshafted my S55 with some $ Taper 125, such a nice feel to these S55, no denying them. Probably the 4th time around for me with a set of these.
  14. Unless hit right out of the middle the TSi2 does sound a little higher pitched to me as well. More muted out of the center, I think it has something to do with the ATI face honestly. Although the TSi3 does sound a little better to me..... I could be wrong!
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