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  1. I have been through a lot of bags in the last year or two, just trying some out and searching for perfect. My findings, there is no perfect bag, but I am enjoying the Hoofer I just got, it may be as close to perfect as I could ask for putting aside the minor club tangle. Lots of pockets, comfortable on my shoulders and looks great. Bout as good as it gets to me.
  2. Sold Moving forward with a hybrid, here's a lightly used Gen 2 DI, 4i, 20.5 degree (1 strong). Its been reshafted with a UST Proforce V2 86s, but will also come with the HZRDUS black 6.0 80g. Stock length from PXG, asking $165 shipped.
  3. Love those Jones bags.... but when I saw the price it was easier to resist..LOL
  4. Yeah, I am torn. I rolled the Heppler Tyne 3 yesterday and really enjoyed that one, too. I'm considering bringing the Sigma back and grabbing the Heppler as it looks like a much easier shaft to swap out, maybe I'll do both... LOL The shape of the Tyne REALLY suits my eye. I'm going to try it on the course this Friday and go from there.
  5. I put in a repair order to have my adjustable shaft replaced with the black non adjustable... BUT...I have been playing around with the putter and am starting to get a feel for it. It almost forces a smooth, in tempo stroke or you feel the shaft. I have experimented with a claw grip with the PP60 grip and it seems to work really well, but it's something completely new to me so it's going to take time, but I can see already how well this putter fits me. Don't love the shaft, but I am for sure keeping this putter, loving the roll and accuracy.
  6. Ordered my Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5 almost 30 days ago. I'm not even a Scotty fan but I was hoping this would be a welcomed change. I have had zero updates other than order confirmation and I am growing tired. In my mind, it's already for sale.
  7. Looking for some Modus 125 stiff or Steelfiber 110 stiff shaft pulls, standard or longer, 4-P, nothing less. TIA!
  8. Those look awesome man!!! GLWS One of the greats around here, guys, buy with confidence!
  9. I'd bring it to a reputable Titleist rep and see what they are willing to do. Titleist MIGHT replace it with something newer. Honestly, having played the 917, the TS2 and the TSi2 fww, the 917 is every bit as good, better IMO, but thats just me. But getting a replacement is always nice. I just didn't see enough difference to move on from the 917 and I think it sounds and feels much better.
  10. Would consider trades for irons with graphite shafts in stiff, Steefibers, Recoils.... Players CB preferred, I can add some cash. Up for grabs, some cool stuff I am moving on from. Only trades I might consider are a set of steel fiber 110 stiff shafts at .355 tip, maybe UST Recoils... might want to try some graphite iron shafts... 4-P please. On to the stuff. Ping G425 19* hybrid, very little use, can barely tell its been hit, Rogue black TS 95 shaft, comes with headcover, standard length from Ping... this thing is awesome, but its too long for my gaps unfortunatel
  11. I like 45", but I have been playing a G410 at 44.5 and actually think it may be a better length for me as far as accuracy goes. No loss of distance maybe even gained a little as I'm hitting the center more. At 105 you're still borderline X shafts, not all, but many will still work for you so it could be worth butt trimming what you have and trying it out. If not, feel free to pm me, I may have something you could use.
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