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  1. I have been pleasantly surprised as to how nice the Premieres have been. You know how you have worn shoes you like and deal with a little bit of pain (maybe its only me...)? I expected the Premieres to be just that but they are not. I find them to be better on hotter days than the CC as I don't find the CC to breathe as well, so I mostly wear them on wet and colder rounds. I really wanted to like the MG4+, I like the idea of sneaker shoes, but they are very hit and miss for me, the CC being one of the only ones I could stand besides the Pro SL. The toe box of the Premiere is far better than most IMO, especially after a couple rounds, they turn into a really comfortable shoe. The CC have pretty much stayed the same right out of the box, not a bad thing, they are pretty good right away.. but the style of the Premiere combined with its surprisingly good comfort puts it at the top of my list right now. Which makes me happy considering the cost.
  2. Don't know if the newest ones were updated but I bought a pair of MG4+ here after my buddy was raving about them and I HATED them. I have never had so much foot pain from walking before from any shoe. I thought the toe box was way too narrow and I don't have wide feet. My foot was also wanting to slide forward creating some pretty awful pain on the tips of my big toes. I left after 15 holes and drove home in my socks. I have the OG CodeChaos and find them to be MILES more comfortable and feel nothing after walking 18 in them. My FJ premieres are far better as well... I really wanted to like the MG4+ as I love the insoles but find them to be way too narrow, Gallivanters, too. Unless I am really off on size (10.5 in the CC and G4) or the newer version has been made to fit a wider in the toe box, I can't ever see trying G4 again.
  3. Nixhex524

    Sim 2 Guys

    The RDX blue is such a great shaft, flies under the radar for sure. Have one in my 10.5 SIM2 and I have not found a driver to be longer than this combo yet. FWIW, I have tried the Ventus blue Velo multiple times and still much prefer the RDX.
  4. How long is your driver playing? If it's longer than 45", maybe you want to find a way to go shorter. You won't lose distance really and may find it MUCH easier to control.
  5. Nixhex524

    0311T Gen2

    I just got the Gen 3 0311T after hitting the Gen 2 in the store. They wanted $599 for the 5-P set of Gen 2 and after hitting them, honestly, I would have bought them if there was a 4i with the set. They felt great, seemed forgiving and looked really nice. I would have had no issues with them. But I did read up a little bit on the Gen 3 since the price had dropped and they seem like an improvement on paper. I sprung the few extra hundred and went Gen 3 but I have not been able to get them out yet for a real trial. So far though, there isn't anything I don't like about them. Bottom line (sorry for the ramble), if you can get the Gen 2 at a good price and they are your specs, I think they are a good buy.
  6. I was playing to a 3 when I had some Titleist 714 mb with X100 in the bag. Probably no reason to be playing them but my cap has only gone up since I moved them in favor or multiple player cb irons with stiff shafts as I swing 6i around 88. No reason to keep having these debates, play what you like. If you play blades as a 12 and your scores significantly suffer, I am sure they won't last long. But they may surprise you.
  7. I get it! If I didn't just get a Mizuno STZ I'd probably go Proto.. lol. I have a regular Sim2 and its been really good. Setting the bar!
  8. It cracked where the carbon met the metal on top. It wasn't terrible but definitely cracked. They did replace it, and quickly. But with an 0211, I should have chosen the proto, and I just didn't love it so I traded it in locally. Really liked the xf.
  9. Jones Utility Rover, navy herringbone. I give up on trying to be a cool guy. My back can't take even this little guy. Yes I know, its pathetic, but I'm not trying to impress anyone. Im a pushcart guy. There, I said it. Take this bag. Been used twice, perfect condition with only minor scraping on the plastic base from a range trip or two. Looking for $160 shipped, east of the Mississippi add $10 for shipping. OR... Open to trades for other stand bags, putters, 3 woods, driver shafts.... whatever, just let me know. Gotta go ice the back.... *** Just a disclaimer.... I tested positive this morning so I will probably wait on shipping this out. I know a few of your are interested but I want to be safe and respectful so any interest, please keep in touch with me for a couple days if that's ok. ***
  10. Not yet, really... I had hoped to put them through the motions today at the range but after 15 wedges and then 5 pw shots, my back went out and I had to leave the bucket there. Was supposed to play tomorrow so if I can magically pull it together, I will get an idea of how they are in the real world. But I will report back for sure once I get them out. I will say, the 5 pw shots I did hit were all out of the toe, like I may need a flatter lie angle, IDK, but the ball still flew about 120 which for me is just short of a normal flushed PW. That's about all I can speak to ATM....
  11. Reed is ONLY playing the driver, while other staffers are not. My guess is it just comes down to the money and the big stick can be make or break for some so if they aren't getting a good chunk of change to play it, they will play what gives them the best chance to showcase their other clubs on Saturday and Sunday is my guess. Reed can play anything he wants at this point, but he's playing a PXG because of the money. That's not to say that the woods aren't good, they are great and we can not judge gear based on what the pros play, it's just not going to translate to us mere mortals. My 0811xf was a great driver, like a Ping but sounded and felt better. Until it cracked and I could not get another. I do miss that thing.
  12. They have that satin Ping look but are much more appealing to the eye than the i210 IMO. They are slightly larger than the S55 with less offset showing and with the back edge of the top line beveled, the entire top line looks sharper. The sole of the 0311 is also more narrow than the i210....
  13. These are the Gen 3 Ts ... They actually look larger next to the ball than what the pics show honestly.
  14. Got my Gen 3 0311T a few days ago, absolutely beautiful. Comments on these being a modern day S55 are spot on. Feel, sound, and a slightly larger look, but less offset. Haven't had them on the course yet but am hoping to this week.
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