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  1. Very cool. I'd have to see these in person, and I like to see that Mizuno is making better looking PW now, but I bet these are close to the i210 in size? The P7mc is pretty small at address, not in a bad way, just something to consider when looking at the two side by side.
  2. I have the S55, played them up until a couple months ago when I got the 745s, and now T100. The S55 are the smallest of them all, but surprisingly forgiving for what they are. That said, Srixon will win on feel IMO having also demoed the 912T, and looks. They do have a little larger profile overall, so I would suggest looking at something like the T100 honestly if the S55 are something you like to see. More playerish of a look from above but pack lots of forgiveness. They just may not feel quite as soft as the ZX7, maybe closer to what the S55 have to offer with more help. For clarity, I have the 2019 T100. I have demoed the 2021 T100 and T100s, they are beautiful and feel a little better than the 2019 version.
  3. I was playing the OG Sim Max 9* for a minute... I liked it, but didn't love it. It produced some long drives for sure but I felt control was an issue... Traded a 410 LST head for a SIM2 10.5 on a whim and figured I wouldn't even use it. Then I tried it and man, am I glad I did. This thing has changed my game off the tee lately.... It may not be as long as the OG Sim, but I find it MUCH easier to control and even my misses are not that far off, still leaving me a decent second shot. The 2 looks way better, and feels more forgiving all over the face to me. Very happy with the Sim2.
  4. Ever since I got rid of my 425 max 3w, I am struggling to find something else I like... Looking for a 410 3w, head only or with shaft, or maybe an older model as well... must be in great condition. LMK what you have, thanks!
  5. Man I wanted these irons so badly. I went for an indoor fitting at Roger Dunn and was hitting these so well, 7i only I should say. KBS Tour 120, just killing the center of the green, hunting down the pin... When I got a set outdoors finally, I was disappointed as well. It really could have been the shaft but I just wasn't getting great distance, and they were a lot less forgiving than I had hoped for. I was only hitting the PW as far as my 52* Vokey, and this is after I had loft and lie verified. They look fantastic, but I couldn't keep them based on performance and feel. Went to some Z745s and now some 2019 T100. Both are far better for me in every way, neither have the KBS Tour 120 FWIW.
  6. I look at this as a guide, like the Mizuno shaft optimizer. It may not be spot on for everyone, but it could be used as a starting point. Best way to know what's true is for the player alone to go hit the clubs. That's the only true data IMO.
  7. If you have this shaft and head just waiting to go, why not try it out for yourself and see how it is? The Red Velo seems to get a lot of love, but that doesn't mean you will love it... only one way to find out!!!
  8. Gonna be tough to top stuff from 3 years ago... the tech isn't all that much better, maybe fractions. So hard to say if anything in the last 3 years will be cult status, but looking like maybe the Sim or the TSi3... both getting a lot of play. For us mortals, I personally think the Sim2 is one of the better drivers out there right now, I much prefer it over the Sim Max from the previous generation. Both good, but the 2 is the best driver I have played in a while for dispersion, distance, feel, and forgiveness. TSi2 was very good, and have yet to try the TSi3 but it will happen eventually!
  9. Loving my Sim2 so this can go. 9* head, Fujikura Ventus blue 6s, NON Velocore, plays to 45" and has extra 19g weight. No stock cover, but have a generic cover for it. SOLD!!!!
  10. Years ago I bought some 745s, I loved the way they looked. When I played them, they were even better. This had to be 6 years ago, when this all started. Fast forward to now, and again I have a set of 745s after 3+ stints with the 785s as well. I have tried the Hogans (also very good) as well as many other irons with sole relief, but I keep coming back to Srixon. Testing some T100 right now but my 745s are just waiting in the backup bag. Going to see if I can NOT sell this set this time.
  11. Looking to experiment with a more helpful iron instead of a hybrid. Head only is fine, modus 105s would be ideal. TIA!
  12. Got the 60x with my Mavrik and found it to be VEY stable, reliable and long. I moved on from the Mav head but kept the shaft in case I want to try it in something else. I will say, I feel like it may play softer than its labeled flex. Had the 70x in a 3w, too and it seemed to be a good fit as well. I am currently playing the RDX blue in the driver in a 60g 6.0 flex and it feel a lot like the Rogue White IMO at 60x.
  13. Can you post a pic? I may have these. If so, mine have held up well, they are really comfortable, just a bit heavy.
  14. Not the case for the P770s... I was told December, earliest. But it depends on what you want or what you're fit into as far as shafts as well. The 770s were not as helpful as I thought they would be, I think the Srixon ZX5 would be a better option for help and availability. Having played the 7 series quite a bit, I find them very forgiving so I can imagine the 5s being all that much more helpful.
  15. It's tough to say obviously what you would like but I really wanted one bad, but after looking at it, I just couldn't drop $350 on it. I actually walked out with a Vessel Lite instead.
  16. I seriously looked at the Linksmaster in the store as I wanted one since they came out. Getting to see it in person before buying was just what I needed. Nice bag, but the pockets were very tight and the large garment pocket was not very big. The bag was heavy for what it looks like, too. I realized it is a glorified Jones Utility which is what I was already using. Looks really nice but the Linksmaster is a novelty bag to me, which is fine for most people, and having owned a SM 3.5, it's nowhere near as roomy or light. Will probably hold up longer, but that's only if you can sacrifice elsewhere. I love the material but I'd actually recommend the Jones for actual functionality out of a smaller, classic looking stand bag. I'm in agreement with how good the Linksmaster looks but I will continue to admire other's when I see them.
  17. Without having taken lessons on how to perfect that shot, I would say lowest bounce possible and loft. It may also take a different type of swing approach so you don't launch it to the other side of the green, but on packed bunkers, I dont find a wider sole/higher bounce wedge as forgiving. I like my 58/8 for all different types of lies, but we all have our own preferences... I used to carry a 60/4L grind but it seemed like a one trick pony and I don't want to carry any clubs out of fear that I "might" need it. Wedges come cheap and if you're in the desert, why not just experiment with a couple different grinds to see what works best for you?
  18. Sure. No harm in asking though either. People miss stuff all the time around here... Instead of jumping down someone's throat cuz they miss, or in this case, can't see the detail, why not just answer like the OP eventually did. How many people are going to go to the manufacturers website to verify what these "might" be? I just don't see the big deal in asking for clarifying details... is it really too much? There's a reason people type out any and all specs in the ad, just to avoid confusion. No big deal either way, it just helps avoid all THIS when it's done clear and concise on the front end. I mean, as it is, we are taking his word that these are in fact what he's saying they are. I see a box, some clubs in it, some DG120 shafts and a sticker. There's not a face shot, a cavity shot, nothing that would prove these are what they are said to actually be.... unless there is more than the 3 pics that I see??? I thought as part of the rules, clubs had to be clearly identified in "for sale" ads. Maybe the box sticker is enough in this case? Sorry to clog up the thread OP, was just looking for some info, obviously I reacted too fast out of excitement. GLWS.
  19. My bad, missed that. Buddy is looking for a set... only gonna help you more to list ALL specs in the OP. Thanks for the follow up. GLWS.
  20. Its not adjustable but the sim max (not sim2) is pretty low profile. Id say even more so than the Pings.
  21. OP, you may want to look at the new T100 then, they looking blades but have the CB forgiveness...
  22. ZX5. They look plenty playerish, but offer lots of help. Maybe even a ZX5/7 combo set.
  23. I am sure now that she has spoken up there will be absolutely no heckling of any kind what so ever....
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