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  1. Rock on, rizz. I must admit, this driver is a little ridiculous...swinging it is akin to trying to hold a rattlesnake, chuckle. In short, I am quite tired of having woods and long irons into the greens all the time...I'd rather be attacking with something like 6-iron or below...better yet a wedge, nah'mean? So, I've committed to core training for the next few months while my arm surgeries heal up: I'll need much better balance to wrangle this thing. However, early tests show this combo can be worked in both directions and is stupid-long for me. Can't hardly wait. Anyway, cheers and happy ti
  2. Thanks rizz. I ended up just pulling the trigger on the Mellow Yellow 420, namely because I liked the looks and specs, notably the much flatter lie angle and sub-200G weight. I am so glad I went with this. I built it long (just under 47") and this head is really a performer. Excellent sound and feel, the distance is fantastic (without the benefit of a launch monitor, I can tell you that my ball flight and spin rate are better than they ever have been before). Of course also, hats off to the Accuflex Vizion LD50 shaft: this is my first experience with Accuflex and I am beyond pleased.
  3. Hey Landy, I guess I love dredging up old posts. I must say the Vizion 50 in S-flex (even tipped an inch) would work for the swing speeds you described, especially if building a driver to longer than typical lengths. Launches higher than advertised with a powerful flight. Iza vurry nice. And BTW if you can ever locate any old AXE XCaliber shafts, the SLFW would be amazing in the FW. It was a shame they closed up shop, Robyn Arthur is awesome. Cheers.
  4. Reviving an old thread here: the Bang Mellow Yellow 420 is a fantastic head still today in 2020. Just built a semi-long driver (I'm not a long hitter, normal driver swing speed is about 92 mph) using this MY420, which I chose mostly because of the flatter lie angle. Used a Vizion LD50 S-flex tipped an inch, finished and gripped length just under 47", counterweighted. This combination is incredibly long. Of course, I'm still getting used to the extra 2" of playing length I'm not used to, therefore leaving a few flared out to the right, but dispersion is tightening up with experience. I'm big on
  5. If you're going by MPF, for instance, looking at classic blades the Maxfli Australian Blades would probably rate as the easiest to hit. Also if you're into MPF of course Maltby's own current various blades all are a 701+ rating like the MMB-17 or TS1. Also a number of other component manufacturers like Hireko and Alpha carry some serviceable cast blade options that have a low CG like the XV Tour Blade (304 is very soft feeling) or MDC (looks sweet and has modern weight and CG location but is 431 so I imagine not incredibly pleasant feeling - I'm putting some demo clubs together to test a bunch
  6. Bang Golf Tour Tools irons are amazing. The 304 feels phenomenal. They are "semi-forged", meaning cast first then forged for "grain alignment". Dunno, but they are incredibly soft feeling, and the curvy chrome is bedazzling. I chose the Classic I model, which is a replica of the '78 Wilson Staff FG-17. Look elsewhere for forgiveness, of course, but the setup I have with these is a remarkable combination. Great trajectory (note the classic loft structure), turf interaction is a joy. They feel so soft that I would describe them as "juicy". If you're looking for "forged" with some playability,
  7. I'm specifically comparing/contrasting the (1.) Geek Golf No Brainer & (2.) Fail-Safe 3 models vs. the (3.) Bang Mellow Yellow 420 & the (4.) Pink-O-Matic (i.e. Bang-O-Matic) models. Looking to chose one or two of these as fitting clubs, has anybody used them? Results? Do any of these sound atrocious like a Hi-Bore or a Sumo at impact? Any feedback from the Hivemind would be appreciated. Thank you as always in advance to the community for sharing and for growing the game.
  8. Quick tip: -KIDS DON'T TRY THIS and everyone else be super careful: EVERYTHING MENTIONED HERE WILL BE HOT SO PROTECT YOUR HANDS AND YOURSELF (gloves, aprons, etc.), plus BREATHING PROTECTION AND VENTILATION -the melting point of lead is a mere 621.5 degrees -use an old stainless pan you don't mind re-purposing -stove top on high (don't know about electric, I've only tried a gas range) -drop whatever assorted lead weights you have lying around in the pan; they will go from apparently solid to a runny liquid in a very short span of time (less than 7 minutes, approximately) -using some finesse, q
  9. For all of you that took me seriously about expecting a discount: humor must indeed be dying in America, because it's silly to think I was being serious. It's called hyperbole, and it is often used in humorous declarations. Also, for the "pics or it didn't happen": that was a saying of my late friend that I have always loved, and am happy to share! Here ya go! Anyway, I really appreciate everyone's responses: thank you everyone for being honest and forthcoming. Let's keep having fun on this forum instead of promulgating the smothering judgement so often encountered here. Just remember everyo
  10. I know this is an old post (but the subject matter is timeless at this point, yes?), but I just wanted to say, "thank you", because this promo material is amazing to look at! [i'm going to be building a "re-issue" of the FG-17 for myself and this helps immensely].
  11. Hey Tanner25, I'm about to make your day: go to mggolf.com and get yourself a dozen or more of the C4 Tour. It is a 3-piece tour urethane ball that is very long, feels excellent, is durable, and is only $20 plus just $3 shipping. Highly comparable to a ProV1, except you don't mind losing it.
  12. Retailers and golf courses: PAY ATTENTION! There are inked-up golfers out there that should get a discount!
  13. Personally, I feel it is impossible for the typical golfer to forget how much they spent on the golf ball they are using in a round. I've been around plenty of other amateurs that outwardly talk about this fact, like when they switch to an inferior ball when faced with a watery penalty area that is in play on their tee shot. I think we can all agree that Joe Bagodonuts switching from his tour ball (or even a new, 2-piece distance ball) over to a pilfered, limited-flight range ball is a choice that will not benefit him on this next shot. Yet so many think this way, and we are all often there to
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