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  1. Too early to tell, but I am all in on Zach Zaback a stage one winner.
  2. lol the listed price is below cost. It's a frenzy.
  3. After going back and reading I would like to make sure that my comments towards Kingston and Kyle aren't taken negatively. Kyle does great work. If it came across that way at all I apologize.
  4. Thank you! More heads and photos coming soon.
  5. Chris thanks for the help! It has been a pleasure speaking with you. I'll send one over.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. It's CNC. We have done several of prototypes, this one finally came out as desired. While I'll never be a Scotty Cameron or Tyson Lamb. I hope to be on the Kingston level one day. It will be torched, a sight dot will be put on it. Rolling some putts and demoing/testing soon.
  7. Here are the 2 photos that didnt show in original post.
  8. I have been apart of this forum for a while, about 2 years ago I started trying to make my own putter. I did it to simply say I did it. While I am very young, I wanted to have something material to pass down to my kids if I'm one day lucky enough to have them. I have a lot of ups and downs with this project, but if you are persistent and have the drive it can be done. My name is Cody Self and I can finally say that my putter is nearly complete. I would love some feedback, good or bad. The putter is right at 350g, machined from 11L17 Carbon. Thank you for your time.
  9. Did Slighter take care of you on this one?
  10. I almost offered $350. I didnt think I would have a chance... Buyer if you want to ever sell, please contact me.
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