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  1. feel like your elbows are getting closer towards impact -
  2. Yowza ! That's a wake up call ... no caffeine needed .. Image is burnt into my retina . Pretty cool attitude - I like the " don't give a $h!% "approach . Probably a lively character to be with. [ Rodney Dangerfield / caddyshack ] Not sure about the gender of the capris but at that point who gives a hoot
  3. This is the Great American Dream ! - Hard work / good product = financial success . his pricing is in line with what the "traffic will bear" . I've seen a few videos and an interview and came away impressed with his passion & work ethic . His swing model is most likely not for me [ older guy , less flexible , bad knees ] but he's connecting well with younger players Seems to be in an affluent area where $ isn't as much a concern as " FOMO" is
  4. Paul is giddy like a school girl... Sandra gave some good info - use the ground
  5. start from impact - good impact position - would / should be about the same . How you get there that's the issue
  6. the mx200 are forged & feel great - larger than some and pretty forgiving - going to a " players' iron may be $exy but risky business . still have a set of the 200's - great feel but a bit large . the mx series feels a tad softer - I'm using the last iteration of the jpx forged - nice blend of feel & forgiveness No question - get fit! ... the heads are only as good as the shaft that matches your swing .
  7. Excellent news !! Congrats ... get the putter under control and keep going
  8. Great videos ! glk - @ 1:55 there is more secondary tilt - but this is probably just right shoulder going down - good swings do this - my swing didn't ! I guess a few more degrees of shoulder going down feel like a lot if it's not what you're used to . I understand the sequence in video and do try to pressure left before rotate key word is try lol hey Ping - Lopez is a hoot , lots of energy - keeps it simple ... he's going over some good points - big on the post up - & not sliding through impact - all good stuff ... Coming from an all upper body / arms swing all these
  9. Had an interesting range session was trying to focus on target more than ball Tend to get ball bound . Didn't feel smooth at first but I inadvertently changed some "angles" to feel more like throwing ( much discussed ) . Can't throw / swing to target without some tilt... so I added what felt like twice as much secondary tilt but From the Top This seemed to improve several issues I need help with flatten out plane , better path & gave me the "forward " needed to get to target. I had a sense of down & out missing some forward. The question ... Is adding secondary tilt in
  10. > @aswile said: > Do you score better with the shorter swing (and still enjoy the game)? The score, in my mind, is what makes any swing change either worth it or not. I have taken lessons from Monte and Dan...both have given me the "shorten my swing" thought. I haven't "shortened my swing" as much as stopped my arm-overrun. I struggle with continuing to take the club back/up after my shoulders and hips have completed their full motion. This puts my swing at the mercy of timing and EEI to get the face on the ball with any consistency. Stopping my swing where I should (hands between hips
  11. Started this game later in life and realize I'm not getting younger - Been working out a local gym that use's athletic motions not just strength training. a lot of what is done revolves around the core , I also need to work on legs [ bad knees ] - It has definitely helped, Flexibility & core strength are key. I wish all the current info / instruction was available when I started 15 yrs ago ... wasted a lot of time trying to " bump ' Hips etc.. Have taken an honest appraisal of my swing and will continue working on the Glaring issues but understand there is going to be some limita
  12. Redoing a swing ! Make sure you're learning a fundamentally sound swing . Edward hit it on the head... using the lower body is key... very few instructors either know how to teach this or underrate its importance. I have been working on plane & path for 3 years. Was able to create some decent shots and mediocre scores with what I thought was an OK swing . Well it turns out to be an over the top move (upper body)that will not allow any better ball striking no matter what else I do Decided to take some realistic measures and understand that I need to use lower body Correctly. Wh
  13. I was thinking of bagging my set again . Using jpx ez forged - know the 23's feel better !
  14. Got it . Had a slow day in the office ..guess what I did ? Got to go through the video and get a good overview. Transition is complex and I like the way Monte broke it down Now all I have to do is build it up . Nice to have a few ways to find the feel that clicks
  15. Thanks Hawkeye , sounds simple enough .
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