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  1. Ha Ha. You sound like my buddies who gamble in Vegas. Always come home ahead Not sure how those Casinos got built.
  2. That just brought back some good memories for me. I coached/watched my two daughters from Age 4 to 18 in sports of Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball at high levels. I did goal setting with my girls before every season/game since they were 4 years old...it's always been the same 3 goals: Work hard, listen to your coach and have fun. My youngest just signed to play Volleyball post secondary next year....same three goals.
  3. Bloom

    Alberta Courses

    Desert Blume in Medicine Hat opens tomorrow. Range has been open for over a week. I got times for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  4. This is where I'm lost and maybe some one can help me. Thinking lower spinning, lower flying ball may be good for windy conditions PROV1X is Titleist's high spinning ball and high flying ball. TP5X is their low spin, low flight ball.What am I missing in that many people are recommending PROV1X for windy conditions...or recommending both PROV1X and TP5X in the same sentence? What do I have wrong?
  5. I like how on the first swing he goes a little to the right to clear out one big mound. Then notices he didn't get it all so goes back for the second practice swing to clear the mound on the left. :)
  6. I agree with everything you're saying. The employee/professional though is always held to a higher standard and has greater expectations for their behaviour. Yes, spectator should be banned from course, totally out of line. Caddy though should likely face lengthy suspension or loss of employment. Putting your hands on a spectator/client is way above someone telling you to F off.
  7. How many of you here could shove, or hit someone in your line of work and have it be ok because the client told you to F off first? Reed and the caddy were working. They are professionals and held at another level. The spectator was not threatening him, or encroaching on his personal space. The caddy was the first to make physical contact.
  8. Why do some here think that any physical aggression towards the heckler is going to be a positive ending for themselves? Do they not think that once someone escalates it to physical contact that the heckler (or his buddies) won't swing back? Taking a couple of swings at a heckler does not usually solve your problems (ask Ron Artest).
  9. When you're winning and doing things like sshhing the crowd, cupping your ear to crowd reactions, and pretending to mock your own cheating by digging with a shovel...you're basically asking for it from the fans. He's provoking them. If he wants to do those antics when he's playing well, he better be able to take a F you when he's losing. Can't have it both ways. I've watched all but maybe a couple of hours of coverage and these fans are not as bad as some other Ryder cups others have mentioned above. PGA will go soft on the caddy. He pushed, and took a swing at a fan...how can he try ju
  10. Any deals for Canadians? Can't see anything on their Canadian site.
  11. Water bottles Has to be a generic water bottle that was purchased from Wal Mart, Costco, etc with the label ripped off. Add a few drops of red food coloring to it so it has a pinkish tinge to it.
  12. This may be too late, but I find when I make trips like this, I try to do the prime course towards the front of my trip (IE day 2). My nature is, I'd be so excited to play TOC and would constantly be thinking/reading about it (even while in Scotland) until I play it. I like to 'get it over with' (in a good way) so I can enjoy the rest of the trip, instead of spending the first few awesome days waiting for TOC.
  13. > @straightshot7 said: > > @Bebsport678 said: > > I’ve played competitively as an amateur as well and this bugs me too, and I know it shouldn’t but it does anyways. I never say anything or do anything about it but drives me nuts. > > Maybe it should bother you. I'm starting to think the best route may be to politely tell them that you play by the rules and don't really care about their score if they don't. > > I am starting to just tell people that. Sounds inconsiderate and rude. If he shot a good score, by his rules, then it was a good day for hi
  14. > @19hole said: > Canadians should not be excluded from winning any of your promotions. I agree, but I don't think you'll get much support as it seems like you just created an account, and your only contribution to the site is complaining why you don't get free stuff.
  15. > @tw_focus said: > Incredible, can't wait to read this. If you're a TW fan then get onboard, this book is for you. TW has only one reason to write this and it's not for money (this book is a drop in the bucket at best), media (they will hate regardless), or competitors (they already know the story). It's for the fans. TW doing it for the fans, WOW. I disagree. I feel the only reason he is doing this, is to control the narrative. There will be nothing in here that Tiger doesn't want us to know. He always seems to be sensitive to how he's viewed, so he'll put out there what he want
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