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  1. Stu, Mount Si is in a valley. The elevation is only 421 feet above sea level. In comparison TPC Snoqualmie where the seniors play is 3.25 miles away as the crow fly's is at 820 feet at the high point. Our heavy damp air does hurt our distance compared to dry air elsewhere. You would win the long distance award for sure if you came out. One the guys came from 70+ miles away for this event. I hope your back heals up soon! Jimmy B
  2. The Washington Classic Invitational inaugural event was played on October 23 at Mount Si golf course in North Bend, Washington. This event is a brainstorm between Gilles “Goose” Guenette and Jimmy “The Butcher” Bucher, 2 players from the North West Hickory players group. Goose and I had been discussing it since last Spring. We decided to have it after the US Hickory open that took place in September. The Open done and over with we set about getting it organized. A 16-player field with clubs from the 1930s to mid-80s were the loose rules. Steel shafts wood heads. Irons from the above years were good to go. We had a set of mid to late 30s Bobby Jones to a set of Ping. Wilsons seemed to be the Iron of choice for over half the participants. Mount Si golf course from the white tees plays 6092 yards with a slope of 118. Weather was going to be Light showers and breezy. Light drizzle on the first tee turned to a good shower by the 7th hole with raincoats came out. The coats came off by the 12th hole and most were playing in shirts with the temperature in the high 50s. Dan Nelson finished up his round with a nice score of 74 for low net of the event. Jimbo Pfeiffer came home Net 69 for low net. Scores varied depending on player. One noticeable take away when everyone finished up were the smiles and comments on how fun it is to play with these older clubs! A course and general time was agreed upon for the second annual Washington Classic invitational in Memory of Jack Wilson will take place next spring! Jimmy Bucher
  3. Look's like a fun event! To far to drive for the Wisconsin event. There are several in cahoots for a group going out in the PNW in late OCT. Jimmy B
  4. 1. City and State? Seattle,WA 2. Handicap? 10.5 Modern / 14.2 Hickory 3. Current Ball?TP5 Modern E6 Hickory 4. What color e12 Contact do you want to test? Yellow 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes Photography and Golf for me go hand in hand
  5. Tried uploading a couple of rounds:-( still didn't work. I am done with game golf at this point. I have purchased the Garmin tag set and give them a try today. Had to go with Garmin because It didn't make sense to go with something else with all the Garmin stuff I have for golf and other activities Jimmy B
  6. Thank David H i may give it a go today when I play the short 9 with my hickory clubs. I haven't unglued the tags yet... JB
  7. Nothing but canned responses so I will quit using the device. I will let my wife use the live unit if she can get it to work. I am a Garmin geek, more than the golf watches stuff for cycling etc. The info on Garmin. is not quit as good as GG. The tags from garmin are spendy and a bit hard to spend the cash on at this point. Good luck all and have some good rounds! Jimmy B
  8. This SUCKS!!! I don't like screwing with my phone at/ on the course. I have tags on my hickory clubs and can get away with just tagging and looking at the round later. Hickory play= no electronic devices. Bombard them with emails and ask them to bring it back, mine has been sent! I would like to stay loyal to them but if they just don't care about customers I don't need to buy the products. Jimmy B
  9. So here is what I got and it stayed in this state for over 2 hours:-( Same cable as friday's round with no issues. I hope I don't loose Saturdays round, it was good! JB
  10. Thanks David, I will try again tonight. It's not in unassigned rounds. Fridays round uploaded fine, Saturday's failed and haven't tried Sunday's round. JB
  11. I can get in and upload the round, it stops 2/3rds of the way through the upload and when we try to restart the round isn't there. JB
  12. Has anyone else had a problem with uploads? Both my wife and I tried to upload Friday's round(s) and it gets 2/3rds uploaded and stalls out. Thanks, Jimmy B
  13. I will second the Columbia brand shirts. I have several they are good in the summer and good in cold weather with a base layer. and you can roll up the sleeves when needed https://www.columbia.com/p/mens-pfg-bahama-ii-long-sleeve-shirt-FM7048.html?dwvar_FM7048_color=010&pos=20
  14. Welcome to the club! Nothing like swing and playing Tree Branches. I t really surprises folks how well they play. Back around Thanksgiving I scored a set set of Nicoll recorders, They are a bit longer than my Tad Moore reproduction clubs and they go just a touch longer due to length with the same loft. I'm not sure your location? Find a group if there any around and go out with a bunch of like minded folks. NW Hickory players got together today and had an outing at Chambers Bay! Drew players from as far south as Portland, OR and as far North as Bellingham, WA < almost Canada. Here is on of the Nicolls and the Portland group. Enjoy, Jimmy B
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