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  1. Tried uploading a couple of rounds:-( still didn't work. I am done with game golf at this point. I have purchased the Garmin tag set and give them a try today. Had to go with Garmin because It didn't make sense to go with something else with all the Garmin stuff I have for golf and other activities Jimmy B
  2. Thank David H i may give it a go today when I play the short 9 with my hickory clubs. I haven't unglued the tags yet... JB
  3. Nothing but canned responses so I will quit using the device. I will let my wife use the live unit if she can get it to work. I am a Garmin geek, more than the golf watches stuff for cycling etc. The info on Garmin. is not quit as good as GG. The tags from garmin are spendy and a bit hard to spend the cash on at this point. Good luck all and have some good rounds! Jimmy B
  4. This SUCKS!!! I don't like screwing with my phone at/ on the course. I have tags on my hickory clubs and can get away with just tagging and looking at the round later. Hickory play= no electronic devices. Bombard them with emails and ask them to bring it back, mine has been sent! I would like to stay loyal to them but if they just don't care about customers I don't need to buy the products. Jimmy B
  5. So here is what I got and it stayed in this state for over 2 hours:-( Same cable as friday's round with no issues. I hope I don't loose Saturdays round, it was good! JB
  6. Thanks David, I will try again tonight. It's not in unassigned rounds. Fridays round uploaded fine, Saturday's failed and haven't tried Sunday's round. JB
  7. I can get in and upload the round, it stops 2/3rds of the way through the upload and when we try to restart the round isn't there. JB
  8. Has anyone else had a problem with uploads? Both my wife and I tried to upload Friday's round(s) and it gets 2/3rds uploaded and stalls out. Thanks, Jimmy B
  9. I will second the Columbia brand shirts. I have several they are good in the summer and good in cold weather with a base layer. and you can roll up the sleeves when needed https://www.columbia.com/p/mens-pfg-bahama-ii-long-sleeve-shirt-FM7048.html?dwvar_FM7048_color=010&pos=20
  10. Welcome to the club! Nothing like swing and playing Tree Branches. I t really surprises folks how well they play. Back around Thanksgiving I scored a set set of Nicoll recorders, They are a bit longer than my Tad Moore reproduction clubs and they go just a touch longer due to length with the same loft. I'm not sure your location? Find a group if there any around and go out with a bunch of like minded folks. NW Hickory players got together today and had an outing at Chambers Bay! Drew players from as far south as Portland, OR and as far North as Bellingham, WA < almost Canada. Her
  11. Get what is functional for you, forget branding. I personally don't like the branding that is going on, not just in golf. Jones had a sale a while back so I picked up one of their bags and took advantage of the embroidery. I like messing with folks and keep them wondering with the name........... most folks don't get
  12. $900.00 now regular price $1300.00. Still at that price tonight 9:45 west coast time.
  13. As a Garmin geek, yes go with one. Fenix series does well for golf(my everyday watch) and courses are preloaded. As a cyclist also it works well. Check them out. Just checked, if you are a member at Costco and you can get a screaming deal on a Marq https://www.costco.com/garmin-marq-expedition-golf-watch.product.100533144.html?langId=-1&krypto=GNUorwsTgD4uLSt9KQ%2BukZ384NYLfOfiAXP%2BDGwMMw8fsuDD5HaM%2B7iYl5vJOR6VX78duDmXSmx479PaUvUsYgB%2BC%2B%2BbtD272paCiRhIg9o78lzufqYMZPK1FjjbY0vL91dmLt7s%2BJOl5TKq79vLIkA%2BjMUj5OWpBqGzj9T1v9t7%2F5XkyfXOOGbtFbRupdl%2FDjBEceDZiipUb4VAh4MkgvddhPy
  14. To the OP, bummer it was swiped. I have a new Garmin on order and may not be keeping where I have kept my others. I do like having the #s available to me when playing. Playing hickory golf we cant have them, I can go either way. Jimmy B
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