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  1. 8.1 Player’s Actions That Improve Conditions Affecting the Stroke b. Actions That Are Allowed In preparing for or making a stroke, a player may take any of these actions and there is no penalty even if doing so improves the conditions affecting the stroke: (1) Fairly search for his or her ball by taking reasonable actions to find and identify it (see Rule 7.1a). (2) Take reasonable actions to remove loose impediments (see Rule 15.1) and movable obstructions (see Rule 15.2). (3) Take reasonable actions to mark the spot of a ball and to lift and replace the ball under Rules 14.1 and 14.2. (4) Ground the club lightly right in front of or right behind the ball.
  2. Is it possible that @Ferguson has a second account..?
  3. My putter was manufactured in either 1966 or 1967
  4. I'm currently playing Modus 105-S - very happy with it. Could also happily play PX LZ 5.5. Regarding re-shafting and the advice you were given... That line is standard mantra at retail shops - they'd much rather undervalue your clubs at trade-in and then charge you full going rate on the sale so that they can hit you coming and going. I've had plenty of clubs re-shafted. Make sure you get it done by somebody that knows what they are doing. It isn't rocket science but it does require some unique equipment and a proper helping of attention to detail/pride in craftsmanship. If you have no references locally, I highly recommend Chip Usher in Savanah, GA. I have used Chip quite a bit as I don't have anyone local. Awesome quality, fair price, quick turnaround.
  5. I've played both in Stiff - two different sets of irons with each - 7i ss in mid 80s with moderate transition. They are both fine and I could play either but have found a couple options that work better so stuck with neither. Launch/spin the same for all practical purposes with CTL perhaps just a tad higher in both. Modus feel better to me on full swings - nice load/unload and feel like a much heavier shaft at impact. After 3 attempts, I gave up though as they just don't feel right to me on less than full speed shots. CTL work a wee bit better for my swing (i.e., more consistent contact across the full range of use). However, they don't feel as good as the Modus. Less load/unload and the impact sensation feels a little thin/light.
  6. I'm currently on a slow internet connection and the last photo loaded first. Thought I stumbled on to a Mizuno thread - the PW is awful... However, the rest look pretty good.
  7. It's all about the boarding rate anyway. The rest is just fluff for the one-eyed pig [email protected] to have something to do when they aren't flying. And btw, only a flight time wh0re passes up a perfectly good wire that is in battery...
  8. I think Dickens may have had marital issues...
  9. So you're saying you've never seen 'The Big Lebowski'..?
  10. Didn't take long for the immaculate decision crowd that has never made a youthful mistake to swing by and micturate on a good story. Well done - extremely important to seek out and highlight the worst in people.
  11. Jack - too young to have seen his early dominance but old enough to have enjoyed the latter half. Besides being no lower than T-1 as greatest golfer ever, he's an avid outdoorsman, as successful as a husband and parent as he was a golfer, and in an era trending rapidly toward 'check-me-out' idiocy, his quiet class in victory and defeat is sorely missed. Tied for second is the duo of Seve and Faldo. Back before 24/7 golf and the permissive environment for Europeans (and others...) to play on the PGA tour, it was always a treat to see them play - especially given they were a bit of yin and yang as the steady bomb diffuser/assassin and the artist with the occasional "hold my beer."
  12. A few years ago, I was knocking on the door to scratch. There was a public course with decent practice facility near my home and I practiced chipping, pitching, and greenside bunker shots 3 or 4 times a week for about an hour after work. I aspired to get to the region you discussed in the OP thinking that was the key to the last stroke or two. Then I went to all four days of an LPGA tournament. Followed most of the big names of the day with few people on the course Thursday and Friday. I was quite surprised to see that for the most part they didn't hit any of the basic run of the mill short game shots much closer than I was at the time. There was however a huge difference in the way they approached 5-8 foot putts. While I would approach that length nervously hoping they might go in, they stood there as if they were inside the leather and poured them in with remarkable regularity. To this day, I would much rather practice pitching and chipping but the fact is the fastest way to improve conversion rate is not to chip/pitch it marginally closer but rather to increase the length of putt you can reliably make...
  13. I owned a set of MP20s. Even though I knew better, I bought them without hitting them from real grass. Didn't like to the turf interaction - too diggy for me. My AoA with 6i is around -3.5 deg or so. I did not have the same problem with the VR Pro - or 716 and 718 MB. VR Pro (and both Titleist) also felt better. Nothing feels like a Mizuno - except lots of other clubs that feel better...
  14. I got mine early, have played them a lot, never been happier with an iron. I'm currently playing 7i - PW with Modus 105-S. I have ZX-5 in 5i and 6i but not because I believe it to be any more forgiving. Rather, the ZX5 are a touch stronger lofted and produce a touch less spin. That combination worked out better for my yardage gaps. I demo'd ZX7 extensively with Modus 120-S. I like that shaft (120) on full swings but it simply doesn't feel quite right to me on partial/knock down type shots. However, on full swings, the ZX7 feels fantastic with Modus 120 and launch/spin is what I would expect with a ~115g shaft. I love the V-Sole. The thin forward portion is always in play and the receding bounce angle on the back half only is really only in play when necessary. As a result, it plays like a thinner soled medium bounce club in firm condition and a kindler/gentler wider soled club when the course is wet. The launch/spin are perfect for me. Much like the V-Sole, this is something you simply have to try for yourself preferably from real grass with your normal ball. I believe that the ZX7 spins on the order of 400-500rpm or so less for its loft and launch angle than similar style clubs (AP2, T100, i210, etc). Additionally, the design launch seems average/moderate for its type. This combination is utterly perfect for my normal delivery. It also suits my common miss which is a bit steep and/or excess launch/spin. However, if you are naturally a low launch and/or low spin player, it might not be optimum. I'm not a huge on forgiveness per the traditional talking points of MOI, ball speed retention, etc. I'm not a physics denier but simply believe the amount to which it can be affected given the constraints and restraints of clubhead size and/or materials is much more relevant in a lab or marketing brochure than it is on the golf course. Having said that, it is borderline cheating how far you can miss thin and/or out to the toe side and still get a very playable shot. ZX7 has the best combination of feel (i.e., pleasing) and feedback I've played. Some clubs like Mizuno feel great middled but awful when missed just a little - in other words, good feedback but the punishment exceeds the crime. Some clubs like the Ping i210 feel fantastic all over the club face. You could hit one off the hosel and the feel still worthy of a quick round of vinegar strokes - which in turn gives one a false sense of 'forgiveness' because virtually every shot feels like it was pure. Again, ZX7 is the best of both worlds - utterly sublime out of the middle, the smallest miss detectable, and moderate or bigger misses don't leave you reaching for Motrin or an ice pack for your wrists/elbows. Nothing is perfect and that includes ZX-7. For the next iteration, I would like to see a slight back bevel on the topline so that it appears a touch slimmer. Would also like to see what they look like in satin.
  15. I tried it with two different steel shafts - not because I was hooking the ball but because I wanted to cut my shaft down to equivalent iron length and play it like an iron vice a mini fairway wood. Short story - ballflight was okay but it never felt quite right Solution for me was moving to a nearly as heavy graphite shaft and moving up a flex. Agree with the others though - you're not hooking the ball because of the shaft material. It may be too long and/or too upright but it is not too graphite.
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