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  1. I don’t have the numbers but I do own the 16.5, 18, and 21 degree heads. I’m out of town at the moment but can post a comparison pic in a couple days if you are interested.
  2. For those seriously considering this journey, understand that there is no guarantee that shorter is better and shortest is best. You've got two competing interests. First, find the center most often and when you miss center miss it by a little vice a lot. Second, find a shaft length that allows you to deliver maximum clubhead speed. Pure physics, considered in a vacuum, suggests that longer is better - but, in the real world you have to balance your actual ability to manage the length and your tempo, club balance, delivery (flat, normal, upright), etc. I used an old
  3. I’d play as little as I could to maintain proficiency, satisfy any sponsor requirements, and be sharp for majors. As much as one-third would be on European tour courses for variety and travel with priority given to links courses. I wouldn’t play WGC events unless held overseas. I wouldn’t play in exhibition matches such as Ryder and Presidents Cups as they conflict with the opening of upland bird hunting and prime fly fishing seasons out West. GolfWRX keyboard warriors would excoriate me for lacking killer instinct, being satisfied with big paychecks, etc. They’d be partially r
  4. I’m not an experienced club tech and I did not stay at Holiday Inn Express last night. As such it is very hard to comment without SA to your swingspeed, tempo, club length, etc. However, I have played AMT in both R300 & S300 and Modus 105 in both S and X. First, the AMT is basically classic Dynamic Gold profile while the Modus 105 very closely follows the EI profile of Project X. Next, many people that move to a lighter shaft than what they are used to find it useful to move up a couple of SW points to help feel the head in the swing. Finally, Modus 105 is the only shaft I’
  5. Extremely happy with my ZX irons including the performance of the V-sole through the turf. Recent pics of the ZX7 gap wedge prompted me to look for bounce measurement specs as I’m seriously considering adding one to my set. Found attached pics on Srixon Japan. BTW, the millimeter measurement below the bounce is ‘face progression’ vice ‘offset’ which explains the difference between the specs on the Srixon US site.
  6. Thank you for the public service pics. If you use that loft/club for greenside work, please post your thoughts on its utility in that arena. I love my set and have no doubt that V-Sole will be glorious on longer approaches. However, after playing higher bounce wedges for years, I’m concerned it might not have quite enough junk in the trunk for my pitching/chipping.
  7. I love my ZX7s but wouldn’t recommend buying any club with Modus 120 unless you have actually hit it. I’m not terribly shaft sensitive and have tried to like it twice. It feels great with a full swing but not on partial or knockdowns. Some folks say it helps them keep launch and spin in check. Others that it launches too high and spins too much... It is clearly a fantastic shaft for boat loads of folks but appears to display markedly different characteristics to different swing types.
  8. Last time something such as this was asked, some clown stated boldly, then defended his position that he used 3 prong plastic tees because they had less friction than full cup plastic or wooden tees thereby increasing his ballspeed. Hoping we can get another such proposal this time as we still have a few weeks left of "internet silly season" before folks start playing more golf and less keyboard warrior...
  9. I have been at 44.5” for years. Gained both distance and accuracy - but most importantly consistency. Hitting the center of the club face just a smidge above the middle is a million times more important than an extra 1-1/2 mph clubhead speed.
  10. Superstroke Ultra Slim 1.0. It is simply the most comfortable for me.
  11. My touch improved dramatically when I switched to playing the same shafts in my wedges as irons. I believe the difference was less about the specific shafts themselves as I rarely put a full swing on the SW and never on the LW. Rather, it was the change in overall weight and balance of the club. The difference was more pronounced in the shorter range touch shots rather than moderate length pitches and chips that involved a slightly longer swing. You could test whether you like the lighter weight by spending $25 bucks on a wedge from the used bin and install an inexpensive lighte
  12. Agree with previous responses to this question. Hybrid is never my first choice for any short game shot. Rather, I use it more for sketchy lies (e.g., bare or patchy turf, up against collar, etc) and then always for shots with medium or longer length roll. Basic premise is to provide just enough lift to get it over the messy turf and on to the green with minimal backspin. My irons shafts are 106g uncut and after recent change my hybrid shafts 98g uncut. This switch has made the hybrid putt more comfortable for me. I suspect it also helps that I use a 36” putter with ~315g head
  13. I played with a guy last weekend that was rocking Ping Eye. Not Eye 2. Ping Eye circa 1978. He said his father bought them for him in high school and they were ‘used’. He carried the 4-SW. Said he had 1-3 iron at but couldn’t hit them well... I really wanted to hit one but didn’t feel like I knew him well enough to ask.
  14. Quick dog pile on shaft length. With the exception of hybrids that I play at equivalent iron length vice typical hybrid length, I play everything else at 'standard' length (ie, 37" 7i) and play my 7w at 41".
  15. Concur completely - and couple that with Crossfield's latest videos where he compares a Callaway CB of some type to a 20 yr old MB and the other one where he takes modern clubs and hits them left handed to demonstrate the same effect is in play for high handicappers and the argument amongst reasonable people is basically over. Find something you can hit high enough, that works through the turf the way you want, and that looks and feels good. Everything else is gibberish about things that can only be discerned in a laboratory.
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