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  1. It's all about the boarding rate anyway. The rest is just fluff for the one-eyed pig [email protected] to have something to do when they aren't flying. And btw, only a flight time wh0re passes up a perfectly good wire that is in battery...
  2. So you're saying you've never seen 'The Big Lebowski'..?
  3. Didn't take long for the immaculate decision crowd that has never made a youthful mistake to swing by and micturate on a good story. Well done - extremely important to seek out and highlight the worst in people.
  4. Jack - too young to have seen his early dominance but old enough to have enjoyed the latter half. Besides being no lower than T-1 as greatest golfer ever, he's an avid outdoorsman, as successful as a husband and parent as he was a golfer, and in an era trending rapidly toward 'check-me-out' idiocy, his quiet class in victory and defeat is sorely missed. Tied for second is the duo of Seve and Faldo. Back before 24/7 golf and the permissive environment for Europeans (and others...) to play on the PGA tour, it was always a treat to see them play - especially given they were a bit of
  5. A few years ago, I was knocking on the door to scratch. There was a public course with decent practice facility near my home and I practiced chipping, pitching, and greenside bunker shots 3 or 4 times a week for about an hour after work. I aspired to get to the region you discussed in the OP thinking that was the key to the last stroke or two. Then I went to all four days of an LPGA tournament. Followed most of the big names of the day with few people on the course Thursday and Friday. I was quite surprised to see that for the most part they didn't hit any of the bas
  6. I owned a set of MP20s. Even though I knew better, I bought them without hitting them from real grass. Didn't like to the turf interaction - too diggy for me. My AoA with 6i is around -3.5 deg or so. I did not have the same problem with the VR Pro - or 716 and 718 MB. VR Pro (and both Titleist) also felt better. Nothing feels like a Mizuno - except lots of other clubs that feel better...
  7. I got mine early, have played them a lot, never been happier with an iron. I'm currently playing 7i - PW with Modus 105-S. I have ZX-5 in 5i and 6i but not because I believe it to be any more forgiving. Rather, the ZX5 are a touch stronger lofted and produce a touch less spin. That combination worked out better for my yardage gaps. I demo'd ZX7 extensively with Modus 120-S. I like that shaft (120) on full swings but it simply doesn't feel quite right to me on partial/knock down type shots. However, on full swings, the ZX7 feels fantastic with Modus 120 and launch/s
  8. I tried it with two different steel shafts - not because I was hooking the ball but because I wanted to cut my shaft down to equivalent iron length and play it like an iron vice a mini fairway wood. Short story - ballflight was okay but it never felt quite right Solution for me was moving to a nearly as heavy graphite shaft and moving up a flex. Agree with the others though - you're not hooking the ball because of the shaft material. It may be too long and/or too upright but it is not too graphite.
  9. This is where I am at as well - to a point. Rarely anything to be gained on modern greens from less loft than a modern 8i and it keeps the shaft length more friendly. Also, unless I'm above the hole, on heavily sloped green I'll often choose to pitch the ball to a flat area rather than land it on a slope or play a lot of break. However, a few caveats aside, I'm in the same 'use as little loft as possible' camp that I was in the 70s...
  10. That is my first one as well - part of a starter set made by Ram and available through Austad's...
  11. My SS is moderate (mid 80s with 7i). I have a 950GH in a utility club and it is great. I'm going to try the same thing later this summer - a set of 950GH all the way through the set. A couple of folks with SS north of mine have hit my utility with mixed reaction. The first has a smooth tempo and is more of a swinger - he loved it and ordered one. The second has a shorter swing, more abrupt transition, and prefers very tip stiff shafts - the few he hit had beautiful ballflight but he said it "feels pretty good but a little loose." Based on the clubs in your signature
  12. One of the best golfers on this site is in his early-mid 50s and uses hybrid through 7 iron. If you're not opposed to considering that route you might try something like (all examples from Ping 425 series but feel free to shop around...): 9w at 23.5 degrees 26 and 34 degree hybrids 8i - UW (4 clubs from ~34.5 deg to ~50 deg) Fairways and hybrids cost more individually and can drive up the total cost of your bag in a hurry. However, at the distances you've quoted with you're current irons and their standard lofts, you're not likely to need every hybrid in the
  13. Thanks to @Birddog2 and @DYOS4 for the great stuff above. Interesting mix in all the replies thus far wrt 'semi-permanent' bench fixtures vs stuff that is intended to be pulled out to use but then put away to clear bench space. Suppose the prime drive in each person's decision is the space they have available or are willing to devote to the hobby followed closely by how sure one is in the set-up/flow they've established. In my woodworking shop, everything but one very heavy combination piece was on a mobile base or semi-permanently clamped to a primary bench
  14. Stolen from the CBS Twitter feed... Current PGA leaderboard by OWGR 1. 115th 2. 31st T-3. 257th T-3. 48th T-3. 154th T-3. 128th T-3. 20th T-3. 64th T-3. 13th — The Fried Egg (@the_fried_egg) May 23, 2021
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