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  1. I know nothing about the Epic but I currently have 818 H1 heads in 21, 23, 25, 27 and am keeping my eye out for back-ups as folks off load them at good price. I only put two in the bag at a time. In a perfect world, they would be the exact same shape, feel, playing characteristics in a 10-15% smaller size. The TS2/3 series hybrids generate a skosh more speed (~1-2 mph) but it comes at expense of feel, a bigger sole, and in the higher lofts the face looks a bit ‘off’ (ie, loft seems exaggerated and gives impression shot will be a moon ball). BL: 818 H1/H2 best hybrid I’ve ever played.
  2. I check in on the relative short knockers such as Zach Johnson, Jim Furyk, Webb Simpson, etc as I’m on the short knocker side for the tees I normally choose. Only mildly interested in the specific equipment specs. More interested in the set make-up. In the same vein, I wish they showed more LPGA and senior bags.
  3. I prefer lighter putters as well. I received a 34.5” Newport 2.5 with 35g weights - D9. I can barely bench press the [email protected] thing. Ordered some 30g weights from the Bay. They made little difference. I have some 5g, 10g, and 15g Inbound. In meantime, I removed the 35g weights and actually like the feel with no weights installed. Suspect I’ll end up with the 5g or 10g installed.
  4. Short answer = yes. The chemical/metal savvy guys can explain but basically the process used to apply the black finish produces a very slight film that is not removed via simple acid and steel wool. It yields a slightly different look and feel. You can get the DitY version there on the back and sole with sufficient sanding and polishing but doing it to the face would be counter productive to actual performance. I have some true raw SM7 (46 and 50) I picked up used in Excellent condition. The difference in feel is very minor but it is real. Despite above, I actually prefer the DitY meth
  5. 175cc is the 13.5/15 deg size (and may be the 16.5 as well). The 18 deg is noticeably smaller and the 21 deg smaller still. I find the 21 deg model to be the most visually appealing of the TS2 heads.
  6. I’ve lived in Japan a couple of times for nearly five years total. The number of sightings on an actual golf course of the following is zero: Miura, Royal Collection, Epon, Yuryuri, Legacy Black, Vokey Forged. If you want to use what the people that actually live in the Japanese Domestic Market use, get some off the rack Mizunos or standard cast Vokey. Haven’t been back since the Cleveland/Srixon marriage. Perhaps RTX is getting some love now...
  7. Wild Wild West was a bit before my time but I remember the three things you listed. My father is a WWII aviation buff. Baa Baa Black Sheep was the only television show for which popcorn was popped and there was more or less a ‘family viewing’. Same gripe every week - too much acting and not enough flying. Always wondered why Mr. Conrad didn’t become a larger figure in entertainment - especially in the real man era which was in his prime.
  8. A word of caution to anybody ordering a fractional size. Specify the weights or give a target swing weight. Ordered mine at 34.5” and forgot to specify D4. Came with the 35g weights and weighs in at D9. Feels like @$$. Will contact Titleist tomorrow about swapping. Idiot...
  9. If I go 7w as expected, I’ll use a 77g Tensei Blue as opposed to the stock 67g and play it 1/2” or 3/4” less than standard.
  10. Yes. Have seen the typical flight right around 205-210 with apex around 95 feet and descent around 44-45 degrees. My consistency is still a touch better with the hybrid which I suspect is as much about familiarity as anything else. Flight with hybrid is lower and flatter and in the 195-200 range.
  11. I am similar to you - hit ball reasonably well for a guy with a day job but moderate speed limits options at lower loft. I will likely go with a 7w this year. I’ve had a couple demo sessions with a 7w vs a 21 deg hyb on a Trackman. My best results come from choking up on the 21 deg 7w by about 3/4 of an inch. I think of it as a ‘high launch’ hybrid. Yields about 5-7 more yds carry with much better flight - launch, spin, apex, descent. If one more session yields similar results I’m going to pull trigger on a TS2 7w at 40.75” with a slightly heavier shaft.
  12. Can’t comment on the delta from 2014 but I have a NP 2.5 inbound. Had to order as I fit best into 34.5”. The branding is not my taste and I wish they came with no sight line but I love the overall look of the head, it sets up nicely behind the ball, the balance works perfectly for my swing, and it feels great at impact. I’m in no way a Scotty fan boy but this iteration is as close to ideal as I’ve been able to find for my taste
  13. The risk with this theory is you have no guarantee how it will turn out. Custom SC putters are over priced - period. Until this iteration I wouldn’t do it but the NP2.5 is as close to perfect as I can get. Wish it didn’t have a sight line, the weights, and those awful cherry buttons but the feel and balance are perfect for my swing. I ordered a custom putter from one of the usual craftsman that has already been listed in this thread. It was a shape that was very popular for this individual at a SLIGHTLY reduced but basically normal weight. Order process was below average but adequate.
  14. @Howard Jones , always appreciate your time and expertise. Back to original question, is there a way to definitively alter the Trackman data display beyond mis-setting input Temperature and Elevation. I’m at sea level so reducing carry would be hard but ‘juicing’ would be easy by simply putting in 5,000 feet. Suspect entering a dramatically lower than normal golf temperature would also yield reduced output but I’m not sure how much room there is to ‘juice’ with temperature which I suspect likely defaults to something in the 75-80F range. So, forgetting for a moment “why” one might want t
  15. ^^^ That was my inclination as well. However, if it were true I could see the point. Anybody that buys clubs from a shop with 5000 feet above sea level set is going to be pissed when they get to the course and discover their “launch monitor” 175 yard 7 iron is really about 150.
  16. ^^^ Thanks. I didn’t see anything there that artificially limits the carry by a set percentage - unless you set the temp to 40F or something similar. On the other hand you could ‘juice’ it by setting altitude to Denver...
  17. Can Trackman data be manipulated in Set-Up? I was in a local shop today and heard a salesman tell a customer that the store had set their TM units to calculate (or perhaps merely display..?) carry distance with an 8% reduction. Stated reason was to prevent customers from being upset if they saw less distance on course than in the perfect conditions of hitting bay. I know that one can juice some simulator type systems by setting the altitude to 5,000 feet But I’ve never heard of this with Trackman?
  18. I wish I had the time to cross reference the threads praising Euro Tour coverage for balance and silence to those wanking that Davis isn’t Dick Vitale. I bet it would be illuminating... For the record, I’m in the less is more, EF Hutton camp and am encouraged by the change.
  19. 10.5 @ 9.75 16.5 21 (fw) 23 (hyb) 27 (hyb) 28 33 38 43 48 54 58 4.5
  20. You’re probably right. The poster cited the edition of a reference book and not the model.
  21. l lived in Japan in 2012-2013 and even then a “standard” set of irons was six: 5-P. If one wanted to add 3i or 4i, they were considered extra. We haven’t really drifted that direction here in general but rather have simply shifted what we market as the appropriate eight irons. Below are some specs from 1976 Wilson Staff blades lifted from another thread. During that time, 5i was generally considered the longest club the average recreational golfer could hit well. In modern ‘players’ sets (eg, AP2, T100, etc) that equates to 6i loft at 7i length. The difference is much greater for “dista
  22. Quick re-attack on this thread to thank @isaacbm and provide some anecdotal data. The past few years I’ve struggled to get good gapping and proper elevation north of 6i. I hit the ball reasonably well but have moderate swing speed (7i ~84-85 mph). As my personal specs are within an inch of those listed in post #48 on page 2, I decided to mess around with shorter shafted hybrids and fairways. Local shop has a couple of Trackmans, excellent fitting carts, and a bunch of 818 hybrids on discount so I swung by for a bit today. Short story: Very encouraging. Walked out with a 27 deg 818 H1 to
  23. Done. Found two pristine raw SM7s in grinds I use for $75 each in local used rack yesterday. Two good a deal to pass up...
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