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  1. I just inquired with my local shop and they are supposed to let me know tomorrow if I got one or how to get one. Should be interesting.
  2. Thank you! I am about to order one.
  3. Gents, Up for sale tonight is a set of ping S55 irons 5iron through pitching wedge, blue dot. They have the zz65 shafts with Golf pride cp2 pro grips and 1 wrap underneath. Also includes a bonus Ping I e1 4 iron with the same shaft and grip set up. I was custom fit for these irons and order direct from Ping. Price is $290. Shipped and paypalled. please pm me with any questions.
  4. I am looking for leather or croc yardage book cover. Let me know what you got. PayPal is loaded and ready to go. Thanks.
  5. Did you find anything more than 10%? When I googled it I could only find ones at 10%.....
  6. Looking at getting a vessel lite stand bag. Anyone have a coupon code or know when these go on sale? thanks,
  7. Are these guys officially out of business and didn’t start up as a new company?
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