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  1. Looking for a ping Alta driver shaft in stiff flex and standard length! thanks,
  2. Let me know if you would like more pics. I took a bunch but only posted half of them. thanks for looking!
  3. Gents, After SNOVID hit Texas last week, it made me want to clean out the golf bag and look for hidden treasures in the garage. All prices are shipped and PayPal’d. I’m a motivated seller, so please reach out with any interest and make an offer. Worst I can say is no. 1). Bluejack National - fairway cover $55 fits nicely on a 3-wood probably better suited on a 5 wood or hybrid. 2). Scotty Cameron smiley cover $80. SOLD 3). Ping g25 fairway woods (3W &5W) $75/each or $120 for both. SOLD Both have midsize grips with the stoc
  4. Gents. Appreciate the look! 1st option: the stock stiff Alta shaft. 2nd option: any upgraded shaft in stiff flex that is low to mid launching. thanks!
  5. I am in four dozen if you get a buyer for the other 4.
  6. My biggest weakness is consistency with the 3wood and 5wood. No distance control, consistent ball flight, or idea of carry. fix: buy a 4 wood and a driving iron from the BST.
  7. For me, it’s never hitting a club that can go over the back of the green(playing to the front or middle of the green). Then my initial line splits the flag and the fat part of the green.
  8. Let me know if ya got anything. thanks,
  9. Two cents: play Bandon trails in the afternoon one day. It will give you a break from the wind a bit after you get through the first hole.
  10. Just curious on everyone’s opinion of this shaft. I am thinking about trying it out for awhile and heard it’s a solid somewhat pricey shaft. rogue 125 msi two cents is appreciated:)
  11. Interested in the hazardous black if you get a buyer for the head. thanks,
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