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  1. $140 for the two black ones. Will include third for a total of $160
  2. Gentlemen, All items are shipped and paypal. Happy to make price adjustments for purchasing more than one item. 1). Scotty Cameron champion choice - $1000. Newport 35in. Played 9 holes with it. 2). Scotty Cameron headcover-$sold 3). Ping g410 5 wood -$175 4) Ping g25 driver -$100 Stock stiff shaft. 5) mizuno driving iron - $140 6) Scotty Cameron money bag- $sold 7) Scotty Cameron 2020 club Cameron - $60
  3. Private clubs allow you to get more than one pretty easily. Where Edwin watts will only let you buy one when you call on the day it’s announced.
  4. I got the call today that I could pick it up from my local Edwin watts. I think they are releasing a bit early this yes go around compared to the t22
  5. BST, BST, BST. They always have the best deals and a lot of mint equipment. the only item I buy new new is my putters.
  6. Gentlemen, All items are shipped and paypalled. 1) complete SC 2021 membership kit. All items are in the original wrapping and haven’t been opened. $180 2). Ping g410 3W -$200 I have the headcover that I will include. 3) J Hilburn Gift Card- $200 selling for $150
  7. I had the exact same experience. I relatively enjoyed the fitting but the business model is outrageous. The stock shaft for my irons underperformed my “best” track man numbers by 1 yard. They wouldn’t budge on the guarantee only applying to the “best” option. Get fitted, then hunt the bst. Will come out ahead every time!
  8. Pretty close to even money on my old vehicle. 2008 Tahoe. with the ram I am in the ball park of 3-4%.
  9. I have the 18’s in the below set-up. I highly recommend the combo set with the forgiving option in the long irons. You sacrifice some feel but par 3 scores have drastically improved for me from the prior set of mp 60’s 4-w. It always nice to clear the water or barely on the front of the green when the strike was average. 3-4 fli-hi 5-6 SC 7-p MB
  10. Callaway, callaway, callaway. they always looked clunky and gimmicky to me. Similar to a swag headcover:)
  11. You are correct. It is an Aldila rogue shaft in the picture. Will post a pic of the ping tour shaft and grip when I get home this afternoon.
  12. Gentlemen, one item for sale today and the price is shipped and PayPal. $180. Motivated seller so please reach out with offers or questions. PING G400 LST 8.5* with ping tour shaft in stiff flex standard length. It has a brand new NDMC midsize grip.
  13. Let me know if you would like more pics. I took a bunch but only posted half of them. thanks for looking!
  14. Gents, After SNOVID hit Texas last week, it made me want to clean out the golf bag and look for hidden treasures in the garage. All prices are shipped and PayPal’d. I’m a motivated seller, so please reach out with any interest and make an offer. Worst I can say is no. 1). Bluejack National - fairway cover $55 fits nicely on a 3-wood probably better suited on a 5 wood or hybrid. 2). Scotty Cameron smiley cover $80. SOLD 3). Ping g25 fairway woods (3W &5W) $75/each or $120 for both. SOLD Both have midsize grips with the stock stiff shaft. No headcover but will ship secure. 4) odyssey tank cruiser with weight kit $150. 5). Cleveland wedge set $60 6) ping tour stiff shaft in x-flex. $60 It is measured currently at 43inches. Perfect for a 3 wood and has the g400 tip.
  15. I am in four dozen if you get a buyer for the other 4.
  16. My biggest weakness is consistency with the 3wood and 5wood. No distance control, consistent ball flight, or idea of carry. fix: buy a 4 wood and a driving iron from the BST.
  17. For me, it’s never hitting a club that can go over the back of the green(playing to the front or middle of the green). Then my initial line splits the flag and the fat part of the green.
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