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  1. What's the weight of the iron heads do you know? If anyone is interested in the shafts I would probably use the heads in diff shafts..
  2. Selling some extra gear. This was one of my heads that never got used. No headcover, no wrench. All my stuff comes directly from Cobra. Loft: 10.5 Head Weight: 199g SOLD PayPal only Message me with any questions.
  3. I've had them posted off and on over the winter and got little interest. Best Iron's I have ever used, and then I decided to quit golf, so.
  4. 2 items for sale, both are in excellent shape, the iron set was barely used. I am open to reasonable offers but no trades, I have quit the game and am trying to get rid of equipment not pick up more. Thanks. 2019 Cobra Forged CB/MB irons. 5,6i CB, 7-PW MB. Also comes with a 2018 Cobra Forged Tour 4 iron. So iron set is 4-PW, Gap wedge pictured has been sold separately. Std. Length Loft, and Lie. Nippon Modus 130x Shafts with GP MCC+4 grips. These irons have seen very little use. $625 shipped. PXG 0311x Gen 2 2 iron. 17 degrees, KBS Tour Proto 95x Shaft. Std. Length, Loft, L
  5. 2019 Cobra Forged MB/CB irons 5-PW with a Forged Tour 4i. 5, 6i CB, 7-PW MB, and the 4 iron is a Cobra Forged Tour. Lightly used, Nippon Modus 130x shafts. GP MCC+4 Midsize grips, Std. loft, length, lie. $650**Pictures show a Gap wedge with the set but that was sold individually and is not included. Lightly used PXG 0311x 2 iron. KBS Tour Proto 95x, GP MCC+4 Midsize grip. Std. length, loft, lie. $250 Like new Fujikura Atmos Black TS 6x driver shaft. This was used for testing on trackman and hasn't seen much use. MCC+4 Midsize grip, Cobra tip. $125Fuji Speeder pictured with the Atmo
  6. > @mikeyv254 said: > John you’re quitting?? Yeah, just don't feel like doing it anymore. Been playing competitively since I was a little kid, that's a lot of years of grinding. I can't justify the time and expense anymore. Going to get back to lifting, hunting, and playing more poker in the new year. You down for an Elk hunt up North next year if we can draw tags? Message me you're #, I may have it but not sure.
  7. **This is the: I'm finally quitting golf sale.** Will deal some on price, I'm a reasonable guy, but don't be a pig. And no I'm not interested in trades for golf equipment (though I may be interested in trades for other items, message me.) So I pretty much built the best set of golf clubs I ever had, and now I've decided to quit, seriously. I just can't do it anymore. Not interested in putting in the hours to stay competitive and not interested in playing recreationally. I will be listing this stuff on Ebay as well and will update sold items quickly. If you have any questions feel fr
  8. Cobra F9 9 degree Driver with Atmos Black 6x shaft plays just under 45". **$260.00** ~~Cobra F9 3 wood 14.5 with ~~GD BB7x Shaft (has a cobra driver adapter but works fine~~. All Cobra adapters are the same just different screen printing.) Also have a Fujikura Speeder Evo 757 Stiff 3 wood shaft tipped .5" ** $160.00** with ~~either shaft BB7x plays about 42.5"~~ and the Speeder plays about 43" **3wood is SOLD**~~ ~~I will consider selling the heads and shafts separately. **BB7x is SOLD**~~ Puma Shoes and Clothing: Cleaning out some gear, only listing stuff that's either new or
  9. Like new Flightscope Mevo. Used several times, works great, I upgraded to a different unit. SOLD Bushnell Pro X2 slope rangefinder. Works perfectly, there are some marks that I took pics of but otherwise very little wear. Used for a few months. I won another rangefinder and don't need both. $385 Shipped Not interested in trades. If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me. -J
  10. I planned on gaming this, but it took me awhile to get it and ended up building another putter that I absolutely love. Brand new, plastic still on face and sole. Only took out of bag to inspect the head and take pics. Insert is flush and actual measured loft and lie is 3.8 and 70 respectively. Not desperate, and not looking for any trades. Price includes shipping in US. I am willing to ship to Canada. Let me know if you have any questions. SOLD
  11. Count me as one of the disgruntled... I ordered a NP2 from the Titleist rep the 1st day orders were taken and looked forward to getting mine for over 2 months. Was sent a fastback. Kind of P'd off to see so many being flipped day 1, for not even that much profit after tax and fees. If Titleist can't make it right and get me what I ordered I'm done with them, they get 0 money from me in the future.
  12. > > There’s been less than 200 on eBay. Considering there were 6000-8000 released worldwide that’s a very few being flipped. I haven’t look at the number on the bst and not sure of any of those are also on eBay but the flipping is small on this one. There’s always going to be flippers with Scotty stuff and there’s flippers in every collectible hobby. There have been over 200 **sold** on ebay so far... another 100-200 listed and keep in mind yesterday was release day, many have not even received them yet if they're coming in the mail and as the market is saturated at this point I'd
  13. > @codylowrygolf said: > I’m not going to hate on making a buck. And frankly, it gives people without access a chance to get the putter they want. So... to each his/her own, but I’m seeing WAY more in the BST then I was expecting. > > So to my post title... who’s gaming it? Am I the only one who is pumped to see it in action? > > If not, why not? I'm not interested in flipping something for just a few hundred profit, I ordered a Newport 2 the day the announcement was made and they sent a Fastback. If it turns out I can't get the putter I ordered while tons of
  14. So, I understand that you're going to defend you're position... But you missed the point of that post completely. I contend that his "system" if you can even call it that was a big part of the problem. If you notice, I admitted I was most likely incorrect in my approach, however the way he did things fractured the team, allowed animosity to grow, and created such uncertainty that no one wanted to help each other, and, like in my case, I ended up fighting my coach instead of the opponents. His doubting of me lead me to take pleasure in his anger at losing matches he shouldn't have and as a
  15. > I haven't played high school golf in almost 30 years, but you asked for opinions ... > > This seems like a horrible idea. Golf is the easiest game to have try outs for. You want to see how golfers are going to play under pressure ... What better pressure than a 36-hole qualifier. Throughout the year, players can challenge others to move up the order, or you can have a requal tourney, but the thought of artificial tests when you've got the real thing available to you doesn't make a lot of sense. My highschool coach did this, and it failed spectacularly. He was constantly field
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