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  1. Courcy, I think they have to take it out unless you want the copper to have the black oxide finish. Not sure how the white epoxy dots on the back would react to the finish either?
  2. Shanx, I checked all the main places and most have similar reviews and prices are fairly similar. What sold me on BOS is that they supposedly did the finish on these putters when they were new. It appears that way after getting it back, we will see how it ages but now it is better than I expected.
  3. Thanks Guys, I appreciate it. Abh, I sent it out on Aug. 20th from TN and received it back on Sept 21st from CA. Sent by USPS priority mail. Cost was $112 all in, they totally reset the insert in epoxy, refinished the putter then all new paint fill. I was super happy with communication, speed, price and most of all quality.
  4. Shout out to BOS Golf! Made this 23 year old putter as good as new!
  5. I don't know if you are looking for new or used but Shimbashi station in Tokyo has about 5 or 6 good stores. There is a Golf Partner about 5 blocks from station that sells new and used, you can find all the best new JDM equipment here and used JDM and US market stuff for decent prices. There is also a great US market only store called Jyper's that sells only new equipment but the prices are unbeatable in the area. The best option for used is Golf Garden right next door to Jyper's, I think it used to be called Golf Paradise(fitting name), that is 3 levels of heaven. You can find $25 dollar bargain barrel JDM drivers all the way up to new JDM drivers for $850. This first level is used and new drivers and fairway woods, second level is bags, irons and wedges, third level is putters and shafts. If you don't go anywhere else you need to hit up Golf Garden and Jyper's, you could spend 3 hours in each. When you get to Shimbashi station look up golf shop on google maps and they are the closest to the station about 3 blocks. There are also a few lower end used stores on the other side of the station Nikki golf, Golf Effort and something else where I have found some good deals on old model stuff like 10 year old drivers and putters for 15 or 20 bucks. Tokyo is a great place for 1 or 2 year old used equipment for good prices. Enjoy and happy hunting, just bring an extra bag for all the clubs you will be hoarding.
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