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  1. I've had most every one, except the new 300. As noted, a cheap one is not exactly cheap and the Original One used is no bargain, but some like it better than the 300. For sure, the 12° AeroBurner is the next best bet. I'm selling mine, but I am not shipping to Canada. The SLDRs are not bad and a better deal, they just spin more and are not as long. I had the Cally 1.5 as well, no luv.
  2. 1. San Diego, CA 2. No handicap, but 17-20ish 3. Odyssey RSX 001 4. I've never used a L.A.B. Golf putter 5. I want to review the MEZZ.1 because it's the most BADAZZ fang style putter I've ever seen. Looks like something Darth Vader should be flying around in. Cool name (I got right) and cool putter. 6. I'd be glad to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos
  3. Got Mine! Looks fantastic! Easy to hit, centered every one and feels hot and solid (off the mat). I settled for the Project X as I didn't want to wait, but seemed decent at the shop. From address it reminds me a lot of my Nickent 3DX Utility DC which was exactly this; a cross between their fairway and hybrid. Beyond that it's miles different. Mats and launch monitors are meaningless to me, can't wait to get it out on the course! I will say it sets up open, launches low and definitely seems anti left; exactly what I'm looking for.
  4. How long and high? And what ball are you playing? One thing for sure, a smaller iron like hybrid is completely the wrong move.
  5. I'm with you on both accounts, although I highly doubt I'd be getting 230-250 with the 300. I for sure would have bought one already, but questioning the stock shaft offering. How does everyone feel about the stock offering? Softer S flex like most TM made for's, or overly stiff like the Original One Diamana S?
  6. Simply because, ball first, turf second really only applies to steep AOAs aka diggers. As a sweeper, even though I may have that swing thought, I may and mostly likely brush the surface before striking the ball. As it now turns out, thanks to launch monitors that brushing before the ball will produce the best numbers for low AOA sweepers. So for a sweeper turf interaction before the strike matters more than if you're a pure digger.
  7. The Jaws Full Toe is not straight although it certainly looks that way compared to my PM Grinds. Roger Cleveland says a wedge will not work without some leading edge radius. If you put a straight edge next to the edge of the Scratch Wedge pic above, you'll see it has a continuous radius and it is not straight at all. My Jaws FT is very close to the Scratch pic, so I'll give you that, eye of the beholder is all it is, because neither wedge is straight edged.
  8. Not surprising as my 85g Zelos 8 Stiffs played much softer then my 75g Recoil 670 F3s (R). Dead and boardy is what I felt about my graphite iron shafts.
  9. Pre-worn leading edge, narrowed sole with camber and trailing edge relief, and in a CB of course. That spells Bridgestone which are like finding a unicorn these days. Online and sight unseen is about the only way to get them.
  10. Did you try these off a mat? Because checking and stopping from the rough and sand are not numbers on the launch monitor. The Jaws FT spins like crazy and I've never had a wedge with this much traction, and that includes square grooves.
  11. The C Grind is for modern shallow wedge players who like to open the club face. The X Grind was designed for old school steep wedge players who need more bounce to help counteract their attack angle, but want to play with an open face. So yes, totally different grinds which play differently and are designed for different players.
  12. Which was the case with TM and Cally. Now, it's strictly a no.
  13. Ir's been years, so maybe they backtracked. When the new chart came in, they would only bend the previous gen clubs to purple, but none of the new ones released with the chart.
  14. And that's ditto for shaft flex. Never been fit, except by trail and error, and tried some lighter weight iron shafts mostly for fun. I went from XP 105s to Zelos 8s (85g) then to 75g Recoils, all in R flex. I adapted to the lighter weight shafts, but never liked them nor did they help me in any way. If fact they really hurt my iron game, because what no one tells you is they are spec'd at a 1/2" longer to make up for the SW loss. That's exactly what I don't need. Bit the bullet and reshafted with Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 Rs and worth ever penny. Prior to the XP 105s I had 950GHs which were fine, but still too light. I also tried a superlight Epic Star driver with a 45g R shaft. That was a bust as well. Too soft and too light overall for my tempo. Back to a stock driver and an S shaft.
  15. I gave up on Ping when they change their color code chart and axed my Purple fitting code. When I asked them why, they said it was to make it easier for their club technicians. Seriously, I could bend an iron to 1.5° on a Mitchell easy and I've never done it before. They're suppose to be skilled professionals and now they're only good enough to make a full degree change??? Or is that just lazy??? Both TM and Cally which use to have stellar CS have been on the slide. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but corporate minds work alike; it's a no brainer to cut out CS, save a penny and blame Covid-19.
  16. Far far from it. I've been playing the OG PM Grinds and have no doubt after one round that the Jaws FT will knock them out. The Jaws looks fantastic and small next to the PM. The Jaws face has unbelievable traction. What really sets it a part is the new C grind. Yes, it's much better with anything resembling a full shot and still just as adapt from around the green. But where it's far far superior is from the sand. Take your PM and Jaws into the trap and see which one comes out the winner. For me, getting use to the lighter weight and different feel is one thing (or two), but the stock UTX grip has got to go.
  17. Sniper, you did just sniper me on the Jaws Full Toe prop.
  18. Vokey SM5s drove me away from Vokey. Played the 588 copycat 200 Series forever, best Vokeys ever. After the rules change I finally got onboard with the SM5s, which were seriously meh. Didn't care for the feel and of course not even close to the square groove spin. Tried all the major brands after that, switched to the Cally MD3s and have never looked back. I've been playing the OG PM Grinds, but the new Jaws Full Toe is going to knock those out easily. The Jaws Raw Face and offset Groove in Groove have so much grip it's unbelievable. Maybe better then the old square grooves and a masterpiece from the OG Wedge Master, Roger Cleveland.
  19. Another wedge may be the right answer, but in replacement of your old 60°. High toe wedges are flop machines from the rough. You'll be amazed how often that extra toe real estate can save you from the deep stuff.
  20. Played 950GH Ss, still have a 950GH S in my U45, moved on to Modus 3 Tour 105s. I'd guess you're looking for smooth, stable but not boardy with a touch of kick. Like most everyone, it's hard to go wrong with the MCA lineup. Kuro Kage, Diamana, Tensei... The TM made for's are decent for a 950GH swinger. I picked up a Diamana S Limited S on the Bay for cheap. Really like it. Really like the GDIs as well, but there are no cheap options. Been hunting an old YS-6+ S for years; almost impossible to find and still expensive.
  21. No need to experiment. I carry the King Utility Black One 4 instead of a 5 iron. It's amazingly easy to punch out with this tiny club. No weird flat lie angle with a long iron or hybrid. No need to grip down. Really easy to hit from the turf or tee, but it's only 5 iron long. I sometimes carry a King F8 One Hybrid 5 instead of a 6 iron. It's an insanely good trouble club, but the Utility is better at the straight punch shot.
  22. Number one iron on tour. They will count both old and new in the numbers count. It's all about brand recognition and when you have the name everyone recognizes, why would you change? Three years of P790s, two years of M1 & M2.
  23. You're right, but I am selling my AeroBurner TP:) I'd pull'em out and play them every now and then, but my newly acquired OG M2 spells the end of that nonsense.
  24. Yowza, trying to decide if I should sell mine or keep it closeted.
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