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  1. I found a happy medium eventually with the tinkering. Too light and I felt light I lost the head on shorter putts. Too heavy and I struggled on 10 footers and longer. It's fun to tinker and you can always go back.
  2. If an Epon Zen ever popped up, it will be hard not to buy. too much toe hang and no relief for my game but I just need to feel how soft that putter head is.
  3. Basically anything from my 8 iron to my wedge gets used around the green. Depends on how far I need or want the ball to go in the air (carry a trap or rough), how steep of a lie I am on (58 on an up hill lie is going nowhere), and how far I want it to run out. While i love to practice opening up my lob and throwing it in the air at the hole, I am finding much better success with the limited practice time I have, getting it on the green sooner and letting it run.
  4. Golden soul makes high end mid mallets. Not the most interesting but great quality. https://www.goldensoulgolf.com/mid-mallet-putter-covers
  5. As a shorter putter player, 31", head weight is a significant challenge unless there are adjustable weights. 360 grams is about the lightest putter head I feel comfortable gaming. My sweet spot is 370 with anser style putters or 370 to 380 with mallets. I ended up looking at JDM putters as they make heads around 360 and sometimes 370. My gamer is 360, but I admit a little more weight would be nice, its just an amazing feeling putter.
  6. It is a phenomenal putting aide. In my mind well worth the $150. It has turned my putting into a strength of my game. I get the most out of the tempo, the face angle rotation and face angle at impact, and backstroke length read outs. It provides serious feedback every time I practice a putt. Great for at home and in my office as well. It's the difference between ripping balls on the range and actually working on your swing. I've also started using it as a tempo trainer for pitch shots and short irons and have seen success. Of all the crap I have purchased this one has actua
  7. The fitting was also a lesson and built in a great baseline. A great way to get feedback after the fitting is use the blast motion golf sensor. Both have helped my putting immensely.
  8. SF Bay area, I did both the Cool Clubs putter fitting (Foster City) and the Club Champion putter fitting in Danville. In the end they were able to determine similar results as to style of putter, length, and lie and both were worth the price. However, I had a better fitter at the Club Champion in Danville and he went the extra mile. Probably the extra part doesn't translate location to location, however after the Cool clubs and Club Champion putter fitting I walked away knowing what style putters, I should put in my bag and the proper configurations for those putters.
  9. I like the feel better than the previous years phantom line. Slightly firmer with a better sound. Not sure about the 11's sound and feel but I like the 5.5. I was comparing the 5.5 with a 7.5, a cx-01 and a Special Select Flowback 5.5 and it it hit the right blend for me personally. The CX-01 was mush, the Special Select was a rock and the 5.5 ended up in the bag and I haven't looked back.
  10. Love to see the responses to this thread. Play a quarter hang newport 2 style putter that has a softer face, and was looking to make the transition to a larger head. I use the cavity framing on the back of the putter for alignment and was looking for a larger head for more confidence aligning the putter. 5.5 flowback provided that at address, however I had some issues with speed control during a fitting as it felt very clicky and firm. I went two directions and are happy with both. First, the T22 fastback 1.5, as I was looking for a softer face than the special select. Second, the new Ph
  11. chicolax2

    Epon I-33

    Picked up a used Epon I-33 in excellent condition on a whim last year, as I was looking for a heavy headed anser style putter, and have been blown away with how it feels. Hard to describe feeling of being soft yet dense. I'm addicted to the feeling, however new to higher end putters. For other Epon I-33 users past or current, what other putters feel like the I-33 and are there any mid mallets that feel the same? I am willing to spend money on another great putter, but I do not have the unlimited budget to cycle through them. Thank you!
  12. Good for him and good for the USGA. Phil has meant a ton to golf and specifically ton to golf in San Diego. While I get the argument regarding the taking a spot from someone who earned it, there comes a point where you look over the body of work, career, location and timing in his career. You can easily say, Phil has earned the right to say goodbye to the US Open in his hometown.
  13. Just received my 5.5 on Monday. Honestly, I think it is going to fit very well into the rotation as my go to mallet. The design frame's the ball well, looks great with clean lines and the toe hang compliments my stroke. Their is a lot of confidence in knowing that I can comfortably stroke the putt and that the face is going back to square, similar to my other putters. Anyone putting with a quarter hang anser style putter, should feel confident adding this as an alternative. With the previous phantom .5's, I could not get comfortable with square-ing the face. I might actually be done putt
  14. seriously though, 302's are amazing irons, never played the miura's but have heard great things.
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