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  1. Was searching for a 350G carbon Newport and found this beauty. Unbelievably happy with how it feels.
  2. Did you do the re shaft yourself, or go to someone in the Bay Area? I'm also in the Bay Area and I typically play a shorter putter. I'm looking to switch out the shaft of a 350G mil-spec to the Nippon 149G option to add some weight.
  3. Very good condition, Standard length and lie. Grips are in great condition. 4-AW. Reach out with any questions. Price $575
  4. I was fit twice for 31" putters and stroke wise it feels very natural. Any suggestions other than a S___ load of lead tape to get a putter's swing weight up? I've tried the light grip route as well. Currently play a Phantom X5.5 with heavy aftermarket weights, however l love the feel of a 360 gram Epon I-33 I own, but I rarely game it as it is too light. Also any suggestions on custom putters than will produce a head weight around 380 to 400 grams? Thank you.
  5. Starting to see the actual pics of the Champions Choice putters on ebay listings.
  6. - 360 to 380 Gram head weight - 31 inch length - 71 degree lie angle - 1/2 to 3/4 off set - 35 to 55 degree toe hang - 3 degrees of loft - Pro Only red star grip - Bumpers or fangs to frame the ball - prefer no sight lines on the top line or in the bumpers / fangs (but I can look past them if they are subtle) - milled face
  7. Alignment aides on putters as they relate to my putting. What works for me is using the face of the putter and the bumpers or fangs that frame the ball as sort of a soft confirmation that the face is on target. Aim it to hit a spot on the target line 4 inches in front of the putter. Then just try to roll it to the right distance with a good stoke. the putts go down, the thumbs go up. I got lost in the woods and started down the sight line path and it killed my consistency. Slight line experience: - Focusing on single sight lines on the top or rear of the putter. I try to be too perfect every time and I guide the putter instead of making a consistent putting stroke. more pushes, pulls, very inconsistent distance. - Railroad lines similar to the Phantom 8.5x and the 7.5x similar results. I wanted to get the railroad lines perfectly square.
  8. Any chatter on a potential release timing? Had a fastback t22 that was going to find a new home or get a tour satin finish and I ended up moving on from it. Looks like a Fastback will be going back in the rotation.
  9. Looks like a lot of love for the Kombi-S. Does anyone know what the heaviest head weight was that they made for that series?
  10. Any performance difference between the two? Is the polar just a cosmetic upgrade? Can't find anything out there. Thank you in advance.
  11. Thank you! must be really expensive and difficult to hammer in a circle and T
  12. Maybe you guys can answer this question regarding Scotty Mallet's, other than sight lines and tolerances, what are the differences between an off the rack 5.5 and a ct 5.5? Thank you
  13. Not sure, it was pretty plug an play when I used it. Also I never set it up for a specific putter.
  14. I found a happy medium eventually with the tinkering. Too light and I felt light I lost the head on shorter putts. Too heavy and I struggled on 10 footers and longer. It's fun to tinker and you can always go back.
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