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  1. Looking to get fit for a putter in the SF Bay Area and was looking for suggestions for the best putter fitter in the region. I'm willing to travel to the Monterey or Sacramento areas as well. The goal is to get a first class experience from a true expert in fitting putters with the ability to try multiple brands and head styles. Thank you in advance.
  2. Thank you for the responses. Made the jump from the 2015 GBB to the triple diamond. I won't say night and day difference but being a more open faced driver has allowed me to swing for the fences and not worry about a hook.
  3. Triple Diamond sits more open at address and spins between the sub zero and the Mavrik. It is also a different shape from both OTR drivers. It really is a phenomenal driver. For me, my biggest miss is an occasional pull that is mostly an alignment issue. The triple diamond fixes that. It looks great at setup and I feel that I can go after it without worrying about the left side. When looking at the regular sub zero the spin was too low for my swing speed and I was throwing knuckle balls. Against the Mavrik, the two weight ports allowed me to dial in spin.
  4. Been playing a Great Big Bertha driver for 5 years and starting to have some issues with the left side of the fairway. Considering finally upgrading to a Mavrik or EF triple diamond. The GBB's head has the look of a driver that is under 460 cc's and they look right at address? What is going to be the big difference in the 5 years of tech?
  5. Yeah I’m going to regret this decision in the morning. I better roll some putts.
  6. Looking to balance my Covid golf buying habits with golf club cash inflow to make the wife happy. I impulse bought a set of J15 CB's that turned out to be in unbelievable shape, and continued to feed the beast with Epon and Yamada putters. The kicker was that I was fit and purchased a custom set of Epon irons in the Spring that are not getting kicked out of the bag anytime soon. Talk me off of the ledge from selling these beautiful irons.
  7. Hope this helps and I know it's a little late. I don't check the forums that often. I was fit in April by Joe Kwok here in the SF Bay, for a set of 305's with Shimada tour shafts. Both have exceeded my expectations. I was playing a set of mp 18 sc's prior and was looking to keep a great forged feel, the ability to hit different shots, consistency, but most importantly get more forgiveness on off center shots. Noticing you are playing a set of CB-57's. They are going to look wider than your Miura's, however that wasn't an issue for me. Visually the cavity is going to look dee
  8. Reviving an old thread, Any longer term feedback on the Epon Af-305's?
  9. ripping the pain band aide, sold a beautiful set of j40 dpc, with steelfiber i110. They were butter. Went to apex 16 with PDC 6.0, being a club hoe when they first came out. killed my game ugly irons and never got along with the shaft. Killed my game for almost a year.
  10. I currently play and love the feel and performance of the Modus 120 x. I love the soft, smooth feel combined with the snap at impact. Was looking at a set of p 790's with $-Taper shafts at an extremely attractive price and have heard good things about their feel. With the California's Shelter in place, not able to go down to the golf shop and test shafts, was looking for any thoughts on the difference between the two shafts. Played and hit a lot of shafts prior to the Modus 120 and can quickly respond that I don't enjoy the board feeling of a PX rifle or the C-Taper shaft. Thank you
  11. Love watching golf being rewarded and not length. Object of the game is to get it in the hole with as few of strokes as possible not bomb and forget. Obviously you have to have length to be a professional but too often Course management and shot making are not highlighted enough in favor of 330 off of the tee with minimal accuracy. this is why the US Open is and will always be the best major and the only true test of golf.
  12. No problem with the course setup when the winner shoots under par. golf is a game of strategy, not bombing it 350 into light rough every week. That's boring golf.
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