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  1. Had another session this weekend and ended up with G425 at 9,5* with Alta Red CB 55 Stiff as best set up. Felt better than the Slate. In addition, the guy who fit me will order the Tensei CK Red and Pro Red both 60 Stiff. He did not have them in stock but either one could fit my swing even better… This time the Ping felt way better compared to last time. Slightly shorter than the Callaway Epic Max, but much more constant and stable. Ordered the Ping and will decide on the shaft at delivery…
  2. Thanks all! Nice to hear that I’m not the only one who feels the praised G425 is heavy…saying as a devoted Ping player… scheduled another fitting for this Friday…
  3. Let me start by mentioning I have a Ping filled bag… Now the time has come to replace the good ol’ G25 driver. Swing speed 95mph with the driver. Last weekend I tested the G425 Max on Alta CB 55 stiff and the Callaway Epic Max (2021) with the ProjectX Even Flow Riptide stiff and Hzrdus Smoke iM10 60 stiff. Ping felt heavy at the head…more lumpy…Callaway increased clubhead speed to 103mph and still hit damn nice shots… Epic Max felt smoother then the Ping, longer as well… But…I only tried the Ping with 1 setting and 1 shaft… Question is, is the Ping heavy indeed and lumpy…should I move away from Ping and grab the Callaway?? I will do some more testing this week as well, but was wondering if anyone here had some views on it. In reviews, the Ping G425 Max is only tested against the Epic Speed strangely enough…
  4. Just pulled the triggr and bought a pair of LCV all blacks.... Taking them out tomorow morning
  5. No opinion is unbiased ;) I tried them both the other day and the FJ felt more solid...the LCV really felt like a sneaker with a little bit more flex...almost too comfy lol... Of the grass, so on solid ground, the LCV felt weird....not wrong, but different where the FJ felt more like a normal shoe. Btw, I come from Ecco Biom Hybrid 2....
  6. Serious in doubt between these Nike Lunar Control Vapors or the FJ Pro/SL.... Any sugestions? (Unbiased ;) )
  7. Tried the Nike Lunar Control Vapor yesterday and am in doubt now... anyone compared these to the Pro/SL's?
  8. Thanks! Last even wearing on the occasional of-course paths? Mean a quick hit to the supermarket after a round...that kind of small stuff...
  9. I'm at a piont of changing shoes...bought a oair of Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 last September, but they are just killing my heels...no round without blisters... Looking at the Pro/SL now since I really liked the spikeless and was curious on some user feedback... Only reviews I could find were with heavy FJ sponsord contrnt and therefore of little use... Also, how is the durability of the spikes on the Pro/SL? Not planning to walk miles of the course...but don't wantbto be forced to change out a pair of shoes after 3/4 of the season...
  10. My bag since last week... Wrx seems to rotate the pic...sorry.. Any suggestions on club arrangement for a Ping Pioneer? This is what I have now to use on my Clicgear 3.5+ And does anyone know what the red clip inside the right big pocket is for?
  11. Golf WRX is to golfers what the Vatican is to Catholics... THE biggest and best community to talk about golf, share your passion for the game and learn the latest about equipment an technique... For me, visiting WRX is a daily routine, addiction almost...wherever I am. Keep up the good work!
  12. Car is packed...all clubs are in :) Removed heads from driver and 3w and deflated the irons ;)
  13. Small update. Current bag: Ping G25 Driver 10.5° Ping G30 3 FWW 15° Ping G25 Hybrid 4 (23°) Ping G25 5-9 - Green dot - CFS Reg Ping G25 W - U - S - Green dot - CFS Reg Ping Glide SS 58° Odyssey Versa #7 w/ SuperStroke
  14. Travelling with a family forces one to make consessions...a pencil bag still is smaller than the average cartbag but less comfortable to hold 14 clubs... I'm going to Italy...no idea about the availability of cheap or used bags there... Unfortunately I am not driving an Escalade...
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