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  1. Does anyone know if there are variable rear weights available for LEFT HAND Sim2 driver heads? Billybobs doesn't have them, ebay doesn't have them. I can't find them. Seems ridiculous......
  2. I’m 114mph with Tensei White 60tx. I’m 52 years old.
  3. I'm at 114mph driver speed using 505x. Does that eliminate me as a faster player? What was your experience when using the shaft? What length did you play it at? Swingweight? Any gains/losses in distance/ dispersion?
  4. Critical element with the Autoflex. I'm at D1.5. Had friends who stayed at their regular swing weight and they had no joy with it. As soon as they dropped the SW....things dropped in to place. Would like to try the G425 head in the Autoflex...but don't think i can get the SW down. I use the Sim 9 degree and it works incredibly well. I have an Epic Flash Sub Zero Double Diamond, it works great...had to remove the weight from the track for SW. TSI3 coming this week with lighter weights.
  5. I’ve tested a TSI3 in 45 inch x stiff side by side and the amount of effort I need to put in to the standard length driver was way more. With looser dispersion and less distance, it was no contest. I’ll be putting a TSI3 head in to the Autoflex and have the lighter weights to ensure swingweight is down to D1.5. Would like to try a Ping G425 but worried the head is too heavy for SW purposes. I’ve tried the Autoflex in the fairway wood (Sim 15 and Sim Max 15) and don’t like it. It doesn’t perform like the driver. I don’t feel the whip/lag and ease of use compared to driver.
  6. All these opinions from people who have not even tried the shaft. Experts in the field but still haven’t tried it. Hype? Hype is generated from the same core of “experts” that haven’t put hands on and tested it. I took a risk and bought the shat (505x) based on what TXG found. I have trust in them as I had a fitting with Ian in Toronto last year. Flying from Singapore to Scotland, I took a detour to Canada, specifically for a bag fitting. So yes I have faith in their findings based on my personal experience with Ian and the team. I play the Autoflex in a 9 degree Sim head at 46 inches. Driver SS is 114mph. Swingweight is D1.5. When you hold it and waggle it, it feels like a noodle. When you swing with it, it defies everything from that initial feel hesitation. I have 13 rounds so far with the shaft and I have not had one excessive miss. Yes there have been fades when I was aiming straight, or slight draw when I was aiming centre etc. There’s has not been one hook or one slice. My dispersion has been excellent and my distance great. Added length and Low swingweight are both contributing factors, but this shaft defies what is considered “normal.” It has been worth every dollars it cost me.
  7. I've had my SF505X in play now for 3 rounds. It was the recommended shaft for my SS and transition type. I'm at 114mph swing speed on driver. I'm using at 10.5 Sim driver head, 46 inches in length, standard setting, and D1.9. Previously i was 45 inches, Tensei White 60Tx, swing weight D4. As others have mentioned, when you waggle the Autoflex, it feels insanely whippy. It doesn't make any sense that it can work for my SS, but, it certainly has, and for me, it is worth every single $. People are mainly focusing on length.....will it hit longer...will i gain distance. I'd say i've gained some distance, but i've added an inch in length, and reduced SW, and overall weight. So i'm assuming those parameters have contributed mostly to the added distance. But the most impressive X factor of this shaft has been the dispersion. It has been ultra accurate for me, which has really made a massive difference in confidence off the tee. Additionally, the ease of swinging the club is so less stressful. I don't have any specific numbers. I've piped some drives, missed a few as well, but not one drive has had the "squirelly" flight in the air. That meaning excessive curvature. A miss has been when aiming for a slight fade, shot went straight. That's it. Nothing moving hard. I'm definitely getting another driver shaft for a 2nd bag, and the fairway shaft is certainly intriguing me. Can't explain why it works or how it works, but it definitely works for me.
  8. Thanks for the kind words guys!!! Too kind. Clubs have been sold and locking up thread.
  9. Hi guys. Have a rare set of Titleist CNCPT CP-02 for sale. You can go to:https://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/irons/cncpt#cncpt-models The set is 4-PW, GW(8 clubs). Standard length and lie, shafted with Shimada 120 Tour X. Grips are Z Cord align with 3 wraps. Clubs were built by Cool Clubs. Very good condition. $OLD. No trades thanks.
  10. Best way to go is buy there at the shops in town. Auchterlonies is awesome and has a great range of gear and it's not over priced. They have all that you'll need.
  11. Hi guys, Letting go of a brand new black Circle T Splash Paint putter cover. I got it new from the gallery and has been kept in a dry cabinet ever since. $320 shipped. No trades
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