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  1. Umm....yup....that covid spending freeze I've been on has thawed out by this ???.
  2. > @Jeffjplee15 said: > I’m assuming they remilled the face? Putter has never been refinished, just painted.
  3. > @yobee54 said: > What was done in the translucent red? Everything in red. Sightline is black, everything else is gunmetal.
  4. Two items up for sale, no trades at this time. 1. Scotty Cameron Button Back (34") Newport 2 which has been finished in translucent red, Circle T weights, and a black pistolini SC grip with white lettering. Putter ships with the original leather head cover, original grip, and original weights. **SOLD** 2. Scotty Cameron USOBPB Lena Wayback Headcover - **SOLD** Thanks!
  5. I sent mine back to The Iron Factory for a complete refinish, they come back looking brand new. I've been told some tour players use this same service.
  6. Was there any reduction in head weights due to the refinishing? If there is, it's extremely minute, imperceptible. This was a question I asked Jim @ The Iron Factory and he said there is a small amount of metal removed when stripping and sanding the head, but some weight also gets added back when re-chroming.
  7. Can't you post some pics of your restored 32s? How is the chrome vs the original? I don't have any pics readily available on the 32's, but here are some pics from some MP-60's and 680 MB's I had fully restored (new chrome, new grooves, new shafts & grips). I can snap some pics of the 32's later if needed. I chose to have the Mizzy's finished in a satin chrome finish, the 680 MB's were done in a bright polished chrome. The clubs look and play as if they are brand new. MP-60's 680 MB before restoration After restoration
  8. I love my 32’s! They were recently restored to new by the Iron Factory. If anyone feels the life of their set is running out, I highly recommend the Iron Factory for restoration. I’ve used them a handful of times and I’m always pleased with their work. I switch between these and a set of 680 MB’s.
  9. Current USGA handicap: 1.1 What are your current irons and shafts (be specific): Titleist 680 MB (3-PW), Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100, Soft Stepped Were you fit for your current irons? If so, where / when? No State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf: I've always wanted to get into a Taylormade iron, but I never could find something that was comparable or better than what I was playing (Mizuno MP-14's & Titleist 680 MB's). I've been through a Taylormade Performance Lab fitting in the past, but the software was quite buggy and the fitter struggl
  10. I used to be a Taylormade loyalist when it came to woods, but I recently switched to a Titleist 917 F3 15 degree and it has single handedly put me in prime position to make three 3 eagles within two weeks. Very predictable ball flight and distance, easy to hit off the deck.
  11. I chose the Titleist Staff Stand Bag; in the end it was the large 4-way top cuff that won me over.
  12. I recently bought three bags: a Player 5, a '17 Staff Stand Bag, and a Hoofer. Figured it was easier to have all three in hand then I can return the other two I do not like. That being said, I've already returned the Players 5. I didn't like the pocket arrangement throughout the bag, and I was also concerned about the rubber pocket that bulges out from the bag and what it might look like after strapping it to a cart over and over again. I was fearful it would flatten over time. I also disliked the top cuff of the Player's 5 - visually it just looked funny to me (same goes for the Player 4). So
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