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  1. Thought it would be cool to start a thread on the pain & struggle side of our wonderful sport. Currently, I am playing at about a 2 handicap and my goal has always been scratch. I played a little high school golf but never amounted to anything significant, as I was more focused on hockey. Over the last two years, I have drastically improved and really starting to get consistent low numbers on all courses. But like everyone in golf (except Tiger), weaknesses always find a way to creep in. For me personally, putting has really been my downfall. Three putts are something I am way too familiar
  2. Yeah I'm not going to lie, it's really for the aesthetic purpose of my swing so maybe I should just hold off. Thank you guys for the tips and advice. Moving back to Los Angeles soon so let's tee it up!
  3. So I am playing to about a 3 handicap right now. I have great ball striking tee to green, but i'd like to get this sway out of my swing. I seem to get in a "set" position right before I swing which I don't mind, but the SWAY HAS GOT TO GO! Any tips or drills to combat this? Thank you fellow hackers O6xyVWDcRyy+QehjpABELQ.MOV
  4. I'm bakin' like a Toasted Cheeser down in Dallas, Texas! Lots of rain and Texas summer coming into full swing has me crawling to the clubhouse by the end of 18.
  5. I play two/three times a week, maybe hit the range an extra day too. Im reaching the steady just above par scores, and I think that is just short game work. My goal is to start playing in tournaments. Dallas Am qualifier is first up in a couple weeks.
  6. So I'm a pretty decent golfer and I have development the swing pattern that I honestly can control quite well and has completely eliminated the left side of the golf course for me. This has greatly improved my scores and confidence on the course. But the real question is.....can I maintain this? I have plenty of distance off the tee, but am I limiting my future development as a player? mOAFaef4SLeBUCNhKAx9tQ.MOV
  7. 69/77/78 for the scores this week. 69 - First time shooting under par on a short Dallas muni course (Stevens Park), but still a great feeling regardless. 77 - Regular round out at my usual TPC Las Colinas (Four Seasons) Played well, just couldn't hit a green in reg. 78 - Cedar Crest Golf course - Hoping to hop into the Dallas Am qualifier at this Dallas muni. Decent showings this week considering I am coming off a herniated disc injury in the lower back.
  8. Hello fellow WRXers, I have my high school regional tournament coming up in two weeks and I'm playing the track at least four times before the two day tourney. Do you guys have any tips on things to take note of for my tournament?Really want my team to qualify for State! Thanks everyone!
  9. I don't know the exact number but I am very well below the spin rate I need to get a mid trajectory ball flight. I'm also at a 10 degree head.
  10. So I've been experimenting with drivers and I tried the SLDR S and numbers decent on the monitors but I could not hit the broad side of a barn on the course. Does anyone know which drivers have a higher spinning head. It's all about the low spin and roll out but that just isn't my swing. Thanks!
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