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  1. [quote name='FinnishEli' timestamp='1438821718' post='12086284'] Does your course have hat brim restrictions? [/quote] I was thinking the same thing
  2. Titleist 975D with a EI70 shaft. Just a amazing driver
  3. I like the way they look. I am thinking 3-6 Ap1 and 7-PW Ap2. Also hoping for the forged Ap1 from MOTO
  4. Miss the sound. Played Mizuno spikes in high school with the lifetime warranty ceramic spikes. We use to drag them all over the course to ware them down and get a new pair every year.
  5. Check out Stono Ferry. Nice track about $60 bucks. Couple of nice holes on the back 9 along the intercostal.
  6. Chris Berman No matter what it is if he on it I am not watching....just can't do it
  7. I am 6'4 and I play 3/4 of an inch long and 2 up
  8. I got mine about 2 years ago. I cant play with out it now
  9. I live on the South Side of Atlanta. With the Golf Now App I have not payed more than 50 all year. Most of my rounds have been with in 25-35 dollars on some nice courses.
  10. Your in the wrong place to ask that question
  11. Another vote for the Bluebuds X. I have never had a issue while hitting balls with them on
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