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  1. Have a set of LH Miuras 5-pw. PW&9 are MB's, 8&7 are cb's, 6&5 are Japanese issued cb's. The Japanese issued shows the most wear. The others are in great condition. No browning on any of them.Shafts are KBS c tapered s+. Great irons but I have a few sets of players irons so looking too buy something with more forgiveness. Trade interest on scottys but will entertain all offers. Price is $550 $500 Shipped
  2. Looking too sell or trade a really sweet combo Miura set 5-pw. Standard length and lie. PW & 9 are blades, 8 & 7 are cb's, 6 & 5 are Japanese released cb's. The 5 & 6 show the most wear but still no browning on faces. The others are in great shape. KBS c tapered s+ shafts. These irons are buttery smooth but unfortunately I have a few sets of player irons and looking for something more forgiving. Only trades would be for a set of p790. I also have a 4 iron tmb head I would throw in for additional $50. Price for the Miuras $550
  3. So much want on these. If you have any interest in a miura mb/cb combo lmk!
  4. Love those vanilla wedges. They beat out a huge list of wedges and still in my bag. GL with sale
  5. ​Current handicap 8 What is your current driver and shaft (be specific) GBB epic with Hazrdus black Were you fit for your current driver? yes State why you'd want to review the new Ping G400 Max driver? Last ping i played was the G30 and have nothing but love towards ping and its clubs. The epic beat out the ping and have been happy with it. Went to a demo day today and hit the G400 with hzrdus yellow and the numbers were absolutely incredible. Spin numbers stayed low and the ball speed, carry and total distance were all higher than my epic. Would love to see how the max compares to thes
  6. I would still be interested in a trade for my CF16's for those 770's. I would do cash on top for the wedges. If your not interested no biggie. For some reason our PM shows deleted?
  7. I bought them from someone on here and believe he said they were installed from the factory. The only club that was installed not at the factory is the aw. I bought the shaft directly from pxshaft.com and got the head from ebay. Almost positive that is the ferrule that's coming up. I will text you pictures tonight and update the thread tomorrow with better pictures.
  8. Here is a nice set of Callaway Apex CF16's 4-AW with Project X LZ 6.0 120gram that are .25 over standard in length with UTX grips. Standard loft and lie. Would consider trades. Ideally a set of ap2, jpx 900 forged, p790, heads only would be fine. price is $550 $500, now 450 shipped.
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