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  1. I actually tee the ball higher on the first couple of drives. I've found I tend to hit those early drives low on the club face (guess I need to warm up longer). By the third drive I'm back to a mid tee height (top of ball about 1/2 above crown). When I am having rough day with the driver I do lower the ball to where its level with top of crown - this seems to let me keep it in the fairway with decent distance.
  2. Long-term Ping player and definitely an introvert. Titleist does surprise me and very surprised Cobra wasn't mentioned of extroverts.
  3. Great way to play, if you can. I've found that as I've aged (currently 69) I can do this easier since I can't remember what I had on the last hole ....... guess there is some benefit to getting older besides the senior tees
  4. Age 69 and I moved up to a blend of senior / middle tees this year. Decision was not based on age, it was based on course distance. I've just gotten tired of most par 4's being a driver, 7W, chip. I can still reach the par 3's and 5's OK from the middle tees - just couldn't handle the 380+ par 4s. I agree that tee choice should be based on your distance capability and your desire for fun. I will still play the back tees occasionally and I know I will be hitting fairway woods into the par 4's and hybrids into the par 5's. Not something I want to do everyday but if I get enough strokes, who knows ....
  5. All the channel's listed are good, but I find I enjoy Mark Crossfield's channel more than others.
  6. 42 years of marriage, and I learned one thing - never admit to how many sets of clubs are hidden around the house!
  7. Age 69 and I've lost 40 pounds over past year. Increased exercise, walking my rounds whenever possible and tracking my food intake - making better choices. My weight is back to age 40 and now I'm working to get back to age 30 (10 more pounds). It's doable, not necessarily fun but I do feel much better on the course!
  8. 69 yrs old, stretching twice each day, walking all my rounds played from the Senior tees (5600 yds). 10 HCP (still dreaming about reaching back to days of old to a 5 HCP). With a slow swing speed, I've found Driver, 7w, 5Hy, 7-9-PW works great and makes the bag easier to carry. Key for me, just never stop walking. Hope I'm still playing in another 10 years!
  9. 69 years old and biggest difference is my loss of length on the tee shot. Over past 20 years, I've lost about 30 yards off the tee mostly due to health issues. My irons, short game and putting are close to my 2003 stats. Back then, I played to a 5-6 HCP, today its 10-11. I finally moved up to the senior tees during this season and am beginning to see the impact - last 5 rounds have all been in the 70's. Mother Nature always wins, but you can make it a fight. Just keep swinging, exercise daily and walk when you can!
  10. I love the persimmon 2 woods. With my relatively flat and slow swing, the 2 wood really gives me better distance and dispersion control than the typical driver. My favorite is my AT2W Tommy Armour MacGregor. Picked it up for $10 at a garage sale while in law school (1974 ugh). Apparently the person who bought the Driver, 3w and 4w for $30 didn't feel the need for the 2w. Yep, I do keep clubs for a long time!
  11. Guess I'm playing in the geriatric league (Ping i3 irons) but still love their feel and look!
  12. This remains my most challenging goal. At 69, my best score has been a 76. Sill working to get the game better as I age - hope they both meet around 71-72.
  13. I'm playing a Ping G30 driver with the 3 wood shaft (TFC 419 shaft) which works out to 43.5" length. With a 75-80 MPH swing speed, I'm never going to be a long knocker, but with this club length I pretty much keep the ball on the sweet spot and maximize my play. When I use the 45 inch shaft I couldn't control the face of the club and never seemed to know whether the ball would go left or right.
  14. I normally club to the middle of the green and then possibly adjust for any trouble (front or back). My ball flight tends to be low so I often will be bouncing the ball into the green. Using the middle of the green seems to give me better results.
  15. Whistling Straits with hickories.... whoa, but it was a beautiful walk!
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