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  1. Welcome to one of the most enjoyable and expensive addictions!!
  2. I've learned that: - at age 69, Father Time was winning and it was time for me to move up to the senior tees (at least on some holes) - using a blended set of tees so that I have the distance to reach every hole in regulation has made golf fun again. - it was fun to re-learn using short and mid irons for approach shots instead of always pulling out my 7 wood.
  3. I've worn progressive lenses for 15 years and despite much effort, just can't get them to work on the golf course. I have a separate set of glasses with just my distance prescription in them to use when playing golf. Makes reading the score card a little difficult but I can manage. My GPS watch font is large enough that it's no problem.
  4. At age 69, I play a blend of senior and regular tees to get a course distance where I can reach every hole in regulation. Makes golf fun again and still quite challenging!
  5. I agree with you about persimmon drivers - I meant to talk abut progression of modern metal drivers and the impact of size and contact on distance.
  6. To follow up on the comments about woods. I've found my persimmon driver is about 10 yards shorter and the smaller (less than 350 cc) metal drivers are the same as my 460 cc - provided I hit it on the sweet spot. Reality is as a 10 hcp, I miss the sweet spot more often than I nail it. So, my 460 cc has a better average length (about 5-7 yards) than 350 cc and 10+ yards than my persimmon. Great shot on persimmon will match the 350 cc and great 350 cc will match the 460 cc. Now if I could only learn to hit great shots !
  7. Great topic! I wrote a similar life experience post but decided to delete - it depressed me too much. After playing 60+ years, golf has brought me great happiness, pride, frustration and embarrassment. I've played modern, vintage and hickory clubs. I've had health and family induced sabbaticals . My handicap has been as low as 2 and as high as 17, currently it's a 10.4. My basic premise has been to follow Harry Vardon's advice to Bobby Jones, "whatever you do, just keep playing". I'm currently in a golf league which plays 9 holes every Wednesday - which seems to work well with family and health limitations. Hopefully the OP finds the right solution to his dilemma. Hope everyone has a safe thanksgiving holiday and for those of you in a warmer climate - enjoy the golf.
  8. Good luck with the tests - hopefully the doctors will find something treatable. 2021 has been pretty tough for me as well on the medical front with arthritis and eyesight issues really cutting down on my rounds. Here's to 2022 being better for us both!
  9. Great looking set. I'm like you, I need to use my blades and persimmon more frequently during the season. The MacKenzie bags are rock solid - I bought mine as a retirement gift to me in 2008. Still use it most rounds and love it - tab bit pricey but it will last forever.
  10. Check on You Tube for Trevino swing - you can find some "down the line" shots. His ball never seemed to move a great amount - unless he needed it to.
  11. Congratulations on your accomplishment! I managed to play several years with only hickories and sometimes it was a challenge to deal with the looks and comments when playing with others using modern clubs. It's always great to see older clubs enjoying their time in the sunshine - especially when they beat up on their modern counterparts.
  12. Thanks so much for the info. Love you clubs. I hope to be able to get out next week and try out these irons - I grew up playing blades like these so it should bring back some memories (hopefully good!)
  13. The original leather sleeves had been replaced with modern grips (Velvet cord) which are now very old and crumbling. I am going to replace them this weekend and try out the clubs before the snow hits in Chicago.
  14. I picked up a set (2-9) of these irons with matching serial numbers (#272848 A) and "Cushion-Neck" hosel. Does anyone have specs on these clubs. I think they are 53-54 vintage and one club has a partial Tru-Temper shaft label. From what I've found on the Internet, it appears the "triangle" mark indicates a "medium weight T or S shaft." Appreciate any info you might have. Bob
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