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  1. I liked the pics like that, made me scroll through to see all the other pics. Haha. Good deal on those irons!
  2. Set of Callaway Apex Pro 16' irons that I've been playing over the last few seasons. Great set of forged clubs that have been replaced due to the PXG sale . Clubs are in great condition and well cared for. Make-up: 5-PW, GW (7 irons total) Shaft: KBS Tour 90 Stiff Length: 1" over standard Lie: 1* Up Loft: 1* Strong Grips: Winn Dri-tac Oversized $480 $old USD Shipped/PP from Vancouver, Canada Thanks for looking! Feel free to ask any q's.
  3. I've ordered many items from them lately and they have exceeded my expectations. There was a little stretch where they were doing a merge with 3balls and some of the clubs I ordered were worse than expected. But it looks like they are back on track!
  4. Interesting read. I think we've all been through this before. I had tennis elbow in both my elbows about 8 months ago myself. From my experience, my golf suffered from this. You may think you're fine, but your body is subconsciously compensating. As for the pulls, I get those when I dont complete my backswing and turn enough on my downswing causing my hands to get ahead of me = pull. If I don't complete my backswing (more noticeable on the longer clubs), the club doesn't "set" causing an out to in swing. I find that I lose my balance and fall back when I'm a) too close to the ball and trying t
  5. Always looking for some criticism. Thanks in advance ladies and gents.
  6. Where were you a week and a half ago??? ?? Great irons however. Hit them along with the 19' P790 and they are very similar in all aspects. Good luck with sale!
  7. I had a gx-4i poop out on me. Brought it back to the brick and mortar I bought it from and they sent it back to Leupold. They couldn't fix it so they sent me a new GX-4i2 free of charge. Customer service is top notch!
  8. Is it a local listing? Go give it a whirl.
  9. I honestly don't know what I would do without this forum. To me, it kinda feels like a buncha grown adults re-living their teenage years! Just over big people problems though. Haha.
  10. That is just ridiculous. Very impressed that Nessism managed to get that out in one piece. Probably would have been a huge rattle after a few swings anyways, seeing that it quickly popped out while drilling. Haha. Everyone check their CC builds!!!
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