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  1. How about getting a new driver and putter? LOL, expensive but sounds like your ready for an upgrade on both. Typically the putter is the most important and used club in the bag. Next is driver (some might argue the wedges).
  2. In the fringe putter 90% of the time. If just outside the fringe LW toe down heal up. I actually do rather well with the putter and sink a lot of those shots!
  3. Not sure what you are trying to say?
  4. Well I don't use Google but I guess I am in good company. The rules can be simplified down to 15. Allow more not less technology into the equipment. Do not regulate club length, (want a 50" shaft go ahead if you can manage it and swing it more power to you) want to anchor be my guest, want to put side-saddle go for it. Speed up the game. Golf should never take more than 4 hours. Ditch the handicap system, just use tournament scores for handicap purposes. Bring in a lot of new younger blood into the organization. Listen to the players when it comes to course setup for the U.S. Open.
  5. I do not like the way they run the organization, don't care for the length and complexity of the rules, don't agree with holding back the game with equipment restrictions, do not like the way they setup a golf course or should I say butcher it.........Need more?
  6. 55 now. If I play and practice more I am scratch or better. I can not stand the USGA. I Would never play in one of their premier events even if it was free!
  7. Just two at the moment. I would be very odd though if I ever had more than 6 that were not Ping.
  8. I like the looks. I prefer a square toe but they do look nice. Do you know the bounce on them?
  9. Nasty 4 foot left to right downhill put to win the match or tournament (do or die).
  10. 2.9 handicap, I would say my irons fall between a CB and GI Ping Anser 2, 5-PW.
  11. Very easy for me even from a tight lie.
  12. > @tbowles411 said: > You're not remembered for the money you get and the regular wins....it's all about the majors. Rory's wins were awesome, but it's probably a lock he'd trade them all for a major. Not so sure about that. I can't recall several of the Major winners from the last 3-5 years. Do remember each FedX Cup champion though.
  13. I have done this twice. Never had a bogey free round though.
  14. > @MtlJeff said: > > @Ferguson said: > > > @Steele47 said: > > > > @aenemated said: > > > > I dunno which thread is weirder; this one or the Brooks one. > > > > ¿Porque no los dos? > > > > > > Yeah. I haven't seen anything like this since the Anita Bryant concert. > > > > _Surely_, you can't be serious? > > Do you guys like movies about, gladiators? Busted out LOL. Just my type of sense of humor. Needed that today thanks.
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